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This animated series is a satirical take on the misadventures of President Donald J. Trump. It is based on animated sketches created for Stephen Colbert's late-night talk show, and it airs on Showtime. Its pay-TV home allows the show to take advantage of adult language and situations that it couldn't get away with on network TV.

Our Cartoon President is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (46 episodes). The series first aired on August 1, 2018.

Our Cartoon President is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Our Cartoon President on demand atShowtime, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, FuboTV, The Roku Channel, Sling, Showtime Anytime online.

3 Seasons, 46 Episodes
August 1, 2018
Cast: Jeff Bergman, James Adomian, Gabriel Gundacker, Emily Lynne
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Our Cartoon President Full Episode Guide

  • In the Season 3 finale, it's Election Day and everyone

  • With his popularity dangerously low, Cartoon Trump must do the unthinkable and campaign one-on-one with average Americans. Meanwhile, Cartoon Joe Biden tries to energize his half-hearted supporters.

  • Cartoon Chuck Schumer and Cartoon Nancy Pelosi try to avoid the responsibilities of governing by sabotaging their own party's electoral chances when it appears the Democrats are likely to win control of Congress. Meanwhile, bombarded by reporters asking whether she supports the president, Cartoon Susan Collins flees to her home state of Maine to lead a life of zero accountability

  • With a restless nation turning against him, Cartoon Trump declares war on the invisible enemy COVID-19 and exploits the benefits of a wartime presidency. Meanwhile, Cartoon CNN's Chris Cuomo asks his respected colleague Cartoon Jake Tapper to teach him how to be a serious newsman, much to the dismay of Cuomo's fun-loving brother, Cartoon Governor Andrew Cuomo.

  • Cartoon Joe Biden delivers a string of problematic speeches, so Cartoon Chuck Schumer and Cartoon Nancy Pelosi trap him on an Amtrak train to nowhere. Meanwhile, Cartoon Donald Trump Jr. tries to impress his father by digging up dirt on Cartoon Hunter Biden, but feelings interfere when Don Jr. gets too close to his target.

  • With the first presidential debate looming, Cartoon Trump must learn to behave like a civilized human being with the help of Cartoon Kellyanne Conway and Cartoon Mitch McConnell. Meanwhile, Cartoon Jill Biden teaches the gaffe-prone Cartoon Joe Biden how to think before he speaks.

  • Cartoon Joe Biden sets out to earn his place as the face of the Democratic Party when he feels overshadowed by the idolized Cartoon Bernie Sanders and?Cartoon Barack Obama. Meanwhile,?Cartoon Don Jr. and?Cartoon Eric Trump try to develop a miracle cure for coronavirus with the help of?Cartoon MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

  • After the Republican Party considers dropping Cartoon Trump as their nominee, he must learn to behave like a normal president and human being with the help of Cartoons Kellyanne Conway and Leader McConnell.

  • Cartoon Trump fundraises from cartoon Silicon Valley tech moguls.

  • After G-7 nations make Cartoon Trump feel like a loser, he starts an alliance for cool dictators including Cartoons Putin, Turkey's Erdogan, and Saudi Arabia's Mohammad bin Salman. Meanwhile, Cartoons Ivanka and Don Jr. fight to see who will inherit the Trump dynasty.

  • A fake news story threatens Cartoon Elizabeth Warren's campaign.

  • Cartoon Joe Biden pursues Cartoon Barack Obama's prized endorsement in hopes of clinching the nomination. Meanwhile, Cartoon Kellyanne Conway must convince Cartoon Trump that his fabled and impossibly positive "internal polls" actually do exist.

  • Michael Bloomberg enlists cartoon Hillary Clinton to launch a run for president. Meanwhile, cartoons Kellyanne Conway and Larry Kudlow grow tired of defending the president and enlist cartoon Elon Musk to create an Oval Office simulator to distract cartoon Trump.

  • After Cartoon Trump sees Fox News giving airtime to Democrats, he ends their relationship and sets out to find a new media arm to spread his propaganda. Meanwhile, Cartoon Bernie Sanders witnesses his rival candidates co-opting his message and sets out to hold them to their left wing promises.

  • Cartoon Trump guts election security measures.

  • Cartoon Trump discovers that an impending economic downturn threatens his re-election chances, so he and his sons Cartoon Don Jr. and Cartoon Eric must con the country into believing the economy has never been stronger. Meanwhile, a gaffe-prone Cartoon Joe Biden solicits help from Cartoon Ocasio-Cortez to help him appear with it.

  • After the House of Representatives impeaches Cartoon Trump, he teams up with Cartoon Sean Hannity to convince the nation he's been wrongly accused. Meanwhile, Cartoon Elizabeth Warren worries her wonky approach won't connect with Iowa voters and severely dumbs down her campaign with the help of Cartoon Brian Kilmeade, Cartoon Chris Cuomo, and Cartoon Joe Kennedy III.

  • Our Cartoon President launches Space Force without any attention to detail while the Democratic presidential candidates tank their campaigns to avoid the risk of losing to Cartoon Donald Trump. Season finale

  • Cartoon Donald Trump and Ben Shapiro lead a movement to establish equal rights for Conservative Americans. The 28-minute episode stands out from the series with a more cinematic feel and includes a satirical song with Tony Award-winner James Monroe Iglehart

  • Our Cartoon President decides to buck his party and reverse climate change to solve his sweating problem while a disheveled Bernie Sanders asks Mitt Romney to transform him into a polished candidate.

  • Our Cartoon President schmoozes the Supreme Court at Mar-A-Lago to ensure the court upholds his right to commit crimes while Eric attempts to babysit an intoxicated Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Our Cartoon President uses Hollywood magic to fake a handshake with the troops while a lonely Don Jr. forms a fast friendship with tech-mogul Elon Musk.

  • Our Cartoon President must prove his mental fitness after declaring nuclear war with Portugal while the cast of Fox & Friends transforms their show into more cerebral content that doesn't flame the president's insanity.

  • Our Cartoon President makes his cabinet more competent to prove he only hires "the best people," while a freshly bearded Ted Cruz sets out to makeover Stephen Miller in his slightly less repulsive image

  • Our Cartoon President declares war on corporate America with the aid of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell while an out-of-step Joe Biden seeks Barack Obama's help to defeat his Democratic opponents in 2020.

  • Our Cartoon President fights a right-wing revolt led by Ann Coulter by becoming the most deplorable president in history while Mitt Romney rallies Senator Susan Collins to take back the party for "decent" Republicans.

  • Our Cartoon President declares a national emergency to build Trump Tower-Moscow while Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer attempt to win back their base from newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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