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  • 2008
  • 2 Seasons
  • 8.8  (691)

The Supersizers Go is a British television series that aired on BBC Two from 2007 to 2009. The show is hosted by food critic Giles Coren and comedian Sue Perkins, who explore the cuisine and lifestyle of different eras in British history by eating and living like the people of that time.

Each episode focuses on a different era, ranging from the medieval period to the 1980s, with the hosts immersing themselves in the food, fashion, and culture of the time. They are joined by a different expert each episode, who helps them understand the ingredients, cooking techniques, and customs of the era.

The first episode of the series takes place in the Medieval era, with Coren and Perkins dining on dishes such as roast boar and peacock, while wearing authentic clothing and living in a medieval-style house. The second episode is set in the Restoration era, with the hosts indulging in rich, decadent food and drink, and immersing themselves in the luxurious lifestyle of the upper class of the time.

Other eras explored in the show include the Victorian era, the Edwardian era, World War II, and the Swinging Sixties. Each episode features a variety of historical dishes, often prepared using historic cooking methods and ingredients. The hosts also sample popular snacks and beverages of the time, such as gin and tonic in the case of the Edwardian era and the TV dinner in the case of the 1950s.

Throughout the series, Coren and Perkins offer their opinions on the dishes and lifestyles they are experiencing, with Perkins often providing humorous commentary and quips. The show also involves learning about the history of the time period and understanding how the food and culture were shaped by the events of the time.

The Supersizers Go is not only an entertaining show about food and history, but it also provides a unique insight into the social customs and behavior of different eras. Whether it's exploring the etiquette of the Victorians, the rationing of wartime Britain or the liberal attitudes of the 1960s, the hosts’ experiences offer a window into the past.

The show also features a diverse range of guests including historians, authors, and chefs who share their knowledge of food and history, adding to the educational value of the show. The show uses a lighthearted and humorous approach to engage viewers, while still being informative and educational.

Overall, The Supersizers Go is a fascinating and entertaining show that provides a unique look into the history of British culture and cuisine. With its combination of food, fashion, and culture, it's a show that will appeal to anyone interested in history, social customs, or just good food.

The Supersizers Go
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Ancient Rome
6. Ancient Rome
July 27, 2009
Giles and Sue experience what life would of been like during the Roman times when they live in a villa and enjoy the foods from the time.
The Twenties
5. The Twenties
July 13, 2009
Giles and Sue experience what life would of been like in the 1920's and taste different foods that were popular at the time.
The French Revolution
4. The French Revolution
July 6, 2009
Giles and Sue sample the dishes from Revolutionary France in the 1780's.
The Fifties
3. The Fifties
July 20, 2009
Giles and Sue experience what life would of been like in the 1950's when rationing meant that food was still restricted.
2. Medieval
June 22, 2009
Giles and Sue live the lives of a Lord and Lady as they see what types of foods were popular in Medival England.
The Eighties
1. The Eighties
June 15, 2009
Giles and Sue look at what types of food were popular in the 1980's.
  • Premiere Date
    May 20, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    8.8  (691)