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  • 2012
  • 1 Season

Lockup Extended Stay: Santa Rosa is a documentary television series that provides an inside look at life behind bars in the Sonoma County jail, located in Santa Rosa, California. This series, produced by MSNBC, chronicles the daily routines and hardships of the incarcerated men and women housed in the jail for extended periods of time. With an objective lens, the show shares the stories of inmates from diverse backgrounds, races, and criminal histories.

The show provides an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of the inmates, featuring interviews with them and staff members. The day-to-day operations of the jail are exposed, such as the intake process, medical care, and meal times. The facility is shown to be strictly regimented, with rules and regulations that the inmates must follow.

The show focuses extensively on the dangers of being incarcerated. Violence within the jail is shown to be a constant threat, with fights breaking out frequently. Inmates must constantly remain vigilant and on guard of those around them, with fear often permeating every aspect of their lives. There is a strong emphasis on the violence and tensions that exist between different factions of inmates, such as the rival gangs that often clash with one another. The show depicts how the jail staff works to prevent violence while dealing with inmate misconduct.

Lockup Extended Stay: Santa Rosa also gives viewers a glimpse into the personal lives of the inmates. We see the struggles they face, such as coping with addiction, dealing with separation from their families, and adjusting to the harsh reality of life in prison. The show explores how the inmates try to make the most of their time in jail, whether it be by reading books, participating in classes or exercise programs, or forging connections with other inmates.

The show also provides a view of the relationship between inmates and the correctional officers. The interactions between staff and inmates are shown to be complicated and at times, confrontational. While some officers show compassion towards them, others are presented as unfeeling, corrupt or even abusive.

Furthermore, Lockup Extended Stay: Santa Rosa touches on the issue of overcrowding in the jail. Inmates are often forced to share tiny cells with other inmates, sometimes causing tensions and arguments. The cramped conditions also contribute to the spread of disease and illness, which are a constant concern for healthcare staff.

In conclusion, Lockup Extended Stay: Santa Rosa is an immersive and captivating documentary television series that provides a no-holds-barred look at life inside a jail located in Santa Rosa, California. Through the use of candid interviews and footage, the show sheds light on the daily trials and tribulations faced by inmates and the correctional staff tasked with managing them. The show delivers interesting insights on prison life and the complex relationships between inmates, prison staff, and the outside world. It is a thought-provoking series that gives a real-world glimpse into how the American criminal justice system works.

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The Damage Done
6. The Damage Done
May 12, 2012
Thirty miles away from Pensacola, in the small town of Milton, on the Florida panhandle, lies a compound that's never on the itinerary of local tour buses. It's Santa Rosa Correctional Institution -- the state's toughest maximum-security prison. In this hour, one inmate meets an untimely demise, and a convicted murderer breaks down the ways of prison, while a young, fresh-faced inmate learns about them. Another inmate mails a death threat to the White House and then carries out a shocking act. And we hand personal cameras to some of the inmates to express intimate feelings in the privacy of their cells.
Reap What You Sow
5. Reap What You Sow
May 5, 2012
Every morning, inmates at Florida's Santa Rosa Correctional Institution march outside the gates of the maximum-security prison. They are part of the Restricted Labor Squad, or RLS. All the inmates on the Restricted Labor Squad have been in confinement for disciplinary violations, but are now nearing release back to general population. In this hour, a cell search results in some heated words... and the discovery of a gang manifesto.Then, an older inmate takes charge of a young man with a violent past, and a new policy could push some inmates to the edge. And when we give our cameras to inmates to express their personal feelings in private, one confronts his own mortality.
4. Warriors
May 5, 2012
Located on the Florida panhandle, Pensacola is home to the Naval Air Station - the primary training base for many of America's top military aviators and home to the legendary Blue Angels. Thirty-five miles away, a military cadence pierces an otherwise quiet morning. The marchers have all served time in the military but now, they're serving time at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, one of the toughest maximum security prisons in the state of Florida. In this hour, the prison takes on a military style feel both for the inmates, and the officers; a gang unit investigation turns up the heat on a pair of cellmates, before one turns on the other; and with the personal cameras we provide them, inmates share intimate thoughts in the privacy of their cells.
Troubled Waters
3. Troubled Waters
April 21, 2012
Santa Rosa Correctional Institution is the last stop for Florida's most violent inmates. We spent months inside, and we witnessed a great deal. In this hour, a massive search for contraband turns up the heat on two inmates and a convict prompts an evacuation when he floods his housing unit. Then, a serial bank robber recounts his criminal exploits, and a convicted killer's physical handicap makes him especially vulnerable. And with the personal cameras we provide them, inmates give us intimate views of their lives in prison.
The Wrong Fight
2. The Wrong Fight
April 14, 2012
Just east of Pensacola, on the Florida panhandle, is 84 acres of some of the most dangerous land in the state. This is the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, a maximum-security prison with more than 2,800 inmates. In this hour, an inmate known for deviant behavior prompts an emergency response, while another turns his fury on two officers. Then, a new arrival raises serious concerns. And young correctional officer cadets experience the burn as each one takes a pepper spray shot in the eye.
Blood Lines
1. Blood Lines
April 7, 2012
Florida's Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, located on the state's panhandle, is the place male inmates go when other prisons can't handle them. In this hour, an inmate takes drastic action and leaves his cell a bloody mess... while another... is found with dangerous contraband. Plus, an old-timer counts his losses, and a younger inmate looks forward to hitting the streets.
  • Premiere Date
    April 7, 2012