Fat Guys in the Woods

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The Weather Channel has come up with a show that takes men off their couches and out into the woods with the television show Fat Guys in the Woods. Each episode features three grown men who are brave enough to test their endurance, discover their will to survive, and learn what it takes to live without modern day convenience with the help of a survival expert, Creek Steward.

During their week long survival experience Creek will teach these everyday Joes how to build shelter to keep themselves out of the elements, eat food that they capture or find, and even learn how to create fire from what they have available. In some cases, the things they use in order to survive are quite interesting.

Some people may view this show as a way to mock the world?s couch potato type men, but it really is more than that. These guys believe they have what it takes to live off the land and survive the elements. It is a personal challenge that they set for themselves.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Weather Channel
2 Seasons, 15 Episodes
August 17, 2014
Action & Adventure, Drama, Nature, Reality
Cast: Creek Stewart
Fat Guys in the Woods

Fat Guys in the Woods Full Episode Guide

  • This is the Season 2 finale, and three friends have to survive in Kentucky's Red River wilderness while using one arm each.

  • In the Season 2 finale, three pals try to survive in Kentucky's Red River wilderness while using one arm each. Among their tasks: a "strap drill" fire. They're also forced to fend for themselves when guide Creek Stewart gets sick.

  • Three men learn to live like cavemen in Cave Country, Ky. Among the skills they develop: creating a zero-gravity bow drill; building a one-tree shelter; and navigating bat-infested cave systems to find food and water.

  • Three DIYers learn survival skills: how to create a "tampon fire cigar", and how to build a "swamp cot" from duct-tape.

  • More lazy guys are taught how to survive in the woods by Creek Stewart.

  • Creek and three buddies put a giant knife arsenal to the test in Florida's Dead Lakes swamp and use their blades to construct a "swamp nest" tree house, build a "fire thong", and hack into some interesting wild edibles.

  • Creek Stewart teaches more lazy guys how to survive in the woods.

  • Creek Stewart teaches more lazy guys how to survive in the woods.

  • A 30-mile trek through Arizona's Sonoran Desert includes a stay in a parachute-teepee with little water; desert grub; and failed fire attempts.

  • Chris has a panic attack when he eats a grub, Johnny delivers a deadly blow, changing his life forever; Chris battles his debilitating fear of the dark, and John decides to become a full-fledged vegetarian.

  • Josh has an emotional breakdown while Dane builds one of the best shelters Creek has seen in his 15 years of survival instruction.

  • An emergency hits the woods when Johnny is rushed out on the woods to the hospital; Nick and Andrew are an odd couple.

  • Creek instructs three guys how to survive on a primitive mountain slope.

  • Creek Stewart shows off some innovative survival technology every man should know about.

  • Creek teaches Andrew Walker, Bill Anderson and Dave Howard how to live off the land.

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