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This is a show where chefs enter the Everglades in order to see how they can use the skills that they have to make meals. The meals are made of items that are found in the area instead of typical foods that are found in a kitchen.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on BBC America
1 Season, 10 Episodes
April 3, 2012
Food, Reality
Cast: Shini Somara
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No Kitchen Required Full Episode Guide

  • The chefs visit the Florida Everglades and test their culinary skills with Native American Seminoles.

  • The chefs are in the jungles of Belize where they face armadillos, iguanas and gibnut.

  • The chefs head to Apache County in New Mexico. They are met with extremely cold temperatures and find their extra cooking ingredients are limited.

  • The chefs are off to Koh Lanta, Thailand, where they learn a new style of fishing with the Urak Lavoy sea gypsies.

  • Michael, Kayne and Madison are in the backwater swamps of Louisiana to honor one of America's culinary traditions: Cajun cooking.

  • The three chefs travel to Hawaii's Big Island. As the sun sets on their first day they discover they'll be hunting for wild boar, casting nets into the surf for fish, and diving deep underwater to spear octopus. Then they must cook it all up.

  • The chefs travel to Fiji, where Kayne hunts among the reefs, Michael has a close encounter with a crab, and Madison deals with emotional struggles.

  • The chefs travel to Chiang Dao, Thailand, and prepare recipes with the Palong Hill tribe.

  • The three chefs, Michael, Madison and Kayne, must summon their inner warrior to win over the Maori people in rugged New Zealand. The pressure is on native son Kayne to prove himself and honor his Maori heritage. Commanding the difficult terrain and finding success on the hunting grounds proves to be only part of the challenge at hand for the chefs. When the ice-cold winds descend upon the cooking challenge, Michael and Madison really turn up the heat in order to best the hometown favorite.

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