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Jay and Kay, the universe's most explosive crime-fighting and alien-wrangling agents, are back in this action-packed animated adventure series based on the smash hit motion pictures starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Kay (voice of Ed O'Ross) is the veteran MiB agent who's been around the block a few times and has seen things beyond human comprehension. Rookie Jay (Keith Diamond), a former NYPD cop recruited by Kay to be his partner, is enthusiastic, comical and cool. The beautiful and brilliant Elle (Jennifer Lien), a research scientist at the MiB organization, and Zed (Charles Napier), the head honcho of the top-secret operation, complete the team. against an assortment of outrageous but dangerous aliens, the MiB work tirelessly to protect the Earth from the scum of the universe.

Men In Black: The Series is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (53 episodes). The series first aired on October 11, 1997.

Men In Black: The Series is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Men In Black: The Series on demand at, Crackle online.

4 Seasons, 53 Episodes
October 11, 1997
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon, Comedy
Cast: Keith Diamond, Charles Napier, Patrick Pinney, Pat Fraley
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Men In Black: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • With MIB having success in coordinating resistance against the invasion, the Ixions plan to unleash a weapon that will kill everyone on Earth. Jay and Kay will fight Alpha in the final battle for humanity.

  • Alpha, Vangus and the Ixions return to Earth, working together to threaten all life on the planet. With invasion imminent, Zed decides to reveal MIB's existence to the world.

  • A super hero caling himself Cosmosis emerges to defend the city from evil, but he's really an alien looking to put his powers to good use. However, MIB feels his new profession could attract trouble for Earth, so they try to lure him out using Jay as bait.

  • MIB agents suddenly have an alien TV crew in their midst and Kay and Jay now have to put up with the crew. There certainly won't be a lack of action, though, especially with the appearance of a special guest star

  • Jay gets a low score on MIB's new virtual reality training test and the embarassment eventually forces him to try again. But this time the game goes haywire and the dangers Jay faces become deadly.

  • The Association has scoured the galaxy for informant Zobo and MIB has been keeping watch over Zobo ala Witness Protection. Unfortunately, the Association finally tracks him down. MIB rushes Zobo into a new identity and new surroundings

  • After eating some alien food, Jay gains the ability to throw fire. But this new power will have serious consequences if he keeps using it.

  • The Fmeks are back and trying to take over a tiny planet that resembles a baseball. To make matters worse, Kay is on the tiny planet and things are getting very hot.

  • A recently arrived Worm hasn't come to get coffee but to conquer instead. MIB takes him seriously and wants him stopped

  • Thirty years ago, an Ixion named Vangus came to Earth and was stopped by an MIB agent. Now when Vangus returns, MIB seeks answers from the agent that stopped him: Alpha.

  • One 'human,' high school student is actually a young alien prince and his cover has been found out by alien terrorists. Until they can stop the terrorists, MIB must protect him round the clock

  • Somewhere out in space is an alien world that nearly-perfectly resembles Ancient Rome. Gladiator style games tend to be the favorite form of entertainment, and sheer accident has brought forth the newest competitors

  • Changes abound at MIB as Dr. Zeeltor takes over in the lab for Elle, who has become a field agent and gotten partnered with an alien named Agent X. As these new changes set in, MIB has to stop New York from being devoured by a Barooga.

  • Jay's destructive joyride in the LTD causes him to be thrown out of MIB. Now, Jay is neuralized and back in the NYPD just as the Bugs arrive.

  • Jay and Kay are moving fast to stop the take over of Earth by the Tunstons, whose king is hiding out in Frank the Pug's body.

  • The Stellairian leader comes to Earth for peace talks and Jay and Kay have to watch over his daughter, Kima. When she is kidnapped by Frostifarians, her age regressing hypo-spray breaks loose. Now as Kima grows older, Kay begins turning into a baby.

  • Jay and Kay have to contend with a recently awakened Hyperian, which is dressed like an ancient Egyptian Mummy.

  • Jay accidentally swallows an alien egg and becomes pregnant. Meanwhile, the Fmeks are shrinking everything in sight.

  • Zed surprises everyone when he decides it's time to retire. Jay gets partnered with Elle since Kay is chosen to be the new head of MIB. As Zed is neuralized and embarks on a life of fishing in Long Island, Alpha returns more powerful than ever.

  • Kay is blinded by a Darkon ray and will need Jay's help to stop the Darkons from creating a permanent eclipse.

  • The Bug Queen herself has come to Earth and is hiding in hotel, waiting for her eggs to be able to take over. Making things worse for MIB is the presence of the Emperor Worm, who happens to be staying in the exact same hotel as the Bugs.

  • When MIB fails to stop a Metaphite that threatens Phoenix, Jay and Kay have to travel back in time to the wild west to find the Metaphite's then vulnerable cocoon.

  • Quintoon, an alien terrorist seeks to raise the legendary continent of Atlantis heritage from the depths which could have all sorts of repercussions for Earth. MIB isn't going to let Quintoon succeed and send Kay and Jay to stop him.

  • Frank the Pug meets an alien named Veronica and falls in love. But what he doesn't know is that Veronica works for Javkor, who is out to steal MIB's most powerful weapons.

  • Two Kalifadik law enforcement officials begin punishing the guilty on Earth, using teleportation guns to send them to an alien prison. As MIB tries to stop them, Jay and one of the worms pass through each in mid-teleportation and slowly turn into each other.

  • Two Kalifadik law enforcement officials begin punishing the guilty on Earth, using teleportation guns to send them to an alien prison. As MIB tries to stop them, Jay and one of the worms pass through each in mid-teleportation and slowly turn into each other.