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  • 2013
  • 1 Season

Mr. Men and Little Miss is a charming French animated show that follows the adventures of a variety of unique, colorful characters. Based on the beloved book series by Roger Hargreaves, each episode explores a different character and their personality, quirks, and life experiences.

The show is perfect for children, but also enjoyable for adults who grew up with the books. From Mr. Happy to Little Miss Chatterbox, each character has their own distinct traits and interactions with the world around them. The show uses bright colors, simple animation, and lots of humor to keep young viewers engaged and entertained.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Mr. Men and Little Miss is how it manages to be both educational and fun to watch. Each episode has a moral or a lesson that children can learn from, whether it’s about sharing, being kind to others, or standing up for what you believe in. At the same time, the show never feels preachy or didactic—the lessons are woven seamlessly into the storylines and characters, making them easy for kids to absorb.

What sets Mr. Men and Little Miss apart from other kids’ shows is its unique cast of characters. The show doesn’t rely on stereotypes or cliches, but instead introduces viewers to a diverse range of individuals, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. From the clumsy Mr. Bump to the bossy Little Miss Bossy, there’s truly a character for everyone to relate to.

The animation style of Mr. Men and Little Miss is simple but effective. The characters are all drawn with simple lines and bold colors, making them easy for young viewers to recognize and remember. The backgrounds are often quite basic, but this only serves to emphasize the characters and their actions.

The show’s music is also worth mentioning. Each episode features a catchy theme song that introduces the character and gives viewers a taste of what to expect. The background music is playful and upbeat, adding to the show’s overall lighthearted tone.

While Mr. Men and Little Miss is primarily targeted at young children, adults will also find plenty to enjoy. The show’s humor and wit are cleverly written, and there are plenty of pop culture references that will go over kids’ heads but entertain older viewers. Additionally, the show’s positive messages about friendship, kindness, and self-acceptance are universal and timeless.

Overall, Mr. Men and Little Miss is an excellent show for kids and parents alike. With its colorful characters, catchy music, and valuable life lessons, it’s no surprise that the series has remained popular for over 50 years. Whether you’re introducing your own children to the world of Mr. Men and Little Miss or revisiting it for the first time in years, this delightful show is sure to put a smile on your face.

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Episode 21
21. Episode 21
Mr. Small is desperately looking for work, but he is far too small to be of much use to anybody. But he comes into his own when the worm falls ill and someone has to go down his hole to take him his medicine. Only Mr. Small can manage this exploit, much to the worm's relief! Little Miss Scatterbrain decides to organise a birthday party and puts Mr. Forgetful in charge of inviting everyone. But he has already forgotten what Little Miss Scatterbrain has asked him and invites all the Mr. Men round to his house for his birthday! Mr. Jelly spends his days shut away at home because he is terrified of everything. To give him a real reason to be afraid, a magician sends him time-travelling back to the age of the dinosaurs. Little Miss Tiny is ill and thinks that she will be spending Christmas Eve all alone. Her neighbour, Mr. Mean, isn't the slightest bit interested in her plight and has no intention whatsoever of looking after her.
Episode 20
20. Episode 20
Little Miss Giggles, Mr. Quiet and Mr. Small have been invited to lunch at Little Miss Tiny's. But a nasty cat is prowling around in front of her door with the firm intention of having lunch too. All the Mr. Men have gathered together at the top of a hill to fly their kites. Everything would be perfect if it weren't for Mr. Tickle, who persists in tickling everybody. But Mr. Clever quickly comes up with a solution so that everything works out well. A car race is organised in Misterland. The last to leave is, of course, Mr. Slow in his steamroller. Further on, all the participants are blocked by hundreds of potatoes strewn all over the road. After much hesitation, Little Miss Shy makes up her mind to go to the village fair. But there is too much bustle for her and in seeking refuge under a cart, she finds Mr. Quiet who is just as frightened as she is. Mr. Wrong's new house is very off for it is upside down. Everyone has a good laugh when they see this strange house. Under a torrential downpour one day, Mr. Wrong's house is transformed into a boat, owing to its sloping roof, to the great delight of the Mr. Men who are to be saved from drowning by Mr. Wrong and his 'houseboat'!
Episode 19
19. Episode 19
Mr. Bump is very sad because, yet again, he has caused a disaster by demolishing the magnificent house of cards that Mr. Tickle has built for Mr. Clever. But he quickly makes up for his blunder by stopping Little Miss Dotty's shopping caddie as it careers wildly down the hill. A fishing outing has been organised and Mr. Nosey follows everyone else onto the boat. But, by dint of poking his nose into everything, he falls overboard and is gobbled up by a big fish. All's well that ends well, for Mr. Strong happens to catch the very same fish and, in doing so, delivers Mr. Nosey from his fate. Little Miss Trouble has one sole aim in life; playing practical jokes on everyone. So, the Mr. Men and Little Misses decide to get their own back by spreading the rumour that she has turned blue (which isn't the case at all!). Mr. Quiet simply can't stand noise. He decides to go and ask his friend, George the fisherman, to lend him a boat so that he can finally find some peace and quiet. At this point, a storm starts to rage, sweeping Mr. Quiet out to sea. But he manages to turn the situation to his advantage and is washed up on a desert islandÂ…ah, peace at last! Little Miss Scatterbrain asks Mr. Pots and Mr. Mischief, his assistant, to repaint her house whilst she is away on holiday. She leaves the choice of colours to them.
Episode 18
18. Episode 18
When Little Miss Scatterbrain asks Mr. Muddle to go fishing with her, you can imagine the outcome! Mr. Muddle finds himself at the skating rink with Little Miss Splendid both ready to take part in a competition. The well-intentioned Little Miss Helpful goes to the fair where, always willing to help, she does her best to help her friends set up their stands. But the inevitable happens, and one disaster after another befalls themÂ… Mr. Worry is walking in the woods when suddenly slips and falls down a hole. He finds himself in the most amazing place and then meets a giant in his castle. The Mr. Men are fed up with inviting Mr. Greedy to dinner because they are always left with nothing to eat once he has gone. They decide to play a joke on him and invite him round for a dinner party where everyone just pretends to eat because there is no food! Tiddletown is deserted, for everyone has gone to the zoo and there's no one left for Little Miss Bossy to order around! But who could foresee that Mr. Forgetful would forget to close the zoo gate, letting all the animals escape!
Episode 17
17. Episode 17
It is snowing and freezing cold in Misterland and all the Mr. Men are complaining. All of them, with the exception of Little Miss Sunshine, who tirelessly tries to keep everyone's spirits up. Thanks to Little Miss Sunshine, a day which had started in sadness finishes in laughter and smiles! Mr. Happy is a character that likes everybody and is always happy. But this can't be said of the other Mr. Men, who don't always spare the time to talk to Mr. Happy and it's makes him very unhappy. All the Mr. Men in Misterland decide to go and visit him to make him happy once again. Mr. Strong his hired by Mr. Cage, the zoo keeper, to jeep the cages clean, but he just doesn't realise how strong he is and breaks everything he touches. So, Mr. Cage finds another job for Mr. Strong; giving the elephants their bath! Little Miss Late is always late, whether at the supermarket or the flea market. You can imagine her surprise when she arrives at the cinema and is presented with a free ticket for being the first arrival forÂ…tomorrow's showing! Mr. Noisy keeps everyone awake because he has decided to play in a band and has to practise. Mr. Clever comes up with a wonderful idea to give everyone a bit of peace; why not make him conductor! There won't be much chance of him making any noise with a baton!
Episode 16
16. Episode 16
Mr. Perfect is ensconced in his armchair, watching a western on television. He soon drops off and dreams that he is a valorous cowboy searching for a gold mine. Mr. Greedy thinks he is too fat, Mr. Strong too strong, etc. In short, none of the Mr. Men are happy the way they are. Little Miss Magic is to remedy the situation by making their wishes come true; they are to become the opposite to what they are. Catching a bus is no easy task when your name is Mr. Silly, for since he does everything differently from everyone else, he never waits for the bus were everyone waits and so inevitably misses it each time. After repeated incidents of this type, Mr. Silly comes up with a 'silly' idea! He ingeniously builds a car on stilts with wheels, which can pass above the other cars. By dint of tickling everybody, Mr. Tickle soon finds himself with no friends because the Mr. Men are fed up with being tickled all the time. But, when Mr. Small finds himself stuck at the top of a tree, thank goodness that Mr. Tickle is there with his long arms to get him down! Mr. Chatterbox who is never at a loss for words, drives everyone mad with his chattering. This gives Little Miss Shy an idea, for she knows a real chatterbox of a parrot who bothers Mr. Quiet all day long. A parrot to reply to Mr. Chatterbox's chatteringÂ…what an excellent idea!
Episode 15
15. Episode 15
Mr. Nosey calls on Mr. Mean and happens to find a crate full of gold coins. Little Miss Magic happens to pass by and quickly hides them with a flourish of her magic wand. Little Miss Naughty talks Little Miss Wise into going to the fun fair, with the intention of giving her a hard time. What with the glass maze, the dodgems and the ghost train, Little Miss Wise has soon had more than her fair share of the fair, but allows herself to be tempted by Little Miss Naughty into one final ride. Mr. Grumble is going on holiday. He has every reason to be happy but, as usual, he grumbles! And he continues to grumble throughout his entire holiday at the seaside. Little Miss Greedy and Little Miss Splendid are invited to tea with Little Miss Bossy. Little Miss Greedy sends her a vast quantity of sweets as a present, much to Little Miss Bossy's displeasure, who throws them straight into the dustbin, fearing for her health. It's the Christmas holidays and Mr. Slow decides to go to the mountains in his steamroller. But he isn't the only one to have had the idea and is overtaken by a whole bunch of over-excited Mr. Men.
Episode 14
14. Episode 14
We are on the beach; Mr. Lazy is sound asleep on his airbed. The tide comes in and Mr. Lazy is now drifting out to sea. Mr. Clumsy appears on the scene in his dinghy and, in trying to rescue Mr. Lazy, crashes into a sailing boat carrying Mr. Grumble and Little Miss Splendid. Koko the Gorilla has escaped from the zoo and is spreading terror throughout Misterland. Mr. Brave is called in to capture himÂ…but this is to prove no easy task, since Koko has decided to copy King-Kong by kidnapping Little Miss Splendid and taking her to the top of a high building. Mr. Worry, Mr. Dizzy and Little Miss Splendid ought to be happy to be going skiing, but in actual fact, they are very worried for they are to be accompanied by Little Miss Naughty, who is likely to plague them with her pranks. Little Miss Dotty decides to go to Home Farm and give Little Miss Tiny a hand for she is all alone and in the farmer's absence, the animals have become very lazy. She comes up with some amazing ideas for collecting the eggs from the hens and giving the pig his colour back. It is the day of the Nonsenseland competition and, like every year, Mr. Nonsense is the favourite. But, he loses his memory after receiving a nasty bang on the head and can't even remember that he is called Mr. Nonsense!
Episode 13
13. Episode 13
The proud inventor of a stance spacecraft, Mr. Clever takes on board MR Grumble and Little Miss Giggles for a trip to Mars. After a bumpy landing, our three friends set foot on a wasteland strewn with all kinds of objects, to the great delight for Mr. Clever. Mr. Happy thinks he has had a good idea in hiring Little Miss Chatterbox as prompter in his theatre. But this isn't at all to the liking of the actors, who can hardly say a word without Little Miss Chatterbox cutting them off in their prime. Mr. Skinny has laid a bet that he can get fatter than Mr. Greedy, but try as he might; he is incapable of eating more. He then has a brainwave and asks Mr. Tickle to call on Mr. Greedy and tickle him every time he is about to eat. Little Miss Busy gets bored as soon as she has nothing to do. So she decides to found a D.I.Y. school. But trying to teach pupils like Mr. Bump, Mr. Clumsy, Mr. Dizzy, Mr. Lazy and Mr. Silly how to build a house is by no means an easy task! Little Miss Chatterbox is on holiday at Sea-town. Whilst walking on the beach one day, she meets Mr. Grumpy and Little Miss Busy, who are preparing to participate in the big regatta with their sailing boat.
Episode 12
12. Episode 12
Mr. Uppity is looking for an actor for his film. He hires Mr. Forgetful who, as it turns out, is totally incapable of memorizing his lines. But the film is rapidly to become a comedy, for Mr. Forgetful invents his lines as he goes along. Mr. Busy delivers pizzas. He really has his work cut out, but everything goes according to plan until his scooter breaks downÂ… Mr. Messy is hired as head butler for Little Miss Star's party. But she has no idea of what is in store, for Mr. Messy, as his name suggests, is not the tidiest of people. Mr. Uppity's house is burning down but what help can he possibly expect from Little Miss Shy, Mr. Clumsy and Mr. Bump? But he hadn't banked on the presence of Mr. Impossible, who makes himself invisible and changes our three friends into valorous firemen. Little Miss Star dreams that she is a star in Jollywood, but her dream rapidly becomes a nightmare when journalists and photographers bombard her from all sides.
Episode 11
11. Episode 11
Little Miss Scatterbrain goes shopping for her birthday and then drives back home to get ready for her party. Mr. Clever, Mr. Jelly and Little Miss Fun are in a mountain chalet. Mr. Clever bets that they don't dare spend a whole night in the tent. Little Miss Fun takes up the bet and talks poor Mr. Jelly, wo is already trembling with fear, into following suit. Little Miss Helpful is hired to do the housework at Mr. Uppity's, but as she breaks everything she touches, Little Miss Magic has to step in to set things to rights. Little Miss Tidy has won the jackpot! As she's leaving her house, the lottery ticket is swept out of the window by an unfortunate gust of wind before falling into the hands of Mr. Mean who, though very mean, is certainly not dishonest! Mr. Dizzy has taken it into his head to promise the moon to the little children; but what a difficult promise to keep! Mr. Cheerful and Little Miss Greedy are to make his dream come true by making a magnificent moon out of silver cardboard and hanging in the night.
Episode 10
10. Episode 10
It is the middle of summer. Misterland is totally deserted, except for Mr. Grumble and Mr. Worry. But Mr. Worry is too worried to stay alone. So he decides to seek comfort with Mr. Grumble, which isn't a good idea at all, since Mr. Grumble hates surprise visits. Little Miss Splendid is getting ready for the beauty contest! She goes to the hairdresser's and, thanks to Mr. Dizzy's absentmindedness, ends up as bald as a coot! Poor Mr. Tall is very worried indeed for he considers himself too tall and this prevents him from living a normal life. Little Miss Magic soon puts things to rights and Mr. Tall finds himself a perfectly normal size. But the only problem is that now, nobody recognises him! Some of the Mr. Men have organised a picnic on the beach, but Little Miss Naughty is prowling around, always ready to play a prank on someone. She decides to put sand in the saltcellar instead of saltÂ… But Little Miss Naughty is mistaken in taking the Mr. Men for fools, because they end up inviting her to their picnic and guess what is on the menu? Hard-boiled eggs dipped in 'salt!"! Mr. Cheerful is in the process of teaching three of his friends how to dance and is giving them a demonstration. They are convinced that the hat which he wears all the time is the secret of his cheerfulness. In an attempt to find out the truth of the matter, Mr. Tickle lifts Mr. Cheerful's hat off, to find that he only has three hairs on his head!
Episode 9
9. Episode 9
Little Miss Star will do anything to get in the headlines. So she hides in Mr. Dizzy's house, to make people think she has been kidnapped. Everything goes according to plan, for her disappearance is the subject of much concern in the news. A race is organised in Misterland and Little Miss Late decides to participate, but without holding out much hope of winning. Mr. Skinny is about to have a bath, as he gets ready to go to the village party. Afterwards, he pulls the plug out and by misfortune, finds himself sucked down the drain along with the water. He ends up in the sewer, where he meets Mr. Messy, who advises him to trace one of the countless pipes back to his house. Mr. Uppity is always very unpleasant with everyone but, when he finds himself in hospital following a bad fall, his friends Little Miss Splendid, Mr. Mischief and Mr. Greedy do their utmost to look after him. And to everyone's great surprise, he says...'thank you,' for the first time in his life! Little Miss Neat invites Mr. Clumsy to lunch but no sooner has he arrived than he trips up and spills the cup of hot chocolate he is carrying. Little Miss Neat spends the whole day scrubbing her flat to get rid of the stains but to no avail; they refuse to budge!
Episode 8
8. Episode 8
Little Miss Curious bothers everyone with her incessant questions. Even Little Miss Brainy, who normally knows everything, is lost for words! It's no joke when Little Miss Brainy and Little Miss Stubborn meet up, because each of them wants to get the better of the other. So, when Little Miss Brainy decrees that Teeny island measures six feet five inches by twenty-five, Little Miss Stubborn demands proof and sets off for the tropics where many an incredible adventure is in storeÂ… Little Miss Greedy is gar too gat and can't get into her ball gown. She goes to see Dr Makeyouwell, who prescribes a diet - meals with Mr. Skinny and gym with Little Miss Somersault. A skateboard competition is being organised in Misterland, but Little Miss Wise is far too wise to take part, unless it's against her willÂ…and that's exactly what happens when Mr. Bump falls off his skateboard and Little Miss Wise finds herself in his place. Little Miss Somersault is convinces that she is the best acrobat in Misterland and boasts about it just a little too much, to the annoyance of the other Mr. Men. To teach her a lesson, Little Miss Magic transforms Mr. Clumsy, Little Miss Splendid and one or two others into outstanding acrobatsÂ…
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
Little Miss Contrary has invited Little Miss Wise to her house for the weekend. But Little Miss wise is in for a big surprise because everything is reverse in Muddleland, where Little Miss Contrary lives. Mr. Grumpy is fed up with the Mr. Men's unfailing joie de vivre, he would much rather everyone was like him - grumpy. And thanks to Little Miss Magic, no sooner said than done; all the Mr. Men start to be unpleasant with Mr. GrumpyÂ… Mr. Rush, Mr. Strong and Little Miss Splendid go for a drive and decide to take Mr. Lazy with them. But true to form, Mr. Lazy falls asleep in the bus and sees neither the lake in which our three friends take a dip nor the castle which they go and visit. Mr. Small is at the fair with some friends, but he can't enjoy himself because he is too small and nobody can hear him. He suddenly catches sight of a big, strong Mr. Small in a distorting mirror and starts to dream that he beats the strongest man in the world at arm-wrestling. Mr. Bounce's distinctive feature is that he never stops bouncing. But it isn't easy to bounce around in the town because he always lands in the wrong kind of places.
Episode 6
6. Episode 6
Mr. Fussy is getting ready to go on holiday with Coco, his parrot. Although his taxi will arrive at any minute, he decides to spring clean his house from top to bottom because it's far too dirty for his liking. He isn't called Mr. Fussy for nothing! Mr. Clumsy has been chosen to take part in the television program 'The Brains and the Brawn.' He is to be 'the Brawn' and Mr Dizzy 'the Brains.' As you can imagine, it's a laugh a minute with a duo like that! Mr. Brave is awarded a medal for bravery after saving Mr. BounceÂ…much to the annoyance of Mr. Uppity and Little Miss Trouble, who decide to play a trick on him. Little Miss Trouble learns from Mr. Dizzy that Mr. Greedy and Little Miss Splendid don't like her. Having decided to get her own back by playing a joke, she sends booby-trap gifts to them both. Poor Little Miss Giggled never manages to keep a job because she giggles all the time and the Mr. Men think that she is laughing at them. Things always turn out very badly.
Episode 5
5. Episode 5
Little Miss Bossy cannot help ordering people around. So, when her birthday arrives and she 'orders' her guests round to her house, she is astonished to find that no one turns up. Mr. Forgetful is the kind of person who always forgets everything. So, what a palaver when he goes to buy some milk! He has hardly left the house when he has already forgotten what he is meant to be doing! Mr. Jelly lives in a little house on the edge of a wood. Whilst out walking in the woods one day, Little Miss Tiny drops in on Mr. Jelly who, delighted by this unexpected visit, invites Little Miss Tiny to breakfast after her stroll. But the hours tick by a terrible storm blows up andÂ…still no sign of Little Miss TinyÂ…Mr. Strong gets his strength from the huge quantity of the eggs that he swallows every morning. One day, during a Circus parade, one of the caravans overturns, trapping Pipo the clown and his little monkey underneath it. Luckily, Mr. Strong is at hand to rescue them in a flash. Mr. Nonsense is a very peculiar character. For example, he loves feeding sweets to the birds! What a waste! Or so thinks Mr. Mean as he passes by and starts cramming them into his huge bag, already bulging with gold coins.
Episode 4
4. Episode 4
Mr. Bump is very excited this morning because he is going on a trip. But he is so unlucky that he manages to make himself late, on account of a series of unexpected incidents. Mr. Nosey loves poking his nose into everything and when he reads in the paper that Mr. Worry is looking for a detective to clear up the mystery of his disappearing apples, he rushes round to see him. Mr. Greedy has NOTHING left to eat! The fridge and cupboards are bare! He hurries off to the shops, but there is no bread left at the bakery and he realises a little later that he hasn't enough money to pay the cheese man. Little Miss Lucky invites her friends round every Sunday to play at parlour games. But she is so lucky that she wins every time and her friends have rapidly grown tired of this situation. Mr. Daydream magically gives Mr. Happy wonderful dreams. As he walks through Misterland the next day, he realises that everything in his dream has indeed come true!
Episode 3
3. Episode 3
As her name suggests, Little Miss Shy is a very shy little person, so you can imagine the scene when the lion Balthazar escapes from the nearby circus and takes refuge in her house! Mr. Messy is invited to Little Miss Scatterbrain's house, which is extremely surprising when you know Mr. Messy, who makes a mess everywhere he goes! Little Miss Neat is also invited and you can imagine the scene when Mr. Messy meets Little Miss Neat! Mr. Clever has to run an errand and asks Mr Dizzy to look after his dog, Medor, who is every bit as intelligent as his master. When you are as fickle as Little Miss Fickle, making choices is practically impossible and this can cause real problemsÂ…like the day Little Miss Fickle is invited out by three different Mr. Men. Now the question is, whose invitation shall she accept? It's Christmas Day and all the Mr. Men are thrilled to bitsÂ…that is, except for Mr Worry, who is worried whether all his friends' house have a Christmas tree beautiful enough to welcome Santa Claus; for he mustn't be disappointed at all costs!
Episode 2
2. Episode 2
Mr. Mischief decides to play a joke on his friends. Little Miss Tidy returns from holiday to find that Little Miss Trouble and Little Miss Tiny have invited them round to her house. All the Mr. Men are very excited because today the circus is coming to Misterland. But to everyone's great disappointment, all the performers are ill and the show has to be cancelled. Little Miss Tiny finds herself by mischance in the farmer's pocket as he sets off in his tractor to do his shopping. Mr. Chatterbox is very unhappy because he can never find anyone to talk to. So, when he meets Little Miss Curious, who never stops asking questions, he is as happy as Larry for now he can talk, talk, talkÂ… until he loses his voice!
Episode 1
1. Episode 1
Little Miss Splendid is getting ready to go on Holiday. But who are the Mr. Men going to admire whilst she is away? She decides to throw a big party and invites all the Mr. Men and Little Misses in town to give them a life-size statue of herself. Mr. Rush has only on day left to paint his house before Autumn arrives when Mr. Clumsy calls on him and offers to lend a helping hand. In an attempt to rid himself of this ill-times assistance, Mr. Rush sends him on an impossible mission. Thoroughly fed up with Mr. Perfect's unfailing good humour and kindness, Mr. Uppity and Mr. Grumble do their level best to put him in a bad mood. But not to avail! Mr. Uppity decides to open his huge house to he public in order to make some money. He puts an advertisement in the paper for a Mr. Man to come and do the housework and it's Mr. Clumsy who turns up! Little Miss Busy spends her days and nights cleaning her house. Thinking she is lending a helping hand, Little Miss Magic puts a spell on it so that it will always be neat and tidy.
  • Premiere Date
    May 6, 2013