Pay It Off

Pay It Off is a reality game show which aired on BET in 2009. The show was hosted by comedian Kim Coles and the show only lasted for one season. Three contestants play a number of trivia games and the game gets harder in each round. The show has five rounds and the contestant that makes it through all five rounds has a chance to win $25,000 in the bonus round. The purpose of the show is for the contestants to pay off their debts. Pay It Off had okay ratings when it debuted, but it wasn't strong enough to make it to another season.

1 Season, 21 Episodes
October 2, 2009
Game Show
Cast: Faye Yvette McQueen, Sapphire, Kim Coles, Teisha Favors
Pay It Off

Pay It Off Full Episode Guide

  • Lorrie Matthews.

  • Max Booker.

  • Renee Davis.

  • Jennifer Farris.

  • Alex Merlo.

  • William Moore.

  • Tabitha Stalling 2.

  • Tabitha Stalling.

  • Donna Love Williams.

  • Charles McCree.

  • Jayme Hickman.

  • David Howard.

  • Max Wilker, Laurie Ann.

  • Elgin, Cheryl, David.

  • Miranda Youmans.

  • Bernetta Knighten, Maurice Geurin

  • Ian Brown

  • Nicholas Barkley, Alisha McCoy

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