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In this thriller series, a girl attracts the attention of a CIA operative because of her "extraordinary abilities," and she must evade him while trying to figure out who she is and why she has those abilities in the first place. The series is an adaptation of film and debuted on Amazon Prime in 2019.

Hanna is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on February 3, 2019.

Hanna is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hanna on demand atAmazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
February 3, 2019
Action & Adventure Drama
Cast: Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos, Esme Creed-Miles
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Hanna Full Episode Guide

  • In Barcelona, Hanna, Clara and Kat trick their way into a villa in the hills, tying up the housekeeper, Raol. Carmichael arrives at Gelder's hotel whilst Marissa reaches the harbour with Grant. In order to retrieve the target list Gelder brought to Barcelona, Hanna arrives at Gelder's hotel in disguise. She corners Alba Paredes and attempts to recover Gelder's evidence. When Carmichael recognises her, a shootout ensues between Utrax guards and Hanna. Marissa arrives to help Hanna, who recognises Grant as one of Carmichael's men. Marissa covers for Hanna, who escapes to the hills and looks at the document - a list of Utrax targets, all aged under 18 years old. At the villa, Clara hacks into a laptop and sees a reply from Samira, her mother. She arranges to meet with her at Tangier in two days' time - an e-mail that is later seen by Terri at The Meadows, which she chooses to ignore. Panicked, Kat raises the alarm and Carmichael, Leo and Grant descend upon the villa. Clara kills Leo but is cornered by Carmichael and Grant. Hanna arrives, kills Grant, injures Carmichael and escapes with Clara and Kat. Marissa finds Carmichael, armed with the knowledge that he was the CIA officer who divulged the target list information to Gelder. She blackmails him into helping bring the ringleaders, The Pioneer Group, down once and for all. Hanna and Clara drop Kat at the airport, so that she can return to her mother in America. Clara reveals to Hanna that she has arranged to meet her own mother in Tangier, and now they must go their separate ways. Hanna desperately doesn't want to lose her friend but understands this is something that Clara must do. She returns to the villa, where she tells Marissa that Clara has other plans and asks what happens next. As Sandy, now quite alone, plays piano in a Barcelona street, Clara arrives in Morocco to find Samira waiting for her. Finally, mother and daughter are reunited.

  • Following Nicola and Mannion's deaths, Hanna hides in a Heathrow airport, where she changes her appearance and flies out to Barcelona. Clara is handed a gun by a Utrax agent and ordered to kill Gelder and retrieve the target list. Gelder meets with his daughter, Kat, to try and convince her to leave the city with him as they are in danger. Sandy befriends an angered Kat and encourages her to talk to her father, in the hope that she might lead her and Clara to his whereabouts. Hanna lures Clara to an abandoned bullring, where she confronts Clara over her plot to murder Gelder; she isn't serving America, she is helping Utrax. When Clara refuses to listen, Hanna informs her that her mother is still alive, leaving a postcard with her mother's name, Samira Elouassi, at her apartment. Emotional, Clara finds an e-mail address for Samira online and reaches out to her. In Morocco, Marissa is broken out of Camp G by the sympathetic guard and a woman called Grant, who introduces herself as a colleague of Mannion's. They need Marissa to locate Hanna, as she is in grave danger. Friction grows between Clara and Sandy, who doesn't appreciate Clara's growing distraction. Sandy stays close to Kat as she gets drunk in a club, stealing her phone to track down Robert Gelder. Hanna finds Kat and introduces herself, exposing Sandy. Confused, Kat runs to Gelder's new hotel, where he plans to hand over his evidence to Catalan journalist, Alba Paredes. In doing so, Kat leads both Sandy and Hanna to his whereabouts. At the hotel, Sandy and Clara receive the order to kill Gelder and Kat, and retrieve the list. But at the last minute, Clara gets cold feet. She can't go through with it. Hanna bursts in and attacks them, a furious Sandy follows Gelder as he escapes into the bedroom, shooting him dead. Kat is distraught. Clara assures Hanna that she is on her side. Hanna tells Kat that if she wants to survive, she must trust them.

  • Carmichael receives intel that a British journalist, Nicola Gough, and an internal source, codenamed

  • Following Marissa's failed break-out attempt, Carmichael accuses her of being involved in both Sonia and Sawyer's deaths and locks her in a cell at The Meadows' Staff Headquarters. Meanwhile, the other trainees attempt to help Hanna settle into life as

  • The morning after her beating, Marissa wakes to a call from Carmichael, informing her that Hanna is at The Meadows. They arrange to meet at a pick-up point in England. En route, Marissa sends her location to an unknown number before deliberately crashing her car in a bid to explain her bruises, hiding a transmitter at the site. Later at The Meadows, Marissa observes the inner functions of the Ops room and Carmichael asks Marissa to convince Hanna to join them. He needs her skills. Marissa secretly communicates to Hanna that she will help her escape if she goes along with her plan. Hanna obliges. Hanna is introduced to the trainees and Clara shows her around The Meadows. Hanna tells her about their plan for escape and Clara agrees to leave with her. Elsewhere, Jules and Sandy plan a party and invite Hanna, who views the event as a perfect cover for her escape. Carmichael watches Hanna settling in and appears satisfied. He once again tries to convince Marissa to join the Utrax organisation, but Marissa refuses. She would rather leave, tonight. In the countryside, CIA operative Sam Mannion finds Marissa's crash site and hidden transmitter, which leads him all the way to The Meadows, where he waits to assist with Marissa's escape. Inside the grounds, Sandy senses anxiety in Clara, who is torn between leaving with Hanna and staying with her new family. Will she tell? Later, at the party, Hanna prepares their escape as Marissa sets plans in motion with the information she gleaned from the Ops room earlier. As the arranged meeting time of 10pm approaches, Marissa kills her driver and waits in the forecourt. Clara leads Hanna through the warren of dark corridors, supposedly to Marissa's rescue, but when Carmichael joins Marissa in her car, it's clear the plan has gone terribly wrong. She tries to run but is captured. Hanna realises she has been led to her own bedroom, where the rest of the trainees wait. She's cornered, overwhelmed by the group. Resistance is futile.

  • At Hanna's request, Marissa agrees to help save Clara from The Meadows and arranges a passport for her, so that she can join Hanna in Canada. Hanna returns to Passway, where she locates Dumont's car and follows him as he leaves in a stolen vehicle. Marissa discovers that Sonia isn't in the office and instantly she is suspicious. She calls Sonia and traces her call to Belgium - she's here, after them

  • Marissa returns to Paris with Hanna, feeling tense. She knows she is being followed. Suspicious of her office replacement, Sonia Richter, who is reporting directly to Carmichael, Marissa gives Hanna a complete makeover before arranging for her to start a new life with an old teacher in the Canadian wilderness. Meanwhile over at The Meadows, Clara's implant is replaced and she is brought up to speed by Leo, who informs her that Hanna is dead, and her only future is now here. Her new name is Clemency, and her fellow trainees will welcome her with open arms. Clara begins to feel wanted. In Paris, Hanna looks at Clara's implant and sees the brand name Passway Pharmaceuticals written on it. Without telling Marissa, she tricks her way into a neighbour's apartment, finds the address for Passway online and leaves with a wallet full of cash. Later, when the neighbour makes a complaint, Marissa browses the search history and sees Passway. That's where Hanna is heading. At The Meadows, Clara finds out that Sandy told Utrax about her mother, and viciously attacks her. Jules runs to Sandy's aid and the pair form a bond, whilst Carmichael, Leo and Terri wonder what they can do about Clara's rebellious nature. Aware Clara is in grave danger, Terri reaches out to her. Hanna gains access to the Passway headquarters in Belgium by posing as a drug trialist, but when the drugs begin to make her hallucinate, she panics and fights back to make her escape. As she flees, she discovers the Director of Passway, Dumont, working late. An email he's writing reveals that the drugs are destined for the

  • Still reeling from her revelations about Erik, Hanna hides out in suburban London with Sophie who is keeping her new friend secret from her parents. Sophie is housing Hanna in the family caravan in a nearby garage. Concerned at Hanna's grief-like state, Sophie persuades her to attend a school party, where Hanna meets Sophie's friends including a very cute boy named Anton, who she quickly realises Sophie also feels very strongly about. Meanwhile, unable to go to the hospital for fear of capture, Erik's friends desperately try to save him from the life-threatening injuries he sustained fleeing Sawyer and his men. Erik's only focus however is on finding Hanna.At CIA Headquarters, Marissa learns that Sawyer has taken over the operations and finds herself sent back to Paris and forced to undergo a psychological assessment. However, unwilling to give up on her pursuit of Hanna and Erik, she begins to conduct her own investigations from home. As Marissa begins to track down Hanna's whereabouts, Sawyer closes in on Erik. Back in England, Sophie is desperate to escape her parents' relationship troubles and, along with Hanna and their friends Anton and Dan, the gang

  • Erik is holding Marissa prisoner in a disused water tower, trying to negotiate a deal to get him and Hanna safely out of Berlin. Jacobs attempts to track Marissa down but quickly discovers who has the upper hand.Meanwhile, Hanna hides out with Dieter and his family, much to the concern of Dieter's wife Sima. Desperate to know more about what her father is up to, Hanna follows Dieter on a nocturnal trip to the water tower. In doing so she begins to learn that there is more about Erik's past than he has been telling her.As Erik's escape plan begins to come together, Marissa attempts to communicate with her colleague Meisner what is really going on. Yet when Meisner arrives at the Berlin CIA Headquarters, he discovers that a new and elusive man, Sawyer, is now in charge.With freedom seemingly in touching distance, Erik prepares to leave the city with his daughter. However, Hanna is beginning to question whether this is actually what she wants after all.

  • Following her capture by Marissa's men, Hanna finds herself locked deep underground in a Moroccan CIA facility. When a false

  • In a covert Romanian facility, Erik Heller evades security to rescue baby Hanna. 15 years on, father and daughter live deep in the Polish forest. Erik has trained Hanna to be an incredible killer and hunter. Yet, keen to grow beyond the boundaries of her isolated world, she begins to venture away from home. This attracts the attention of CIA agent Marissa Wiegler, who has hunted Hanna since birth.

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