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In the anime series, a group of students fights crime in Tokyo. They do it by using psychic powers to overcome the evil intentions of criminals. The anime series is based on a popular video game. Jun Fukuyama, Sôichirô Hoshi, and Mamoru Miyano star. PERSONA5 the Animation is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2018.

Where do I stream PERSONA5 the Animation online? PERSONA5 the Animation is available for streaming on Tokyo MX, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch PERSONA5 the Animation on demand at Hulu online.

Sunday 12:30 AM et/pt on Tokyo MX
1 Season, 27 Episodes
April 7, 2018
Action & Adventure Animation & Cartoon
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PERSONA5 the Animation Full Episode Guide

  • The Phantom Thieves are together again for one last siege on an enemy Palace. Will they be able to thwart the schemes of a mysterious nemesis, while also avoiding Akechi's wary eye?

  • Ren and the Phantom Thieves attempt to escape from Niijima's Palace. They split up to increase their chances, but Ren is captured by the riot police. Ren undergoes a cruel interrogation while the friends he left behind prepare for a last-ditch battle.

  • The Phantom Thieves infiltrate Niijima Palace to steal Sae's Treasure. When Shadow Sae reveals herself inside, Makoto realizes just how warped her thinking has become and is determined more than ever to stop her big sister.

  • The Phantom Thieves agree to help Akechi by changing the heart of Makoto's sister, public prosecutor Sae Niijima, so they infiltrate her Palace. Meanwhile, a man who claims to be a relative of Futaba's pays Sojiro a visit...

  • Ren and friends are on guard when Akechi is invited to be a special guest at Shujin Academy's culture festival. On the day of the fest, when Akechi shows up, he surprises them with a proposal regarding the Phantom Thieves.

  • After witnessing the horrible event during Okumura's press conference, Ren and the others begin to have doubts about their actions as Phantom Thieves.

  • After sharing their feelings, Ren and the rest patch things up with Morgana. Then, in order to save Haru Okumura, who's stressed out about her upcoming arranged marriage to a creep, the Phantom Thieves sneak back into her devious father's Palace.

  • Worried about their feline-like friend, the Phantom Thieves minus one sneak into the Palace of their next target, Okumura. But standing in their way is the missing Morgana and a girl who calls herself Beauty Thief.

  • Ren and the others enjoy their school trip to Hawaii, but as soon as they get back, they hear the news that the principal of Shujin Academy has died suspiciously, an event that leads to turmoil among the Phantom Thieves.

  • Futaba has conquered the warped memories of her mother and has awakened to Persona. Ren and the others want to help improve Futaba's social skills, so they suggest an outing to the beach.

  • Ren and the others convince Futaba to open the door to her room of her own free will. Then the Phantom Thieves sneak back into the Palace to steal Futaba's Treasure, but she follows them, becoming the first case of someone entering their own Palace.

  • The enigmatic "Alibaba" proposes a deal to the Phantom Thieves: In exchange for Alibaba's help with getting rid of the Medjed threat, they have to change the heart of a particular person. Their target is a girl, Futaba Sakura.

  • After their finals are over, Ren and the gang head out to see the much-anticipated fireworks. While they start contemplating their next target, the Phantom Thieves suddenly find themselves targeted by Medjed, an international group of hackers.

  • Makoto struggles to figure out what she wants to do with her life. While doing so, she makes friends with a fellow third-year, who is dealing with a shady character from Shinjuku.

  • After emerging from her "fake self," Makoto is awakened to Persona and joins the Phantom Thieves in the role of advisor. Ren and company infiltrate a Palace again to change the heart of Kaneshiro.

  • The Student Council president, Makoto Niijima, has learned that Ren and his friends are the Phantom Thieves. In order to prove that they're actually on the side of justice, Ren and company attempt to infiltrate the Palace of a new target, but...

  • When Ren, Ryuji, and Ann visit a TV station on a school field trip, they encounter detective Goro Akechi. Meanwhile, someone at Shujin Academy is also interested in probing the motives of Ren and friends.

  • After reforming Madarame, Ren and company realize that the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are slowly starting to become famous. However, Morgana urges Ren and Ryuji in particular to lead normal, serious lives as high school students.

  • After Yusuke's eyes are opened to Madarame's true motives, he asks to join the Phantom Thieves. Ren and company leave a calling card and infiltrate the Palace to steal Madarame's treasure.

  • After confirming the existence of the Palace and learning Yusuke's true feelings, Ren and his partners decide on Madarame as their next target. While Ren and Ryuji infiltrate the Palace, Ann plays the role of decoy, as the model for Yusuke's painting.

  • Ren and his partners encounter Yusuke Kitagawa, a young disciple of a well-known painter, Ichiryusai Madarame. Yusuke begs Ann to model for his painting, bewildering the three teens.

  • Ren and friends decide to continue changing the hearts of selfish, clueless adults. And no sooner are the Phantom Thieves of Hearts established than a fan website springs up.

  • The first heist of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts is underway. Ren and the gang begin prepping for their dangerous delve into the cognitive world. Will they be successful in taking the terrible King Kamoshida's precious Treasure?

  • The members of the volleyball team are terrified of the tyrannical Kamoshida's irrational violence. Meanwhile, Ren's classmate, Ann Takamaki, has been protecting her best friend from being cut from her starting position.

  • Ren begins his new school life, but it's tough being a transfer student pinned with seemingly shady baggage. He meets Ryuji, a classmate who's similarly isolated, and they use a strange app to enter a world in which their gym teacher is a sadistic king.