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The television series Mortified illustrates the interesting life of Taylor Fry's teen years living in Sunburn Beach, Australia. The show follows the calamity of Taylor Fry dealing with her embarrassing parents, Don and Glenda, along with the normal struggles of being a 12 year-old girl. Between having a crush on the popular boy in school, her best friend's crush on her, the envy of her perfect neighbor friend, and the hassle of her annoying big sister, Taylor uses her large imagination to make it through the confusing day of a teenage girl.

Mortified is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on June 30, 2006.

Mortified is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mortified on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Wednesday 4:00 PM et/pt on Nine
1 Season, 26 Episodes
June 30, 2006
Kids & Family, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Marny Kennedy
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Mortified Full Episode Guide

  • Taylor gets to sample a more orderly life when she stays with the Flunes for a few days - but their detailed schedules make her long for the craziness of home.

  • Taylor learns that her next-door neighbors, the Flunes, are moving, so she and Brittany hatch a plan to sabotage the sale of the house. What could go wrong?

  • Taylor decides to get a job so she can earn money to buy a cell phone. But her first job -- pet-sitting some energetic cats -- turns out to be a disaster.

  • Heading off to school camp, Taylor overhears her parents arguing and wrongly assumes her mom is having a fling with Taylor's teacher. That's just the first thing Taylor got wrong.

  • Taylor is supposed to report on a family member for school, but everyone in her lineage is too embarrassing -- until kooky Great Aunt Ally arrives.

  • Taylor is humiliated to discover her that her mom is becoming more involved at school. Her answer? Escape her parents by becoming the first child astronaut!

  • Taylor learns that a revealing self-portrait is going to be auctioned off -- and her diary is missing! Will strangers soon be reading her darkest secrets?

  • Taylor learns that a revealing self-portrait is going to be auctioned off -- and her diary is missing! Will strangers soon be reading her darkest secrets?

  • Taylor is thrilled to get a job at the local radio station, but she's assigned to the psychic talk show, and soon she's unexpectedly taking over the microphone to help the needy callers.

  • Taylor's dad is having a midlife crisis that could last for years. Why did this have to happen when Taylor's parents are about to meet her new teachers?

  • It's Taylor's first day at high school -- but she loses Hector, misses the bus and finally arrives at school smelling fishy. Then, things get worse!

  • It's the last day of primary school, and Taylor and her friends are all going to different high schools next year. Taylor must make some serious decisions about her future.

  • Taylor can't decide what to wear to the school dance, and her mom and sister's suggestions don't seem right. Worried about her image, Taylor turns to Joan of Arc for advice.

  • Taylor wins her school cross-country race, but she cheated, so Hector takes over her punishing new training schedule. Meanwhile, the Fry family inherits a castle in Scotland.

  • Hector and Taylor meet an elderly couple who believe aliens from outer space are coming to Earth. Taylor decides the only way to escape her crazy parents are to join the aliens.

  • Taylor joins a soccer team but is dismayed to learn that her dad is the coach. Meanwhile, Taylor's sister Layla learns to drive!

  • Taylor is ready to climb the social ladder, but her best friend Hector has signed up for the dorkiest job at school: flag duty. He thinks it's cool; she doesn't. Can their friendship be saved?

  • Taylor's crush on a teenage martial arts instructor leads her parents to decide it's time to let their girl in on the facts of life, but Taylor is determined to avoid them -- and "the talk."

  • Taylor is shocked to find her mom creating a nude sculpture of herself for a public art competition -- and her class from school will attend! Can Taylor distract the class with her mermaid costume?

  • Taylor is caught fantasizing about surfing and claims to be able to ride the waves -- but when a heartthrob boy asks her to enter a competition, she's only got days to learn.

  • Taylor runs for school captain against the perfectly beautiful Brittany, while her dad has his own Christmas house decoration rivalry with Brittany's parents.