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  • TV-G
  • 2014
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.7  (75)

Mighty Cruise Ships is a captivating documentary series that airs on the Discovery Channel. The show documents the impressive and intricate workings of massive cruise ships as they set sail across some of the most beautiful and captivating destinations of the world. The series debuted in 2014 and has since continued to fascinate audiences with its inside look into the world of cruising.

The show is hosted by Shauna MacDonald, who provides an incisive narration of the events as they unfold before the viewers. Alongside Shauna, Anthony Green and John Beach act as expert guides in divulging the various operations involved in managing and maintaining these mighty machines.

Each episode of the series features one particular ship, charting its voyage from the beginning to the end. The ships showcased on the show are a marvel of engineering, equipped with every modern amenity that one could ever envision, from luxurious cabins and state of the art theaters to swimming pools, basketball courts, and spas.

Mighty Cruise Ships covers different ships on each episode, thereby providing an in-depth look into the various operations involved in maintaining a cruise ship and ensuring that all the passengers enjoy their vacations. Viewers are taken on a journey through each stage of the cruise, from the planning stages to the voyage itself, all the way to the debarking process.

The show also highlights the roles and responsibilities of the different crew members on board the ship, including the captain, chefs, entertainers and more- many of whom work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring the world's largest cruises to life.

One of the notable features of the series is the level of detail that it provides. It shines a light on the intricate process of loading and unloading cargo from the ship and the crucial task of refueling the massive engines. It also provides a detailed look into the hospitality services that are available onboard, such as the dining options and the range of entertainment choices that are available.

Mighty Cruise Ships does a fantastic job of portraying the variety of cruise ship cultures and their distinct characteristics. Whether it's the exuberance of a fun-filled Disney Cruise or the elegance of a transatlantic sailing on the Queen Mary 2, the series delivers an immersive insight into each unique experience.

In conclusion, Mighty Cruise Ships is an exciting show that has a lot to offer its viewers. It is an expertly crafted documentation of the extraordinary operations involved in the world of enormous cruise ships. The attention to detail, expert guides, and mesmerizing imagery all contribute to making this documentary series a must-watch for anyone who loves to travel or merely enjoys exploring the world of engineering marvels.

Mighty Cruise Ships is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on November 9, 2014.

Mighty Cruise Ships
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Sky Princess
8. Sky Princess
August 28, 2022
If you're looking for a tropical adventure in the Western Caribbean, hop aboard the Sky Princess. For eight nights and seven days, this mega-cruiser whisks its 3,500 guests to Cozumel, Belize City, Roatán, and Costa Maya, visiting white-sand beaches, underground rivers, ancient Mayan ruins, and the second-largest barrier reef on the planet. Meanwhile onboard, Captain Tuvo and his crew are hard at work—above and below the waterline—handling twisting channels, an unnerving false alarm, a malfunction in the tanks that keep the ship level, and more.
Roald Amundsen
7. Roald Amundsen
August 21, 2022
Named after the Norwegian explorer and first person to reach the South Pole, Hurtigruten Line's Roald Amundsen lives up to its namesake, bringing guests as close to the bottom of the world as any cruise ship can go. Hop aboard with 335 other daring guests, as we sail from Chile and through the Drake Passage for a tour of Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. For passengers, It's a 16-day, 4,000-mile polar adventure. For the captain and crew, it's a non-stop obstacle course through extreme weather and ice-laden channels.
Norwegian Joy
6. Norwegian Joy
August 14, 2022
Norwegian Joy is on its first-ever season in Alaska and aims to thrill, on and off the cruise ship. For eight days, guests will enjoy such onboard attractions as a go-kart racetrack and aqua park, plus spectacular scenery that includes huge glaciers and humpback whales. Land excursions provide plenty of excitement, highlighted by the largest zip-line in the world. This voyage also presents adventures to the captain and crew in the form of tight, twisting passages and maintenance issues that are unique to sailing Alaska's Inside Passage.
Costa Diadema
5. Costa Diadema
August 7, 2022
Costa Diadema is nicknamed the Queen of the Mediterranean, and it's easy to see why. This 3,700-passenger cruise ship shows off the best that its home waters have to offer, including authentic cuisine, unforgettable sights, and parties that never end. Hop aboard a seven-day voyage from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca to Sicily to the French Riviera and follow passengers as they enjoy all the luxuries provided, on sea and on land. Then see what it takes for the captain and crew to keep this five-star Italian-style experience running 24/7.
Nieuw Statendam
4. Nieuw Statendam
November 9, 2014
Nieuw Statendam is a brand-new ship ready to prove itself in its debut season in the Caribbean, one of the busiest cruise circuits in the world. These seas may be crowded with competition, but Nieuw Statendam has an ace up its sleeve: exclusive access to Holland America Line's private island, Half Moon Cay. Set sail on an eight-day cruise to Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Island of St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. Then see if unpredictable winds and weather will put a damper on the grand finale, private paradise excursion.
Diamond Princess
3. Diamond Princess
September 9, 2021
West and East meet on the largest cruise ship sailing around Japan: Diamond Princess. Carrying 2,700 passengers, this liner whisks guests to some of the country's most iconic cities and landscapes, skirting the southeast shore, before heading north to the South Korean city of Busan and then returning to the home port of Yokohama. For guests, it's a unique journey to one of the most exotic lands on the planet. But for the captain and crew, it's a non-stop challenge, dealing with narrow entries, notorious traffic, and broken bow thruster.
Aida Nova
2. Aida Nova
November 9, 2014
The German mega-cruiser AIDAnova is the fifth largest cruise ship in the world and everything about it is Wunderbar. Guests can party in 23 different bars, feast on their choice of 17 restaurants, or simply kick back on the wide-open top deck. And at every port there's a new island experience awaiting, from driving across volcanic landscapes to submarine dives. But while passengers soak in the excitement, the captain and crew must battle high ocean winds and work out the kinks in the ship's new liquefied natural gas fuel system.
Seven Seas Explorer
1. Seven Seas Explorer
November 9, 2014
Seven Seas Explorer is the world's ultimate luxury liner, with decor to rival the most opulent mansions, including nearly 500 chandeliers and priceless works of art. The crew is dedicated to making every cruise a lavish experience and this upcoming 12-day voyage promises to be a big one. It's Seven Seas Explorer's first-ever South American cruise and the ship must navigate into ports they've never seen before. With fares running as high as $40,000, passenger expectations are great, and for the captain, so are the challenges.
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Mighty Cruise Ships is available for streaming on the Discovery Channel website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mighty Cruise Ships on demand at Paramount+, Philo, FuboTV and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 9, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (75)