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A down and out cop lands the case of a lifetime when four suspects are nabbed in the assassination attempt of a prime time journalist. The case turns out to be a devious maze where nothing is what it looks like. The pursuit of it leads him to the dark netherworld - the 'Paatal Lok', and to shocking discoveries in the past of the four suspects.

Amazon Studios
1 Season, 9 Episodes
May 15, 2020
Drama, Thriller
Cast: Jaideep Ahlawat, Neeraj Kabi
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Paatal Lok Full Episode Guide

  • Even as he is on the run from a bunch of dangerous men, Hathi Ram manages to piece together the entire jigsaw puzzle. He is finally nabbed by the men and is brought face to face with the menacing Gwala Gujjar. Hathi Ram manages to evade a certain death by letting Gwala on to some of the startling discoveries that he has made in the pursuit of the case. Sanjeev's pride at his takeover of the business is bursted by Hathi Ram's shocking revelations to him. Hathi Ram is grudgingly handed back his badge by the Police Department. Tyagi discovers the truth about Master ji and that leads him to fulfilling his childhood prophecy. Sanjeev and Dolly reconcile, but Sanjeev continues to maintain his cacophonous rhetoric in his public persona, painting himself as the

  • Following the clues emerging from Tyagi's political links, Hathi Ram comes across a mysterious woman who turns out to be the missing link between Tyagi and Tope Singh's story. Hathi Ram tries to get in touch with the local journalist Amitosh but he snubs him at a public rally and refuses to entertain Hathi Ram. Dolly helps Savitri give birth to a litter, and that leads to Sanjeev and Dolly sharing a rare personal moment between them. In the dark of the night, Amitosh appears at Hathi Ram's guest house and provides him with a crucial piece of information. It helps Hathi Ram in piecing together some more of the puzzle, leading him to a startling discovery regarding Master ji, and to the involvement of one of Hathi Ram's top bosses in the criminal nexus. But just before Hathi Ram can do something about it, he gets ambushed by Gwala's men.

  • Hathi Ram travels to Chitrakoot to pick up the missing threads from where he last left them. He confronts Rajbir Gujjar, Tyagi's ex-school teacher, for holding back information the last time. Rajbir is forced to tell it all, and crucial details emerge on Tyagi's mysterious 'Masterji', pointing to a close emotional bond between Tyagi and his guru. Hathi Ram carefully navigates the dangers in Chitrakoot but is caught offguard by SHO Ramavtar who casually threatens him to get away from the case. It all comes to a head when Hathi Ram, tailing the dangerous Gwala Gujjar, gets spotted by one of his men and manages to save himself only by the skin of his teeth. Sanjeev makes the all-important deal between Kapoor and Singh Saab happen, which puts him the driver's seat of the channel once and for all. But a small rebellion starts at his home when Dolly adopts Savitri, her favorite stray dog, despite Sanjeev's strong protests.

  • Hathi Ram and Ansari learn about the heartbreaking pasts of Kabir and Cheeni, and that only leads them to further question the CBI's accusation of them being terrorists. Things come to a boil at home as Hathi Ram's son lands into serious trouble with the neighbourhood goons, forcing him to step in and take some decisive action. A distraught Dolly cuts a sorry figure as she tries to win Sanjeev back into her life with some desperate moves. In the news studio, Sanjeev basks in the glory of his revived success as he conducts a cacophonous one-sided debate against the four suspects. Sara realises that Sanjeev has moved on to the dark side and she takes upon herself to investigate the truth. She lands some crucial information about the men Hathoda Tyagi worked for and updates Hathi Ram about the same.

  • Hathi Ram confronts Sanjeev for defying his explicit instructions and going on air with details regarding an ongoing investigation, but Sanjeev is defiant. The story on Hathoda Tyagi puts Sanjeev back into the limelight and he starts forming a plan to cash in on the renewed interest in him. He offers Kapoor, his old nemesis, a helping hand in his attempt to take over the news channel. The data recovered from Tope Singh's phone provides Hathi Ram further evidence to piece together the puzzle, but the investigation soon hits a roadblock as a key absconding suspect is found dead under mysterious circumstances. To top it all, a procedural screw up gets leaked to the media and lands Hathi Ram in serious trouble with the bosses.

  • Hathi Ram reaches Chitrakoot and meets Tyagi's family. They shut him out completely but Hathi Ram manages to find a lead from Tyagi's estranged brother in law. The lead takes him to Tyagi's ex-school teacher who tells him about the incident that created the legend of Hathoda Tyagi. An encounter with a local journalist Amitosh helps Hathi Ram discover information on the people Tyagi worked for. It points to a nefarious political-criminal nexus in Chitrakoot of which Tyagi was the lynchpin. Meanwhile, Ansari visits Punjab and finds out about Tope Singh's dark past from his uncle, Mahipal. It also points Ansari to his next lead - a mysterious woman called Chanda, Tope Singh's paramour. Back in Delhi, as intructed by Sanjeev, Sara investigates about Hathoda Tyagi and manages to find out some revelatory information on him. Just as his critics and naysayers try to pull Sanjeev down, Sanjeev uses this piece of information to announce his return to the world of prime time journalism.

  • Hathi Ram and Ansari use every technique in the book to interrogate the four suspects. Finally, Hathi Ram manages to break one of them. His heartfelt confession leads to a certain

  • Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary is going through his dead beat job when he lands up a big investigation. Three men and a woman have been arrested for the attempt to murder a big prime time journalist Sanjeev Mehra, and Hathi Ram is asked to build a case. Meanwhile, for Mehra, this news couldn't have come at a worse time for he struggles with problems at work and a boss who wants to fire him. Sanjeev's marriage with his wife Dolly is already treading through choppy waters, and they both don't have the emotional means to handle this sudden and shocking news of the assassination attempt. As Hathi Ram gets on with the investigation, he realizes that the four

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