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Monica the Medium is a new reality show airing on ABC Family this year. It is about a young woman, Monica Ten-Kate, looking for love, and she happens to be a medium. She's also a student at Pennsylvania State University. The show is going to follow the life of the young junior as she furthers her education, makes new friends, finds love, and all the typical things a college student would do, except with the twist that she is a medium. This means she can communicate with the dead.

Monica has had a lot difficulty in the love life department. Guys who she approaches to become interested in or vice versa always seem to freak out when her gift comes to light. It's been highlighted that the show will focus on her friends, even her mom, rallying around to try and get her set up with someone so she can stop living the lonely single life. Monica has every reason to be apprehensive, though. It's one thing opening up to someone in hopes that you'll start something romantically, but Monica's medium gift isn't exactly an ice breaker.

Monica The Medium is a Drama series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 2015. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.2.

Monica The Medium is available for streaming on the FreeForm website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Monica The Medium on demand at Freeform Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Freeform online.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on FreeForm
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 25, 2015
Cast: Monica Ten-Kate As Herself
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Monica The Medium Full Episode Guide

  • In the season two conclusion, Monica plots her first big solo event on campus, but breaks down at the idea of reading in front of her peers. Later, Monica runs into a grieving lady while on a date with Tyler; and Kayla's graduation is honored with an unexpected paintball match.

  • Monica's requested to read for a bereavement organization in Palm Springs, but her roommates choose to tag along on the journey and invite a few boys. Later, Kayla has to choose if she's ready to listen to the messages that Spirit is receiving for her.

  • Monica and her roommates take part in a mud run; and Kayla tries to set Monica up with someone new in spite of her hitting it off with Tyler. Later, Monica helps comfort a pair struggling with loss while on a date.

  • Monica's dad and sisters visit her in San Diego. Later, Monica wants to impress her dad with her abilities during an occasion with renowned medium James Van Praagh; and Monica reads for three siblings who recently lost their mom.

  • Monica connects a schoolmate with her late sister while cramming for midterms. Later, Monica and her roommates search for new outfits for a sushi-making class with the boys, but Monica ends up reading the shopkeeper; and Krista starts working for a realtor, but gets overwhelmed when her boss asks her to purchase furniture and stage a house for possible clients.

  • Monica mentors Emma and asks her to join in on a session with a lady who lost her son. Monica also allows Emma to give Krista a reading. In the meantime, Monica meets with a crew of military people; Krista thinks about getting into real estate; and when Kirsten invites some of her friends to dinner, Monica connects one of them to her deceased mother.

  • Monica enlists Krista's help as her new assistant, but their arrangement takes a turn for the worse after Monica blames Krista for a scheduling conflict. Later, Kirsten sets Monica up on a blind date, but fails to mention she's a medium.

  • Now that the roommates are all settled in, Monica wants to turn their house into a home with an official housewarming party.

  • Monica reaches out to famous medium James Van Praagh; Monica provides comforting messages to a young woman who lost her father; Monica and Krista interview potential roommates.

  • Monica decides to shake up her life by moving to the West Coast with her best friend, Krista; Monica passes along messages from the beyond to a family at a truck stop, a college campus tour guide and siblings on the beach.

  • In the first season finale, Monica contemplates her future with Mitch. Meanwhile, Monica does a reading with women who have lost children.

  • Monica is overwhelmed with finals and considers quitting school; Monica connects several people with loved ones who have passed on. Later, Monica enjoys a horseback-riding date with Mitch.

  • Monica escapes for the weekend to a lake with her friends; Krista becomes annoyed when Monica keeps doing readings against her wishes.

  • Monica seeks her mentor's help after seeing a poster about a missing woman in town; Monica delivers a message to two girls whose three friends were killed in a drunken driving accident; Krista sets up a double date for her and Monica.

  • Monica's dubious father visits from Afghanistan and is able to see her tap into her talent; Monica's first date with Mitch is interrupted by Spirit; and Monica has a dream that someone close to her is expecting.

  • When Monica's sisters visit, she gets distracted by a spirit, which annoys them.

  • Monica hires a tutor; Monica's mother visits and expresses some of her concerns.

  • Monica decides to create a home office in an unused part of the house.

  • Monica starts working at a boutique to help pay her bills, and ends up doing readings for customers during work hours.

  • In the series premiere, Monica impresses party guests when she does a spontaneous reading on a fellow student she's never met.