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My Big Redneck Vacation is a show about a group of people from the country that go on a variety of vacations. They are referred to as rednecks which is a term used to describe country people. This show chronicles four couples and their children as they go on traveling adventures around the world.

There are Tommy and Tammy who are a couple that are dating and have four children between the two of them. There are Jared and Michelle who are a couple that are engaged. Jared has one son. There are Doug and Wendy, a married couple with two children. Lastly, there are Chris and Aimee and their three children. It's a wild bunch but they have fun together.

The crew has a good time wherever they go. They have visited the affluent Hamptons where they visit a five star diner, take a limo ride and attempt to try to play polo. An another episode they visit the Big Apple and hit New York's highlights, including the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and even a show on Broadway. Even in the midst of the city their country ways are still very evident. Toward the end of season one, Jared and Michelle tie the knot.

Season two is just as much action packed as season one was. This time the rednecks are vacationing in Europe for ten weeks. They don't fit in as well as they have hoped in formal England. They experience the castles of Europe and celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. Toward the end of this season it is Tommy and Tammy that are tying the knot with the influence of their British experiences leading the way.

This show is full of antics sure to keep you entertained.

Wednesday 10:30 PM et/pt on CMT
3 Seasons, 42 Episodes
January 21, 2012
Cast: Tim Heath, Tom Arnold
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My Big Redneck Vacation Full Episode Guide

  • Michelle's mom takes her daughter-in-labor to the hospital while Jared races his way there in hopes of making in time for the birth.

  • The Clampets take on Hollywood when they seek out the stars on a celebrity tour. They make a stop at Elvis' old house and take in other sites before asking the driver to drop them off to their old friend Tom Arnold's house.

  • The Clampets get an amazing scenic look at the Giant Redwoods before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to the "unofficial" gay capital of the world - San Francisco!

  • After being dropped off in the desert, the Clampets are handed a map and told they're on their own to find their next unknown location!

  • The Clampets take in the Giant Redwoods before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge to the "unofficial" gay capital of the world - San Francisco!

  • The Clampets head to Monument Valley, Utah, and are given a map to their destination. After trekking down a dirt road, they run into a powwow.

  • The Clampets bask in the glory of the Hoover Dam by going on a helicopter tour. Then the family is dropped off in Rachel, Nevada, just before Alien Palooza 2012 is about to begin, headlined by Riley Martin of the Howard Stern show.

  • The family takes a helicopter tour of Hoover Dam and later get dropped off in Rachel, NV, for Alien Palooza 2012.

  • The family heads to Vegas and starts gambling after they check into their massive hotel suite that overlooks the strip.

  • The family is dropped off at a Colorado dude ranch and encounter bonafide cowboys and a hot cowgirl. They're excited for what's in store for them until they discover they're assisting on a 30-mile cattle drive.

  • The family takes a brief pit stop at the corn field to try some corn target practice. Overwhelmed with pain, she considers cutting their trip short.

  • The Clampets stop at Mt. Rushmore for a photo op and then proceed to the city of Deadwood.

  • The Clampets are dropped off in Washington, D.C., our nation's capital. After taking in all the sites and having some hysterical interactions with locals and officials, they decide to exercise their redneck constitutional rights.

  • The family arrives at a concealed area with the sign "The Blueberry Patch loves you." Upon entering, the family sees garbarge turned into "art" and groups practicing yoga and hula hooping. They soon realize they've entered a hippie commune.

  • In the third season premiere, the family feels like they're in a foreign country when they stop at a South Beach gas station where no English is spoken. Later, the family checks out their mansion and then goes to the beach to discover they don't quite fit in.

  • A sneak peak of the upcoming season.

  • The second season ends with the family attending events for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Later, they return to Louisiana.

  • Tommy and Tammy get married at the castle in front of their loved ones. Thanks to Michael Russo, the wedding will be a perfect combination of England and Shreveport.

  • Tommy and Tammy's local wedding planners are failing miserably, so with only two weeks before the wedding, they fire them. Seeing the predicament her friend is in, Michelle calls Michael Russo, and to the shock of the rest of the family, Michael and Joey show up to save the day.

  • The Clampets decide to show their gratitude to the staff, so they plan a staff appreciation week. Initially Heath resists the role reversal, until they find something he's interested in and change the rules just a bit.

  • The family decides to buy Wendy and Doug fencing lessons for their upcoming birthdays. Meanwhile, Doug decides to host a surprise murder mystery party for Wendy's big day.

  • With Chris and Aimee's anniversary quickly approaching, Chef Dennis recommends going to Paris.

  • Christian is disappointed she's missing her school prom back home, so Aimee and Chris attempt to host their own prom at the castle.

  • The family heads to the theme park Camelot, (believing it's the real Camelot), to enjoy medieval fun and knight school.

  • An event called "Bird Man" takes place anualy in front of the castle. The family joins in on the long standing tradition and builds their birdman device to take "Wonder Wendy" across the river. The guys find themselves taking part in the Gallon Challenge at a local pub which causes problems when Jared comes home drunk and rides the birdman device into the bushes. "Wonder Wendy" represents well as she takes part in the Birdman Challenge.

  • The guys decide to search for the Loch Ness Monster. Meanwhile, the girls call in a ghost hunter after hearing noises in the castle.

  • As England prepares for the 2012 Olympics, the family decides to host a redneck summer games event of their own.

  • Living overseas is proving to be more of a challenge than expected. The family misses the comforts they enjoy at home and express their concerns to the butler. He sets up some fun activities and arranges for familiar "toys" to be brought in and finally everyone starts feeling a little more comfortable.

  • The second season kicks off with the Clampets preparing for their 10-week vacation to Europe. Also, Michelle is pregnant and Tommy & Tammy are engaged.

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