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Swamp Pawn is a television show that is aired on the CMT network. This television show has colorful and interesting characters that live in Bayou Pigeon, Louisana. The cast on this show will buy and sell what they catch while they are fishing or hunting in their swamp. This even includes crawfish, turtles, bullfrogs, and even alligators.

They do not run a normal Pawn Shop, like most Pawn Shops. On this television show, they get to do something they love like hunting for creatures, then sell what they catch to make money in their Pawn Shop.

Their lifestyle is unique and different, but can also be entertaining as well. The cast of this television show includes Coy Gomez, Shorty Gomez, Rick Phillips, Clayton Daley, Joney Daley, Quentin Morales, and Jamie Morales.

Swamp Pawn is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on January 26, 2013.

Where do I stream Swamp Pawn online? Swamp Pawn is available for streaming on CMT, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Swamp Pawn on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on CMT
3 Seasons, 37 Episodes
January 26, 2013
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Swamp Pawn Full Episode Guide

  • Rick tries to start a swamp tour business, but his maiden voyage might sink the whole operation. Austyn and Blake are forced to fill their last alligator tags quickly when they hear the plant is shutting down early, and Clayton has to hustle to find a buyer for his first load of buffalo fish.

  • Clayton tries to get a hog.Chachie's gator crew struggle in his absence.

  • With Rick eyeing semi-retirement, he struggles to plot the future of his business, which could force a gut-wrenching decision. Meanwhile, the whole Pigeon gang hits the woods for the opening day of squirrel hunting season, but find that the elusive critters are a much tougher quarry than expected.

  • Rick tries to start a swamp tour business, but his maiden voyage might sink the whole operation. Austyn and Blake are forced to fill their last alligator tags quickly when they hear the plant is shutting down early, and Clayton has to hustle to find a buyer for his first load of buffalo fish.

  • When Rick finds himself shorthanded on the dock, he has to hire Kenny, a quirky local with almost no qualifications. Rick also tries a unique way to recoup his costs on a spoiled alligator, and hunter Greg and his son Doobie take Doobie's future father-in-law on a tension-filled gator hunt.

  • With Clayton's freezer sitting empty, he sets out to restock it with a hog hunt in the swamp. Rick tries his hand as a fashion guru when he starts peddling high-end gator leathers, and Chachie's gator crew tries to bag a monster in his absence.

  • As alligator season kicks off, Rick takes on a culinary challenge - trying to convince locals to buy and eat gator ribs. Meanwhile, boat troubles force Austyn and Blake to cram their ride-along hunters into a tiny boat, and Clayton and Joney take their nephew Chaz on his first gator hunt.

  • Rick and Patty jet off to New York to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. But when they can't see eye-to-eye on what to do in the city, it could turn their romantic trip upside down. And in Bayou Pigeon, Austyn and Kaley square off against Blake and Felicia in the annual frog-catching competition, with more than just their pride at stake

  • Rick designs a cool new all-in-one swamp boat, but the high cost to build it will require some wild wheeling and dealing. And Austyn needs help pulling a cypress log from the swamp, prompting some crazy deals of his own. Then, Rick and the Pigeon gang deal with a heartbreaking call from Shorty.

  • Rick works a deal to take the Pigeon gang deep-sea fishing. But when Austyn, Blake, and Clayton start trash talking, it turns into a battle on the high seas. Meanwhile in Pigeon, Felicia and Kaley sneak off in Austyn and Blake's boat for a girls' day out, but a motor malfunction could ruin their secret.

  • Rick searches for some gar for Coy. Joney teaches Felicia and Kaley some Cajun cooking.

  • Relic hunters search for a lost wedding ring while Paul looks for a new job after his hours are reduced.

  • Patty plans a surprise party for Rick's 60th birthday. Austyn and Blake lose one of their buyers. Paul and Matt fight over the new delivery route.

  • Rick needs a driver for the new route, but can't find anyone. Paul's transition to a new house hits a bump in the road, causing his family to be homeless for a while.

  • A new crawfish season starts up, but some of Rick's clients begin withdrawing from the business, and it could ruin the operation.

  • Austyn and Blake plan a last minute double wedding, but their fiancees aren't convinced a swamp wedding is a good idea. While Rick tries to come up with the perfect wedding gift, Clayton and Joney finally go gator hunting, but the results on the end of the line don't measure up. And Shorty heads to court to face the music over his recent legal troubles.

  • Gator season is underway, but some of Rick's hunters are continually challenged. Part-timers Nikki and Noel find their bait lines sabotaged, Paul follows Cumquat on a wild-gator-chase, and a swamp injury sidelines Austyn.

  • Austyn and Blake host a visiting hunter from Canada who has great expectations. Meanwhile, Rick searches for five small gators to satisfy an order for one of his best customers. And back at Phillips Seafood, Clayton's pranks leave everyone considering how to get even.

  • As Coy struggles with bailing Shorty out of jail, he gets the final results of the chemotherapy.

  • Paul discovers mauled animals right outside Phillips Seafood. Is animal or man responsible? Meanwhile, Coy receives dreadful news about Shorty.

  • Rick promises his friend Clyde he will provide as many people as needed to catch a load of grasshoppers. Unfortunately, when the day arrives, Rick is left holding the bag. Meanwhile, Coy's truck bites the dust, leaving him stranded at home.

  • Clayton, Austyn and Blake compete in a high-stakes snake catching competition. Meanwhile, both Rick and Coy get strapped in for the ride of a lifetime.

  • Rick hits the jackpot with a huge order for crawfish. But heavy rains could ruin his potential profits. Meanwhile, Coy endures the dentist chair to get new teeth, but will it be worth it?

  • Shorty tries to organize a fund-raiser to help pay for Coy's medical bills.

  • A routine visit from the health inspector forces Rick to get creative to streamline his crawfish peeling process or face shutdown. Meanwhile, Coy enlists Shorty to go camping, but the trip doesn't go quite as planned.

  • Normally talkative, Rick Phillips gets tongue-tied during a speech at the state senate. And, Shorty talks his way into a catering gig for a girls' softball team. But is he ready to step up to the plate?

  • Rick and the gang are anxious for the year's biggest crawfish festival, but Phillips Seafood's main supplier threatens to spoil the party. Also, Shorty tries to cheer Coy up.

  • Rick must find buyers for his crawfish before they die. Meanwhile, Austyn and Blake get trapped in the swamp.

  • In the second season premiere, there's more on the line than just Rick's business when his crawfish supply dries up on Easter week. Meanwhile, Shorty has moved out of Coy's house, but devastating news brings them closer than ever.

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