Pete the Cat

Based on the New York Times #1 best-selling children's books by author James Dean, "Pete the Cat" is a fun, musically driven series about exploring your world and trying new things; pushing the boundaries while being smart, accepting, and optimistic. Pete is a very cool and loveable cat who, along with his friends, experiences the day-to-day challenges and changes that children can relate to on a personal level. Whether you're making new friends, or facing all of life's ups and downs, Pete highlights the lessons life can teach you.

1 Season, 9 Episodes
December 25, 2017
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Family
Cast: Jacob Tremblay, Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Don Was
Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat Full Episode Guide

  • After performing a play about the Legend of the Christmas Cat, Pete and the gang try to find the real Christmas Cat so that they can get some cool gifts. During their hunt, they end up helping various families along the way. Will they find out that giving is the best way to truly enjoy the holiday?

  • THE BAND'S FIRST GIG: The band is finally able to play through an entire song without making any mistakes, and Callie says it's finally time to play for other people at the town picnic! The band worries about this idea and starts practicing, but now playing music has become less fun under the pressure. Along with nerves, the picnic ends up being during a really windy day.QUEST: When the band misses the bus to get to school they use their imagination to make their journey more fun by pretending to be knights on a quest. The problem is Grumpy doesn't like to pretend ...

  • THE CASE OF THE MISSING CUPCAKES: It's Dennis' birthday party and Callie is making homemade cupcakes with Pete. They leave them out by the window to cool and return to see that someone has stolen them. With the help of Callie, Emma and Sally, they discover who the cupcake thief really is.BEDTIME BLUES: Pete and all of his friends decide to sleepover one night so they have more time to practice playing in their band. Pete's Mom tasks Pete with making sure everyone gets to bed at a reasonable time, but whatever he does he just can't seem to make it happen.

  • MAGIC SUNGLASSES: Pete is having a crummy day, but when Grumpy gives him magic sunglasses, he sees the world in a whole new magical light.SANDCASTLES: When the gang is all hanging at the beach, Sally builds a great sand castle, but starts to worry when she realizes the tide will wipe it away.

  • BEGIN TO BEGIN: Pete has trouble creating a new song for the band to play, and needs help from his friends and family.THREE BITE RULE: While preparing a dish to bring to school, Pete helps Grumpy embrace the three bite rule to try new things.

  • It's New Year's Eve and Pete the Cat needs a New Year's Resolution, but...he doesn't even know what a resolution is. So, with the help of his family and friends, Pete sets out on a fun, musical ride to find one. But as the clock ticks down to midnight, Pete is still resolution less - will he find one in time?

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