Nighty Night

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Nighty Night is a dark comedy about a woman who is narcissistic. The world revolves around her and even if someone else has problems, they are unimportant except how they impact her life. The focus of this show is the main character who is a beauty salon owner. She will say and do anything to get attention. She will use and abuse anyone in order to achieve her goals.

This sitcom shows a very humorous yet dark side of the main character's life.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 6, 2004
Cast: Julia Davis, Angus Deayton, Rebecca Front, Ruth Jones

Nighty Night Full Episode Guide

  • Cath has given birth to a daughter, and Don has plans which don't include staying in the marriage. Glen, hell-bent on revenge, is getting closer. How will Jill get herself out of her increasingly dangerous situation?

  • Jill continues in her attempts for an alternative route to free herself from Glen Bulb. Following the news that Cath is pregnant with Don's child, Jill decides it's time to announce her pregnancy by Cath and Don's 12-year-old son, Bruce.

  • Glen is happily married to Jill; however, Jill is still happily in lust with Don. Sue 2 brings her new boyfriend, Vicar Arno, to visit Cath, who announces her pregnancy - and much to Jill's horror, Don's impending vasectomy.

  • Jill and Linda park their caravan in Don and Cath's drive. Jill, although disappointed about the presence of Don's girlfriend Natalie, engineers a way of meeting the teenager face to face, and suggests she could become a top model.

  • Jill has kidnapped asthmatic Linda and driven her to the West Country and an accident leads them in the direction of Trees Therapy Centre. Much to Cath's horror, Jill has been employed to practice her own brand of therapy.

  • Terry has survived cancer and is confined to a locked room. Apart from the inconvenience of having told everyone he is dead, Jill hasn't forgiven him for having sex five times with her assistant, so she decides on a more permanent solution.

  • A determined Cath finally stands up to Jill and throws her out of the house. Undeterred, Jill continues with her plans for Terry's funeral and an unexpected guest makes a surprise appearance.

  • Don attempts a reconciliation with Cath, but Jill has no intention of allowing the two to make up. Meanwhile, Terry prepares himself for the move to St Willoughby's Hospice, where he expects to live out his last few days.

  • Jill continues to play the part of the grieving wife and also gives Cath a birthday present - Celebrating Celibacy: Heal Yourself Through Refrainment, which Cath embraces wholeheartedly.

  • Jill decides to infiltrate Cath and Don's marriage further by inviting Don around for dinner. Her plans are thwarted when Cath turns up for dinner too.

  • Jill sees new possibilities opening up for herself through Terry's terminal illness.

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