Nomads is an action and adventure television show about adventurous groups of people. They call themselves nomads, which means they love to travel to tropical and rough terrains, search for the best locations, find the biggest best competitions, and find a place to mark as their own territory. Once these people find the next best place, they give their sport of choice their all. Nomads shows extreme sporting such as wake boarding, jet skiing, wind surfing, BMX, extreme paragliding, base jumping, kayaking, and motor cross. These people live for the adrenaline rushing through their veins and nothing will stop them from getting it.

The CW
3 Seasons, 42 Episodes

Nomads Full Episode Guide

  • Whether you missed an episode of Nomads mountain biking, or just want to re-watch some of your favorite tricks, sit back and enjoy the best of the best.

  • Whether you missed an episode of Nomads skiing, or just want to re-watch some of your favorite jumps, sit back and enjoy the best of the best.

  • Surfers have always sought the elusive perfect wave. But with growing popularity it has grown harder for them to find untamed beaches and waters. At least until now, as Billabong has created a new method of wave hunting that could revolutionize the sport.

  • Utah is a place of infamy in the mountain biking world. The leaders of this sport scour the world for undiscovered areas to test their skills. Travel into the desert with a crew of elite riders, and watch as they confront this mecca of rock and dirt.

  • Hit the dirt with motocross riders Adam Jones and Mike Mason for a week in Salt Lake City, Utah, leading up to the final stop on the Mountain Dew Tour. Though they have a full schedule leading up to the event, these pros have come to Utah to win.

  • Live a week with two of the world's top pro wakeboarders. Whether they're competing, filming stunts for movies, or riding in sponsored events, these athletes are constantly on the road and doing whatever it takes to stay on top and live out their dreams.

  • The Cut: an elite team of BMX riders from around the world, each with their own specialties, but united by their love of mountain biking. Now, they're traveling to the Alps to take on one of the most brutal downhill races in the world: the Mega Avalanche.

  • Few athletes have made a name for themselves while also raising a family, let alone with a family in tow. But Eric Jackson has done just that, netting 4 freestyle kayak world titles, and bringing up his children to be kayak contenders in their own right.

  • As one of the most well-respected surf photographers in the world, John Billerback is a surfing legend. Go with him to and a group of pro kitesurfers to Tahiti on a quest for the perfect shot to capture the adventure this sport entails for its riders.

  • This episode of Nomads follows Poor Boys Productions as they put the finishing touches on their groundbreaking film, The Windsurfing Movie. Go behind the scenes as they attempt to capture some of their most difficult shots.

  • In an effort to continue to help build their sport, fifteen pro BMX riders headed to Alberqurque, New Mexico to join forces on the Local Exposure Tour. They'll help inspire and showcase local talent as they search for the next undiscovered BMX star.

  • Trek off the beaten path with a group of pro skiiers on a mission to find the best snow in the Hakuba Valley. They'll test their patience and resolve as they search Japan for hills that have never been skied before.

  • Miles Daisher is one of basejumping's most influential figures. Go with him and a group of expert athletes as they travel through the valleys of Switzerland in search of new cliffs to conquer, and new challenges to pit themselves against.

  • Since the beginning of mankind, there has always been one common dream... to fly. After years of technological evolution, paragliding provides the quiet freedom of controlled human flight.

  • Our team of pro skiers gets a taste of the good life in wild British Columbia. With a fishing family bent on recreation as their guides, they are taken to the most remote mountains, untouched by any other skier.

  • Without spectators or contests, base jumping is sometimes thought to be the most pure form of thrill-seeking.

  • Norway is an adventure fantasy, no matter what the season. This episode of Nomads settles in on the west coast of the Scandinavian paradise with a team of free skiers ready to tackle whatever they find.

  • Montana. Home of abundant wildlife, endless mountain ranges, deep, dry snowfall, and the stomping grounds for this episode of Nomads.

  • 4 pro mountain bikers take on sin city. Oddly enough, none of them are casino legal, but for 10 days they will take on the other side of Las Vegas.

  • Wakeboarding is an outlet to tear down personal boundaries. For some athletes, fear is one of those boundaries. Will they overcome their fear to become a true wakeboard hero?

  • When you like to ski fresh powder, entire trips are planned in dedication to finding the perfect storm with the perfect conditions. Will our team of adventure seekers find what they're looking for?

  • This special episode of Nomads takes an extended road trip through the American Rocky Mountains with the top riders in freestyle snowmobiling. This region of the nation serves as a playground for many of the best riders in the world.

  • Lush green forests and crystal clear mountain creeks. Extreme sportsmen pack up to find some of the best whitewater in the world, only accessible by helicopter.

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