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  • TV-MA
  • 2019
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.4  (21,691)

In this comedy-drama, four women deal with their careers, romance, and life (and sex) in the modern city. Each of the women has a distinct take on her world, and they never fail to support one another. The series is available on Amazon and stars Kirti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Gurbani, and Maanvi Gagroo.

Four More Shots Please!
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The One.
10. The One.
April 17, 2020
The finale episode will evoke all kinds of emotions and take one through an ebb and flow of continuous struggles that these girls who are now rightfully women of strength go through. Anjana feels betrayed by Shashank when she knows that his truth was not the entire truth. The showdown is ugly and Anjana is left feeling guilty. The girls stand by her and help see her a different perspective to the situation. Siddhi applies for a comedy course in New York and realizes that it's time for her to discover herself away from her parents. Damini has an offer to move to Singapore with Warsi. Will she make that move? Umang and Samara's relationship is getting stretched and strained by the minute. Damini's book is banned; Jeh lands up at the wedding ready to accept her and the baby. Will Jeh and Warsi both put up a fight for Damini? Who will win? Damini has a complication in her pregnancy. Right before walking down the aisle, Umang comes to know a certain decision that Samara has made about their future. Does Umang have second thoughts while walking down the aisle or does she go through with it? The wedding is beautiful and it pulls at your heartstrings to see two brides walk down the aisle in all wedding finery. The girls realize that the only constant in their lives are each other. Endings are sometimes devastating.
Noughts And Crosses.
9. Noughts And Crosses.
April 17, 2020
Weddings warrant Drama. It is inevitable. Umang's wedding is no exception. Umang tries inviting Jeh for Damini's sake but will Jeh forgive Damini and show up? Damini has a collapsible panic attack and Warsi self invites himself for the wedding to take care of her as a doctor. A palatial wedding awaits the girls as they make their way through the majestic gates of a palace hotel in Udaipur. Little do they know that more surprises await them at the wedding? Umang is irritated and exhausted with the social media glare that their wedding has constantly. Was she still hoping that it was a quieter and more intimate affair despite knowing Samara so well? There are clashes between her and Samara. Is it just wedding nerves or are the brides not ready yet? Anjana has to confront Shashank's wife Sushmita who happens to be a guest at the wedding. Is Anjana imagining it or is there is a cold vibe brewing under Sushmita's friendly fa
Hooking Up And Breaking Up.
8. Hooking Up And Breaking Up.
April 17, 2020
Umang's celebrations and the wedding preparations begin with full fervor. Samara has taken over everything and it is turning out to be a grander extravaganza than what Umang had anticipated. Will Umang be able to voice her opinion? Anjana and Shashank have a roaring chemistry going for them. Does this chemistry lead to a personal space or will Anjana be able to stop herself from falling for Shashank? Amit calls Siddhi his girlfriend while on stage. Is Siddhi ready to be called anyone's girlfriend? Does she want commitment in her life? Will she be honest with Amit when he lands up at home for dinner? Damini tells Warsi that she's pregnant and the baby is his. Will they both find a way to be a part of the baby's life? Weddings are a lot about families. Umang reaches out to her family to tell them about her wedding. Will they let bygones be and embrace her or shut the doors on her again? To lift everyone's spirit, the girls plan a fun and funky bachelorette party at Truck Bar. There is a lot of dancing, multiple orgasms and multiple shots. The episode ends with a somber note.
Step Into The Light.
7. Step Into The Light.
April 17, 2020
Anjana joins Shashank's firm and finds herself charmed by him. The chemistry is now so tangible that one can feel it in the air. Should she act on it or ignore it is the question that keeps troubling her. Umang struggles to make her way in a world that Samara is an expert in- facing the camera. Samara comes to her rescue and holds her hand through the process. Siddhi musters up the courage to invite her father for one of her shows. Through her stand up act, will Viju finally become her best friend again or will he get more furious when he learns the truth? Siddhi is also incessantly stalking one of her exes. Varun and Anjana have an awkward conversation about the happened the other night. Will Damini be able to stick to her decision and take the reins of her life in her hands or will she succumb to the flow? The girls reassure her that she is not alone. She still struggles with her guilt of wanting to be honest with Jeh. There is a major altercation at a Literature Festival where her book receives flak from the audience. Umang comes back home to a surprise. Will Samara's gesture change Umang's life forever and will Umang want to take this leap?
6. Crossroads.
April 17, 2020
Umang and Samara find themselves trending on social media after the award show. #Umara is now a celebrated tag. But is Umang's new found popularity making Samara insecure and possessive? Umang invites Samara into her world and takes her to Truck. Will Samara hit it off with the girls or will their worlds still be distant and apart? Jeh and Damini are all kinds of romantic, mushy and quite the quintessential couple about town. It is the perfect relationship but will Damini be able to sustain this or will it sail away? Anjana whoops Shashank's ass in a case of plagiarism that they were fighting from opposite ends. This makes Shashank offer her a position at his firm. Will she accept the offer despite the slippery slope that she is on? Siddhi has found a new command over stand up and ends up delivering a successful solo show. Is she recognizing a pattern in Amit? Will this affect their relationship? Damini has an insipid book launch and is also hit by an unplanned surprise or rather shock. She takes her dilemma to the girls and vents out her fears and apprehensions. Eventually she makes a choice.
Love Is In The Air.
5. Love Is In The Air.
April 17, 2020
Varun barges in on a girl's night at Truck Bar. He is lonely, sad and desperate for company, Anjana cannot figure out his behaviour. The night rolls out with a little dancing, a bleeding nose and Varun ending up at Anjana's house. Anjana and Varun reminisce about the past but do things go beyond that? The other girls are summoned in for a post mortem of the situation. An awkward morning after breakfast with Kavya makes things worse. Siddhi travels into Amit's world which is quite alien to her but she is fascinated with it. She is determined to take things slowly this time. Amit helps her find direction in her stand up performances after a bombed solo performance. A distraught and disappointed Damini ends up going on a night stroll with Jeh who pushes her to fight harder and shows her how tough she is. He comes up with a suggestion but will she walk that path? A certain pleasant turn of events might also churn a new chapter in her love life. Will she be able to choose between Warsi and Jeh? Samara gets invited to an award show, where she is confronted with a barrage of questions. Will she finally come out of the closet or will she keep her relationship with Umang a secret?
Hell Bent!
4. Hell Bent!
April 17, 2020
After a strenuous and difficult journey and numerous months of research, Damini finally manages to complete her book. She has put in all of her heart and soul into the book and now ventures out to find publishers for the same. Siddhi joins Amit on stage and performs her first stand up act. She is nervous but holds her ground. The laughs and hoots from the audience stir up an urge to try this more seriously. Jeh and Damini are now past their initial hesitation and are slowly warming up to each other though Myra still remains as a looming presence. Anjana meets a lawyer, Shashank who is her rival at work but there are definite sparks between them. Anjana should be careful around charming men what with all the other complications in life. Damini is in for a rude shock when all the publishers are giving her a cold shoulder and a colder response. Umang has taken Samara away for a weekend retreat where Samara and Umang's relationship might get cemented further. Siddhi is progressively getting better at her stand up acts. Now it's for us to see if Amit is the catalyst or the companion that she is looking for. Some new stories begin and some old ones are renewed in this episode.
Spring Cleaning.
3. Spring Cleaning.
April 17, 2020
All the girls have chosen to clean their lives of the clutter and create space for new possibilities. Umang stands strong with Samara and helps her overcome her deep-set anxieties and depression. She learns some new things about Samara in the process and makes her believe that sometimes it's okay to seek help and solace. Anjana's problems with Vinil grow manifold and now he is questioning her caliber on the basis of her gender. Will she choose to stay or will she choose her self-respect over her career? Back home, she also has to make a major decision about her future with Arjun. Will she let go of him despite being in love with him or will she want to explore their relationship further? Damini's procrastination hits a new high but a phone call from a potential publisher makes her believe in herself a little more. Siddhi is offered to try her hand at stand up and though at first she is taken aback she decides to sail this wave and see where it leads her. Viju vents out all his pent up emotions about Siddhi and Sneha tries to show him a different perspective to how society perceives men and women. What does not spark joy anymore is gratefully and gracefully left behind. They all individually decide to stand up for themselves.
Love Is A 4-Letter Word. Fuck Lust Hate Loss Fate
2. Love Is A 4-Letter Word. Fuck Lust Hate Loss Fate
April 17, 2020
Anjana, Damini, Siddhi and Umang are dealing with various heartaches and roadblocks. Damini cannot seem to overcome her writer's block no matter how much she tries to distract herself with mundane jobs and trivial pursuits of procrastination. Arjun is pursuing Anjana and dreaming of a glorious future with her, which is giving her pangs of anxiety. She expresses the same to the girls. Anjana's new senior is blatantly misogynistic and she is suddenly very uncomfortable at work. Siddhi is trying to find herself by dipping her feet in various vocations. She is frustrated that her father refuses to see her as an adult and take her seriously. In a bid to vent out her angst she accidently finds herself in a verbal duel with a stand up comedian. It is quite liberating and cathartic for her. Umang deals with the heartbreak of seeing Samara breakdown in front of the media. She feels her insides squirm with pain and overcompensates it by being chirpy and extra happy. A friendly advice by Anjana meant for both Umang and her makes think about their strained relationships. Do they find a closure or do they always remain broken?
Together Forever?
1. Together Forever?
April 17, 2020
A frantic phone call to Umang by Siddhi, who is in Istanbul, we don't know how and why she is there.The call makes Umang to reach out to Anjana and Damini in a bid to save their friend from a prospective mental breakdown. They rush to Istanbul, to find Siddhi who then relates her adventurous misgivings. The girls are relieved to find her but angry that they almost had a panic attack. We see their friendship rekindling and they seamlessly pick up from where they left each other four months ago. The girls have a fun couple of days in Istanbul, exploring quaint cafes, frolicking on the streets, and being their usual carefree selves while resolving their grudges. On coming back to Mumbai, will the girls be able to persuade a very reluctant Damini to revisit Truck Bar after her very embarrassing episode with Jeh. Do they reclaim their usual favourite spot at Truck and will their favourite bartender still be around for those round of shots?

In this comedy-drama, four women deal with their careers, romance, and life (and sex) in the modern city. Each of the women has a distinct take on her world, and they never fail to support one another. The series is available on Amazon and stars Kirti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Gurbani, and Maanvi Gagroo.

Four More Shots Please! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on January 25, 2019.

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  • Premiere Date
    January 25, 2019
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (21,691)