My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart is a woman from the bay area who is not only a young woman filming herself for only one random night while drinking in the kitchen, she has become a cultural phenomenon. Her original video became more and more popular which led her to start a video blog series known as My Drunk Kitchen.

My Drunk Kitchen provides a fun, fresh, and comical way to view a show about cooking and Hannah enjoys a laugh with viewers. While the show may be titled My Drunk Kitchen, it is not all about recipes that use alcohol. The show provides viewers with a topic each episode.

Topics that range from a simple grilled cheese sandwich and another on how to make beer battered chicken. Hannah's charismatic attitude and style provides endless videos of entertainment and a good laugh for viewers. Though each segment provides viewers with a wide variety of advice and a good laugh, there is always a chance something else can be taken from it. Such as, make sure you have cheese before making grilled cheese.

Whether viewers have tried cooking or while intoxicated themselves this show is easy to take at a light heart and enjoy following the miniseries and knee slapping comedy that Hannah provides to anyone who is willing to watch. Fans of the series can look forward to the second season and more to come. My Drunk Kitchen is on a roll for a good future and an arrival of more episodes to come.

Through each new episode that airs, Hannah becomes more delightful and courageous with her thoughts she is ready to share. My Drunk Kitchen episodes do have some foul words and phrases that are used during the filming of the show, so viewers should be aware of this before watching the episodes.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 16, 2011
Web Originals
Cast: Hannah Hart
My Drunk Kitchen

My Drunk Kitchen Full Episode Guide

  • It's a mess.

  • We fancy, huh?

  • And now for something completely different.

  • Harto bakes off more than she can chew.

  • Was it the gentle crack of the shell in hand? Or the scent of the ever-changing griddle wind? Either way, this kitchen is full of ennui. With scrambled results.

  • Harto tests her culinary prowess in a foreign land.

  • It was a beautiful day for cat-sitting, free wine, and of course...grilled cheese.

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