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Silent Library is a variety show that airs on MTV that is based off a popular Japanese show. Silent Library features a group of friends for each show that have to go through activities or obstacles in order to win money. The longer the show goes the higher the money is for each challenge. There are many different rules to this game and the first and most important one is that the contestants cannot make sound. Hence the name silent library.

Each show there is a new group of friends looking to take on the challenge. This six man crew can be unfamiliar faces or very high list celebrities that come on with their friends. Once they sit down at a table everyone grabs a card and flips it over. If they get the mark on their card then that means they have to complete the challenge while the other group members watch. However, if these group members make a reasonable amount of noise during the challenge they will all lose anyways. If the challenge is completed in time and no one makes a good amount of sound then they get the money. After the game is over the host of the show who stands behind the librarian's desk hands out the payout.

This show features ridiculous challenges that are meant to have you laugh or even cringe. Expect a lot of disgusting goo that the contestants have to do something with or a challenge that deals with pain or embarrassment. This is even better when the celebrities themselves have to complete the challenge. Silent Library is a variety show on MTV that imitates a Japanese show in order to make the audience laugh or cringe.

Silent Library is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (86 episodes). The series first aired on June 15, 2009.

Where do I stream Silent Library online? Silent Library is available for streaming on MTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Silent Library on demand at CBS, Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel online.

4 Seasons, 86 Episodes
June 15, 2009
Game Show, Comedy
Cast: Zero Kazama
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Silent Library Full Episode Guide

  • Toothpaste cookies and hot sauce snow cones are on the menu today in the Silent Library.

  • Six friends battle a donkey, a turtle and an Italian chef in the Silent Library.

  • Six friends are slapped, pecked, and beaten in this episode.

  • Ranch dressing and rancid ice cream are on the menu today in the Silent Library.

  • A toothless man, a boxer and a fruit hot-wearing lady punish six friends.

  • Today six friends get shot, licked, and hammered down to win money.

  • Six friends knee their way to the top to win money.

  • Six friends get smacked, kicked, and poked in the Silent Library.

  • Six friends have a near perfect round of challenges getting smashed, kicked and even sculpted.

  • Six friends are punished by a tiny cow, a giant bull, and a snappy frog.

  • Six friends dress up like barnyard animals and get beaten down by musical instruments.

  • Jersey friends put their faces and groins in the line of fire in this episode of Silent Library.

  • Six friends blow and throw up for an afternoon in the Silent Library.

  • Six lingerie football league players from the Philadelphia Passion compete to win cash in the Silent Library.

  • Five friends from New York brush, lick, and duck to win money.

  • Six Pals from Pennsylvania endure ballerina kicks, bouncy balls and baseball players.

  • Six New York friends eat donuts and fish for guts and noodles.

  • Six girls vs. giant rubber bands, flying water bottles, and gelatin dentures.

  • In this episode, six New Yorkers get whipped, shot at, and grossed out.

  • The Jungle Boogie Dance members dance their way through sticky, painful and disgusting challenges.

  • Vacuums, wheels and volcanoes.

  • Friends face flying food, explosions and flying in this episode.

  • There are some itchy, corny, and sticky situations this week as the guys from the band The Ready Set star in this episode of Silent Library.

  • Six WWE superstars get fed up and beaten down as they compete for cash in the Silent Library.

  • The band members from 3OH!3 face off against exploding turkeys, mouse traps, and dirty mops.

  • Jimmy Fallon and The Roots try the challenges at The Silent Library.

  • The 'Jersey Shore' cast punches and slaps to win cash.

  • Features the band Never Shout Never.

  • Six girlfriends will have to endure some explosions and keep their cool if they want to leave with any cash.

  • The contestants have to tolerate dead squids, lard and rancid milk if they want to win.

  • Challenges include Noodle Headed, Bad Wind Prick and Nipple Choppers.

  • The band Honor Society need some tough skin to survive this episode of Silent Library.

  • Watch as friends get covered in everything from dog hair to birthday cake in The Silent Library.

  • The cast from "The Hard Times of RJ Berger" plays the Silent Library.

  • The Silent Library and a band from New Jersey go up against a dirty rug, chicken legs and skee balls to earn cash in this episode.

  • When the Band "Anarbor" teams up with two friends in the Silent LIbrary.

  • Find out what happens when friends take on the Silent Library.

  • Check out what happens when 6 friends try to keep quiet and win cash.

  • Can the guys handle the tricks up The Silent LIbrary's sleeves?

  • Can the women withstand the dubious happenings in The Silent Library.

  • John, Jerry, Joshua, Vin, Chris and Will try their luck in the Silent Library.

  • Can Jason, Jeremy, Roberto, Nick and Brandon keep their mouths shut in the Silent Library?

  • Watch five friends on silent library with special guest Nadya Suleman, octomom

  • From the New Boyz, hip hop stars Legacy and BenJ, singer Iyaz and their friends strut their stuff in the Silent Library.

  • The band 'Hey Monday' takes a trip to Silent LIbrary.

  • Can the band 'All Time Low' survive the Silent Library?

  • The NY Giants are good sports in The Silent Library.

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