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  • 2018
  • 1 Season
  • 6.6  (5)

My Partner Knows Best is a reality show that premiered on Lifetime in 2018, starring actress and writer Jenny Mollen and her husband, actor Jason Biggs. The show follows six couples as they compete in challenges designed to test how well they know each other. The challenges range from simple trivia questions about their partner's likes and dislikes, to more complex physical feats that require partners to communicate and work together.

Each episode features three couples, who are given a series of challenges to complete in order to win prizes and ultimately be crowned the "ultimate couple." The challenges are often themed around the couple's interests and experiences, and are designed to test their communication skills, trust, and compatibility.

One of the unique aspects of the show is the way it highlights the differences between the partners. While one partner may be physically strong or academically brilliant, their partner may have a completely different skillset that helps them excel in the challenges. This creates a dynamic where each partner has a chance to shine and showcase their strengths, while also relying on their partner's expertise to succeed.

Throughout the challenges, Mollen and Biggs provide commentary and support for the couples. Their playful banter and humorous observations add a lighthearted and entertaining element to the show. As a real-life couple themselves, Mollen and Biggs bring a personal perspective to the challenges, and offer advice and insights on how to maintain a strong relationship.

Another aspect of the show is the focus on the couples' personal lives. Between challenges, the couples participate in interviews where they discuss their relationship, share anecdotes and stories, and often provide insight into their backgrounds and personalities. This helps to create a deeper and more meaningful connection between the audience and the contestants, and allows viewers to become emotionally invested in their success.

Overall, My Partner Knows Best is a fun and engaging show that highlights the importance of communication and compatibility in relationships. With its unique challenges, entertaining hosts, and engaging contestants, it is sure to be a hit with audiences looking for a lighthearted and entertaining reality show.

My Partner Knows Best is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). The series first aired on April 25, 2018.

My Partner Knows Best
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April 25, 2018
Husbands don high heels to run an obstacle course and subject themselves to a full body wax in the series premiere of this game show featuring married couples.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 25, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (5)