Look is a television series written and directed by Adam Rifkin that is told exclusively through the eyes of security, surveillance and handheld cameras. The show states that there are over 30 million surveillance cameras in the US alone, capturing billions of hours of footage per week. Look examines its characters in moments where they often think they're alone but are actually being recorded. The ensemble cast includes Sharon Hinnendael, Richard Speight, Jr., Marcus Giamatti and Giuseppe Andrews.

Many of the characters initially have no clear relation to one another, though each episode shares an arc regarding a mysterious homeless man. As the episodes continue, his story is revealed as the other characters interact or connect in various ways. Some characters are actually related to each other while others have common acquaintances or end up in the same location. Each character has a secret side that is hidden from others, from the taxi-driving rapist to the lawyer with a drug-addicted wife.

Each character also has specific goals that drive behavior. Two teenage mall rats obsess over the same man and eventually come into conflict with each other over him. A store cashier dreams of a music career. A television executive wants to fire an aging employee. The series explores how far each person is willing to go in pursuit of those goals, especially when no one appears to be watching. How a character acts in public on the show is often in stark contrast to what happens in private, which Look captures through its method of relying on candid cameras.

The series takes place in Los Angeles over the span of one week. By the time that week is over, some lives are destroyed, others are permanently altered and everyone is connected to one another in some way. Look used its voyeuristic storytelling approach to resemble a reality television show when all the events, characters and interactions are actually scripted.

Sundays on Showtime
1 Season, 11 Episodes
October 10, 2010
Cast: Ali Cobrin, Matt Bushell, Colton Haynes, Sharon Hinnendael

Look Full Episode Guide

  • Surveillance cameras capture the intersecting lives of a variety of people: convenient store clerks, high school girls, a lawyer, security guards,a homeless man, a drug-abusing mom, a weatherman, a TV producer, and a criminal on the prowl.

  • A series of flashbacks to Iraq hint at the past of a major character. Stella gets a disturbing phone call while at a family birthday party. Officer Lewis and Officer Munson have a deep conversation about their careers.

  • At the seedy motel, we find Tom, Stellas boy friend, complaining about her while he scores coke. Theres no love lost between these shameless losers. Stella uses Tom for sex and drugs; he uses her for sex and money.

  • Officers Munson and Lewis, who we met in Episode 1 at the mini-mart, run into a foul-mouthed character during a routine traffic stop. Thanks to surveillance cameras, Stella is caught shoplifting clothes at the mall.

  • Willie and Carl find footage of Amanda dancing and touching some guy while scanning the tapes for shots of the concert. Carl reminds Willie he never trusted Amanda and its time to send her packing.

  • Hannah shamelessly seduces Shane on her webcam. Fearing for his job, Dan dons a new, hipster look. He surprises Hannah with the change, but shes mortified. At the mini-mart, Carl shows Willie and Amanda some costumes he got from a buddys shop.

  • Hannah and Molly ditch class to walk around Farmers Market. Ron approaches Andy for some spare cash. Hes got the wrong guy for Andy has no intention of giving this bum anything. Ron ends up getting money from a seemingly nice taxi driver.

  • Though the concert is successful, Willie is still pissed that no execs came. Carl calms him down by suggesting they make a music video of the concert. He saw some kid taping it.

  • A jail cot offers Ron relief from the mean streets. Gossip-loving teens, Hannah and Molly, chitchat about Shane on iChat using sexual lingo.

  • In the ladies dressing room Stella secretly does more coke. Always the tease, Hannah and Molly meet Shane and his friends for lunch at the mall. The guys cant help but talk behind their backs.

  • Its night at the mini-mart where Willie, our budding musician, and his slacker pal Carl confront Ron, a mute homeless man who frequents the store for free food.

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