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In this comedy-drama, four women deal with their careers, romance, and life (and sex) in the modern city. Each of the women has a distinct take on her world, and they never fail to support one another. The series is available on Amazon and stars Kirti Kulhari, Sayani Gupta, Gurbani, and Maanvi Gagroo.

Four More Shots Please! is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on January 25, 2019.

Where do I stream Four More Shots Please! online? Four More Shots Please! is available for streaming on Amazon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Four More Shots Please! on demand at Amazon Prime online.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
January 25, 2019
Comedy, Drama
Cast: Sayani Gupta, Gurbani Judge, Kirti Kulhari, Maanvi Gagroo, Lisa Ray
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Four More Shots Please! Full Episode Guide

  • Umang and Samara find themselves trending on social media after the award show. #Umara is now a celebrated tag. But is Umang's new found popularity making Samara insecure and possessive? Umang invites Samara into her world and takes her to Truck. Will Samara hit it off with the girls or will their worlds still be distant and apart? Jeh and Damini are all kinds of romantic, mushy and quite the quintessential couple about town. It is the perfect relationship but will Damini be able to sustain this or will it sail away? Anjana whoops Shashank's ass in a case of plagiarism that they were fighting from opposite ends. This makes Shashank offer her a position at his firm. Will she accept the offer despite the slippery slope that she is on? Siddhi has found a new command over stand up and ends up delivering a successful solo show. Is she recognizing a pattern in Amit? Will this affect their relationship? Damini has an insipid book launch and is also hit by an unplanned surprise or rather shock. She takes her dilemma to the girls and vents out her fears and apprehensions. Eventually she makes a choice.

  • After a strenuous and difficult journey and numerous months of research, Damini finally manages to complete her book. She has put in all of her heart and soul into the book and now ventures out to find publishers for the same. Siddhi joins Amit on stage and performs her first stand up act. She is nervous but holds her ground. The laughs and hoots from the audience stir up an urge to try this more seriously. Jeh and Damini are now past their initial hesitation and are slowly warming up to each other though Myra still remains as a looming presence. Anjana meets a lawyer, Shashank who is her rival at work but there are definite sparks between them. Anjana should be careful around charming men what with all the other complications in life. Damini is in for a rude shock when all the publishers are giving her a cold shoulder and a colder response. Umang has taken Samara away for a weekend retreat where Samara and Umang's relationship might get cemented further. Siddhi is progressively getting better at her stand up acts. Now it's for us to see if Amit is the catalyst or the companion that she is looking for. Some new stories begin and some old ones are renewed in this episode.

  • A frantic phone call to Umang by Siddhi, who is in Istanbul, we don't know how and why she is there.The call makes Umang to reach out to Anjana and Damini in a bid to save their friend from a prospective mental breakdown. They rush to Istanbul, to find Siddhi who then relates her adventurous misgivings. The girls are relieved to find her but angry that they almost had a panic attack. We see their friendship rekindling and they seamlessly pick up from where they left each other four months ago. The girls have a fun couple of days in Istanbul, exploring quaint cafes, frolicking on the streets, and being their usual carefree selves while resolving their grudges. On coming back to Mumbai, will the girls be able to persuade a very reluctant Damini to revisit Truck Bar after her very embarrassing episode with Jeh. Do they reclaim their usual favourite spot at Truck and will their favourite bartender still be around for those round of shots?

  • Damini wakes up the next morning in Jeh's villa in Goa and catches up with a long lost friend. Umang and the girls tease Siddhi about the night before till Siddhi reveals an unknown secret about Umang to the group. Jeh invites everyone to his parent's 40th wedding anniversary party and decides to call in Damini's birthday at the same time. Arjun can't seem to stay away from Anjana. Damini meets Jeh's family for the first time and they end up embarrassing her. Siddhi confides in Mohit about what happened between Mihir and her the night before and Mohit surprises Siddhi with an unplanned move to help her deal with her anxiety. Umang gets some wonderful advice from three wonderful women. Anjana gives in and things get steamy between her and Arjun. From the time Mihir arrives at the party, Siddhi keeps running from him. Damini is hit with some earth shattering news which makes her breakdown. Jeh helps her through her meltdown. Siddhi has an unknown man threatening to expose her online secrets if she doesn't do what he wants off her. Arjun sneaks up on Anjana having a conversation with Arya and things get tense. The girls discuss turning thirty and their plans going forward. Mihir finally catches up with Siddhi and is pleasantly surprised. Umang secretly meets up with her high profile client in Goa but things don't go her way. Damini find a way of getting back at her board.

  • We get an insight into Siddhi's childhood and her relationship with her mother, Sneha and her nanny who was her best friend growing up till Sneha decided to break into that relationship. Sneha and Siddhi head to a high society baby shower where Sneha is in for a nasty surprise and holds Siddhi responsible for her public humiliation. Viju tries to be the supportive father but avoids taking up for Siddhi in front of Sneha as usual. Jeh comes by to pick up Kutta and Damini has an emotional separation. Umang and her high profile personal training client take things to the next level in their relationship. Anjana bumps into Kavya while shopping for Arya and the two end up having coffee and a conversation. The four girls get together for a walk and some meaningful conversation. Damini breaks down publicly at a caf

  • Umang follows up on Amit's lead and lands up at the door of a new client for personal training. Only thing is, this new client leaves her tongue-tied and accident prone. Thankfully, she manages to make an escape without injury to either of them! We get a peep into Umang's past and her reasons for leaving home in Ludhiana. Sneha is worried about Siddhi as usual and takes her to a nutritionist who she hopes will bring Siddhi's weight issues under control so that a portfolio can finally be made to send out to prospective grooms. Anjana has a startling revelation to make to her friends and in the process discovers a new friend. Jeh dumps Damini with a new

  • A public altercation with Uma leaves her questioning her own opinions on feminism and despite a strong plea for support, Damini is made to realise that sometimes women are women's worst enemies. Anjana finally meets her former husband's girlfriend, Kavya, and has an allergic reaction to her. A gym client can't seem to keep his hands to himself but Umang teaches him a lesson he'll never forget. Sadly, the gym manager views the situation differently. Siddhi continues her attempt to build a marriage resume under Sneha's tutelage but her efforts seems to constantly backfire. The girls get together in the middle of the day to get trashed and bitch out all the women who make their lives difficult. Except Siddhi. To assert her creative authority against her board's censorship of her articles, Damini fires up her team of journalists to come up with stories that make a difference. Even if that means going against the board. Umang's gym buddy, Amit, shows up unannounced to help her with her current crisis situation. Anjana can't seem to get Kavya out of her head and this lands her up in an awkward situation at work. Damini's periods are late but Dr. Aamir Warsi dismisses her worst fears. He recommends a therapist for her OCD problem instead! We get a peep into Damini's childhood and the beginnings of her compulsive personality. Siddhi goes on a blind date set up by her mother that ends in a climactic manner. Damini has a moment with Jeh and a surprise visitor later. Anjana makes a surprise visit to Varun's house only to realise that maybe things are beyond salvaging.