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  • 2002
  • 2 Seasons

Oblivious was a television show that aired on Spike TV in 2012. The show was a comedic game show that put unsuspecting people in the middle of outrageous situations without them realizing it. The show was hosted by comedian and actor Regan Burns, who also acted as the show's executive producer. Oblivious was a half-hour show that featured different contestants every episode.

The concept of the show was simple. Contestants were placed in different situations where they would be unknowingly pranked by the show's producers. The producers would set up various scenarios in locations such as convenience stores, restaurants, and other public places. The contestants would then be sent into these locations with a hidden camera crew filming their every move.

The contestants were given a series of simple tasks to complete, such as buying a soda or a pack of gum. However, while they were completing these tasks, the show's producers would create distractions and add absurd elements to the scene behind them. For example, a customer might walk into the convenience store wearing a giant banana suit, or a waiter may bring out an order of food that was completely ridiculous, like a plate of crickets.

Each episode had several rounds of pranks, and the contestants would accumulate points for successfully completing the tasks they were given. However, the real entertainment of the show came from watching the contestants' reactions to the unexpected situations that they found themselves in. Some contestants were completely oblivious to the pranks and played the game straight, while others caught on quickly and tried to play along.

The humor in Oblivious came from the interactions between the contestants and the absurd world that the show's producers created around them. The contestants were often bewildered or confused, but they all took the pranks in good fun. The show relied heavily on the likability of the contestants, and the producers often chose people who were outgoing and prone to laughter.

One of the most entertaining parts of Oblivious was Regan Burns, who acted as the show's ringmaster. Burns was a veteran comedic actor with a background in improvisational comedy, and he was a perfect fit for the show. His natural charisma and quick wit helped to keep the show moving, and he was able to improvise on the spot when necessary.

Overall, Oblivious was a lighthearted and entertaining show that relied on the simple pleasure of watching people get pranked. The show was successful during its run on Spike TV, and it was praised for its humorous approach to pranking. While the show may not have revolutionized the game show genre, it was a fun and harmless distraction that offered viewers a chance to laugh at the expense of unsuspecting people.

Oblivious is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on March 2, 2002.

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Parachute Instructor
20. Parachute Instructor
May 4, 2004
Parachute Instructor, Plastic Surgery, Handcuffed Regan
Salsa Instructor
19. Salsa Instructor
April 27, 2004
Salsa Instructor, Hot Tub Salesman, Hair Piece
Wine Salesman
18. Wine Salesman
April 27, 2004
Wine Salesman, Bike Cop, Strip Club
Keyshawn's Waterboy
17. Keyshawn's Waterboy
April 20, 2004
Keyshawn's Waterboy, Tailgate Party, Field Goal Kicker
Rambo Exterminator
16. Rambo Exterminator
April 20, 2004
Rambo Exterminator, Gymnasterciz, Yaboo's Uniform
Stan Lee Comic Book
15. Stan Lee Comic Book
April 13, 2004
Stan Lee Comic Book, Singing Coach, Camping
Speed Dating
14. Speed Dating
April 13, 2004
Speed Dating, Drummer Wanted, Open House of Horrors
Picture Frame
13. Picture Frame
March 30, 2004
Picture Frame, Sperm Donor, Personal Trainer
Tableside Magician
12. Tableside Magician
March 30, 2004
Tableside Magician, Baby Store, Travel Agent
11. Hypnotherapist
March 23, 2004
Hypnotherapist, Slamball, Blind Janitor
Cindy Margolis Calendar
10. Cindy Margolis Calendar
March 23, 2004
Cindy Margolis, Driving Range, Lie Detector
Pissy Butler
9. Pissy Butler
March 16, 2004
Pissy Butler, Pissy Butler Part 2, Nude Model
Karate Sensei
8. Karate Sensei
March 9, 2004
Karate Sensei, Neck Brace, Diner Counter
UMP Certification
7. UMP Certification
March 9, 2004
UMP Certification, Lingerie Store, Overstressed Stress Expert
Adult Movie P.A.
6. Adult Movie P.A.
March 2, 2004
Adult Movie P.A., Internet Date, Pizza Guy
Cheerleader Try-out
5. Cheerleader Try-out
February 24, 2004
Cheerleader Tryout, Skeet Shoot, Sexual Harassment Seminar
Footlocker Salesman
4. Footlocker Salesman
September 30, 2003
Footlocker Salesman, Ventiloquist Cable Guy, SCUBA Instructor
Basket Case
3. Basket Case
September 23, 2003
Basket Case, Guy On Gurney, Pizza Guy
Suzuki Test Drive
2. Suzuki Test Drive
September 16, 2003
Suzuki Test Drive, UFO Photomat Guy, Taco Bell Wedding
Priest Car Wash
1. Priest Car Wash
September 9, 2003
Priest Car Wash, Mascot Trainer, Boxing Referee
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Oblivious is available for streaming on the Spike TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Oblivious on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    March 2, 2002