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Tool Academy is a reality show / game show that airs on VH-1. Hosted by Jordan Murphy, Tool Academy has been on for three seasons. Each season begins with nine to twelve beefy, handsome men entering a shared household. What binds these men to each other is their lack of moral value, arrogant attitudes, chauvinistic ways, and way overblown egos. Basically, they are total jerks. Therein lies the title, Tool Academy.

Each season features a collection of jackasses that have been tricked into the house to learn how to be better men and boyfriends and/or husbands. Their added incentive is money, $100,000, but first they must survive tasks that award them with badges. What Tool doesn't like a little flair on his vest or jacket? Often referred to as a "relationship boot camp" show, Tool Academy has a couples councilor, Trina Dolenz, to help work out the issues plaguing the couples. These issues normally come from insecurity, the failure to commit and of course, lying and cheating.

This is where the challenges the Tool must face also come in. Each week has a lesson such as: humility, honesty, modesty, romance, and trust to name a few.

No matter how hard the guys try, they often fall into stereotypical traps. Being all alpha males, the guys often argue and fight, nearly coming to blows. They lustfully eye each other's girlfriends and wives and for some, they end up proving themselves bigger tools instead of gentlemen. The result, a departure from their relationships.

Can a bad boy be a diamond in the rough? When these tools start off they would already consider themselves the best; gold and platinum with diamonds encrusted! Still, some of them do learn to be better.

True emotions are displayed, while boys become men and couples on shaking ground find ways to better their connections. Tool Academy will provide its viewers with laughs and tears. And be a treat for anyone who enjoys a makeover or transformation.

3 Seasons, 27 Episodes
January 11, 2009
Cast: Jordan Murphy, Trina Dolenz
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Tool Academy Full Episode Guide

  • It's graduation day for the Tools but only one will walk away with a relationship and the money.

  • The Tools' families come for Parent's Weekend.

  • The Tools are focusing on Trust and must face the lie detector.

  • The tools are focusing on Maturity.

  • The tools watch their partners get married.

  • Chaos breaks out when the Tools can't handle the criticism made by a focus group during the Modesty Challenge!

  • During therapy the Tools have to watch themselves cheating on their partners.

  • It's the third season of Tool Academy and now there are girls too!

  • After 10 grueling and heart wrenching weeks, only the final two tools remain. One will graduate with 100K dollars and his Tool Academy diploma... the other will be expelled.

  • Tensions run high as the final three face disapproving families during Parents? Weekend.

  • After a revealing therapy session dealing with 'Intimacy', the Tools get a lesson in Romance as they take a trip to "Camp Tool", a woodsy getaway.

  • A lesson in Trust pits our 5 remaining tools against their biggest fear? a lie detector? Find out which relationships can handle brutal honesty and who gets sent packing.

  • Communication is the theme as the remaining seven tools must prove to their girlfriends that they can both express their hearts and, when necessary, shut their mouths and listen.

  • With the help of a Hollywood makeup artist, Trina forces our Tools to grow up fast. But even this visual dose of reality can't keep one Tool from acting like a child and ending up on the chopping block.

  • Shocking "mock funerals" teach our remaining 9 Tools an emotional lesson in appreciation, but it's seeing their women with other men that makes our Tools' heads explode. Witness the first ever Tool Academy rebellion!

  • Our super vain Tools learn an important lesson in modesty and face their biggest insecurities by starting with the man in the mirror.

  • A hidden camera fidelity challenge sends Tool Academy reeling with fighting, tears, sex and cheers in the second week of the semester. Will the men come clean? Will the women forgive them, or just kick their ass? The mayhem boils over to the challenge where the couples must come together to create a cheer for their relationship at the Tool Academy pep rally.

  • 12 new frustrated girlfriends trick their horrible boyfriends into enrolling in the Tool Academy so they can become better mates. The ruse? The Tools think they're heading to Vegas and competing to be crowned the "international party king spokesman" for HER energy drink. But instead of 100K and a round-the-world trip with hot models -- they find out they're getting on a bus and heading to the Tool Academy.

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