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Pat Moore: Blueprint is an exciting snowboarding documentary series that was released on Red Bull TV in 2014. The show is hosted by professional snowboarder, Pat Moore, who is an X Games gold medalist and two-time Rider of the Year. In Pat Moore: Blueprint, viewers get an inside look at Moore's life as he travels around the world in search of the most epic snowboarding spots.

Each episode of the show takes Moore to a different location, where he meets up with some of the most talented snowboarders in the world. Together, they hit the slopes and attempt some of the most daring tricks and stunts in snowboarding history. This is not just a show about extreme sports, but a journey of capturing the essence of snowboarding and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

In the first episode, Moore travels to Austria, where he meets up with Gigi Ruf, a snowboarder who is known for his impressive backcountry skills. The two set out to explore the gorgeous terrain of the Austrian Alps, tackling both fresh powder and steep cliffs. Throughout the episode, Moore shares his thoughts on the sport of snowboarding, highlighting the sense of freedom and creativity that comes with it.

The second episode takes Moore to British Columbia, Canada, where he teams up with Jake Blauvelt, another professional snowboarder and backcountry enthusiast. Together, they set out to conquer some of the steepest and most challenging lines in the Whistler Backcountry. The beauty of the surroundings is truly breathtaking, as the two riders navigate through the dense trees and snow-covered forests.

In the third episode, Moore travels to Japan, where he explores the legendary snowfields of Hokkaido. Here, he is joined by Kazu Kokubo, a snowboarder who has made a name for himself as one of the most innovative riders in the world. Together, they explore the unique Japanese snowboarding culture and try their hand at some of the most creative riding styles.

In the final episode, Moore returns home to his native Vermont, where he is joined by fellow snowboarder, Jeremy Jones. Together, they explore the challenging terrain of the East Coast, showcasing the unique character of the region and the passion that it inspires in its riders. As the series comes to an end, Moore reflects on his experiences and what snowboarding means to him on a personal level.

Throughout Pat Moore: Blueprint, viewers are treated to stunning visuals and incredible feats of athleticism. But the show is also a celebration of the snowboarding lifestyle and the camaraderie that comes with it. Moore's passion for the sport is infectious, and viewers will be inspired by his dedication and perseverance. Whether you're an avid snowboarder or simply a fan of extreme sports, Pat Moore: Blueprint is a must-watch series that will leave you feeling exhilarated and inspired.

Pat Moore: Blueprint is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on .

Pat Moore: Blueprint
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The Everyone Ender
10. The Everyone Ender
January 1, 2016
From the streets of Salt Lake to the peaks of Alaska, to fresh European powder, this season had some unreal moments of spectacular snowboarding. Check out the best of the best from this season of Blueprint and see what snowboarding is all about.
An Alaskan Ender
9. An Alaskan Ender
January 1, 2016
After the trip of a lifetime in Valdez, Alaska, Pat cuts to the northern end of the Chugach range for one last heli trip of the year. He's joined by John Jackson to help lead the way as they show rookie, Ben Ferguson, the ropes of filming in AK.
The Last Frontier
8. The Last Frontier
January 1, 2016
Snowboarding was changed forever by Bryan Iguchi & Jamie Lynn. Having them together in Valdez, Alaska is something that is uniquely special. Pat joins them for his first trip to the Last Frontier and has the best runs he's ever taken, over and over.
Onward to Italy
7. Onward to Italy
January 1, 2016
With good snow getting harder to come by, the spots that are getting storms wind up with an abundance of snowboard talent. Pat travels to Italy and meets up with Darrel Mathes, Arthur Longo, & Bryan Iguchi for some of the best sessions of the year.
Dream Team Freeriding
6. Dream Team Freeriding
January 1, 2016
Pat rolls the dice and books a trip to Europe to meet up with John Jackson & Jake Welch for some rejuvenating powder turns. They meet up with Jake Blauvelt & Nicolas M¼ller, get some of the best snow of the season, and refuel their souls with powder.
We Shall Overcome
5. We Shall Overcome
January 1, 2016
With Pat having conflicting travel plans, and snow dumping in Europe, Jake Welch and John Jackson pick up the Blueprint helm and head to Switzerland to film John's first tricks in three years after being sidelined by knee injuries.
No Weak Links
4. No Weak Links
January 1, 2016
Lake effect snow hits the streets of Jamestown, New York and Pat, Jeremy, Jake, and Seth are there scouting the streets for new spots to shred. The recon is gruelling, but once the spots are scouted, these vets squad up to get shots for everyone.
Salt Lake Sessions
3. Salt Lake Sessions
January 1, 2016
Pat, Jake, & Jeremy grab the winch, a truckload of equipment for setting up street spots and get to work in Salt Lake City. The crew shares insights on winch-fueled street progression & how it has changed the way they see & ride the streets.
Without A Doubt
2. Without A Doubt
January 1, 2016
Pat and the crew head home to Utah to film with jib legend Jeremy Jones as he works on his X-Games Real Snow segment. The guys share perspectives on Jeremy's influence on snowboarding before Pat steps up to film his first wallride re-direct.
To All My Friends
1. To All My Friends
January 1, 2016
Pat Moore turns the focus of Blueprint to his friends who have helped and inspired him over the years. Pat teams up with Jake Welch, Jeremy Jones, and Sage Kostenburg for the season's first rail trips to New York and Utah.
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