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Meltdown is a documentary series focused on treasure hunting. A small group of inspired treasure hunters have decided to put their treasure hunting skills to the test. Precious metals have become a thriving industry in the global investment market. The team has keen treasure hunters who are knowledgeable and determined to find forgotten fortunes to melt into gold. It's a competition for the fearless and most meticulous treasure hunters.

Thursday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 31, 2013
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Rich Pyle, Dave Varabioff, Diego Amarosa
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  • Three urban treasure hunters battle the market and fierce competition as they seek out precious metals in unorthodox places and melt them down for cash. Russell visits an aerospace shop to scope out airplane parts. He puts big money into a massive engine that could contain precious metals -- a risky gamble that he hopes will pay off. Looking to score big on gold teeth, Ron and Melanie strike a deal with a dentist. Meanwhile, Joe visits a medical supply warehouse in search of silver.

  • Dave hits pay dirt when he gets access to an old stamp mill, a device used to crush rocks into powder to get the gold out. Diego heads to a racetrack because he thinks he might find old silver horseshoes, but when a trainer suggests he might find silver and platinum at the nearby horse hospital, he goes there instead. Meanwhile, Rich heads out to a Wild West-themed ranch used for movie shoots and weddings hoping to find precious metal antiques.

  • Diego explores the martial arts world in search of weapons that might be made with precious metals. He hits a dead end with a master sensei, but the sensei refers him to an ancient weapons dealer. Knowing that marine testing equipment was made with precious metals in order to withstand saltwater corrosion, Rich visits a warehouse that turns out to be a treasure trove of old test equipment. And Dave visits a gold mine in search of crystalized gold, one of the rarest forms of gold on the planet.

  • Diego finds an old plane being sold for parts and makes a deal that he can keep whatever he can pull out. Dave wants to help an elderly couple raise money for moving expenses by going through their possessions and determining what has value, but the couple has trouble giving up their sentimental attachments. Rich goes to a music store in search of a good deal on a flute made of silver, but then he's offered a thousand cell phones from the attic of the store, and that gives him an idea.

  • Where there's a weld, there's a way. The three urban treasure hunters rummage through a salvage yard, comb through a high school chemistry lab, and scour an abandoned aluminum factory hoping to turn trash into treasure.

  • Rich buys broken solar panels for the silver inside, but learns it's nearly impossible to get the silver out by himself. He pays a professional to do the job -- a big gamble. Dave is playing it safe, making no initial investment in the dental X-ray fixer solution he's gathering up from local dentists. Used to develop X-rays, fixer removes the silver from the film and contains silver residue. Meanwhile, Diego's made an investment of $450 to buy a casket for the gold letters engraved on it.

  • Rich hunts for old rocket parts because he thinks they're made with precious metals to withstand the intense heat. Meanwhile, Dave looks for treasure in the form of a photo processing filter used to recover silver found on photo paper. And Diego looks for a trophy as his prize. As long as it's made of real silver, any shaped trophy will do, because the trophy Diego really wants at the end of the day is cash.

  • Dave's crew thinks he's nuts when he decides to rip up his new property, a former jewelry store and workshop, but he's convinced there's gold hidden in and under the carpeting. Elsewhere, Diego gets a lead on a vintage electronics dealer and brings his buddy James along, expecting to find the mother lode in vintage motherboards. Meanwhile, Rich's search for precious metals leads him to an antiques dealer selling off an entire storage unit full of items from someone's estate.

  • Dave decides to fulfill a longtime goal and get his hands on some old mining equipment in the hope that it may contain dirt and rock residue that could, in turn, contain gold. He's hoping for a $40,000+ payday, but soon discovers it's going to be tougher to get at it than he initially anticipated. Meanwhile, Rich gets a lead on an old building being gutted and rehabbed and has the chance to search it for anything that might contain precious metals.

  • Rich gets exclusive access to a manufacturing equipment warehouse and goes treasure hunting for precious metals in the equipment's old components. When he finds a robotic arm from an old auto assembly line, he relies on his Detroit background to hopefully turn it into a payday. Meanwhile, Dave knows that catalytic converters use platinum, so he gets down and dirty crawling under every old car he can find - until he ends up at the wrong end of a shotgun.

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