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Philly takes place in the city of Philadelphia and follows the life of Kathleen Maguire. Kathleen is a recently divorced single mother who works as a criminal defense attorney at a Philadelphia law firm. Kathleen must deal with professional and personal conflicts both outside and inside the courtroom as her ex-husband tries to complicate matters for her.

Philly is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (22 episodes). The series first aired on September 25, 2001.

Where do I stream Philly online? Philly is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Philly on demand at Amazon online.

1 Season, 22 Episodes
September 25, 2001
Cast: Kim Delaney, Tom Everett Scott, Rick Hoffman, Diana Maria Riva
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Philly Full Episode Guide

  • An obsessed former juror makes life very scary for Judge Ripley; Kathleen refuses to give up on a client on trial for shooting his attacker; and Will pulls a fast one to get his voodoo-spewing client cleared of a fraud charge.

  • A stripper accused of stealing from her club leads Will to the establishment's owner----and the truth about Dan's DA rival; Terry has a hard time with a mercy-killing case that hits too close to home.

  • Kathleen and Erin clash in court over a woman charged with killing her rapist; Will defends a little person who attacked a fellow tabloid talk-show guest; the campaign for district attorney gets ugly as Cabretti goes after the dirt on Dan's abusive past.

  • Kathleen battles Terry over parental rights while defending a man's efforts to keep his recovering-addict wife away from their son. Meanwhile, Will takes some extreme steps of his own to protect a client from the mobster he's accused of robbing.

  • Ripley comes under fire after Chris Maguire is busted for falsely claiming to have bribed the judge involved with his sister, while Dan sees the whole investigation as a plot to keep him from running for office. Meanwhile, Will puts his life on the line to get firsthand proof that his client has reliable testimony about a wanted killer.

  • Dan's office plays hardball with Maguire & Froman after Kathleen testifies against a well-connected D.A. who's looking to try a shady case just for the easy win. But it's Will's innocent date-rape client who may pay the price for Kathleen's crusade once Terry is ordered to make sure the kid is sent away.

  • Dan plays dirty after learning that Kathleen will be defending a madam in Ripley's courtroom; Will and Lisa hash out the ins and outs of their affair while trapped in a City Hall elevator; a law student derails his future with an unlawful protest tactic against a professor.

  • Kathleen races to get her wrongfully convicted client a new trial after finding that evidence may have been swept under the rug. Meanwhile, the owner of escort service recruits Maguire & Froman to clear her name in a prostitution case that could ruin her career---and her clients; and Will defends a high-school teacher accused of sexually molesting a student, who may have a darker secret to protect.

  • A dying man's confession gives Kathleen what she needs to get a convicted rapist a new trial; Will and Erin clash in court over a wife charged with assaulting her husband with a frozen steak; and a Maguire & Froman client takes a dramatic leap of faith to avoid a certain prison sentence.

  • Kathleen cries over the fact that it's her anniversary with Dan. In court, Kathleen defends Janice Bonner, a prison guard accused of having a sexual relationship with Solano, an inmate. Kathleen tries to prove that Janice is being made a martyr by the prison security system by forcing Solano to testify against Janice. When Solano burst out that he agrees with Kathleen's theory, Judge Hawes orders a sidebar and demands that Kathleen and Mr. Bingham stick to the original charges. At recess, Janice and Solano go to lunch together despite Kathleen's objections. Kathleen and Will discuss Judge Brennan (Veronica Hamel), the new, rich, and widowed judge whose court Will be trying a case. As Will examines a woman on the stand, the prosecution argues with his tactics. Judge Brennan calls a sidebar and they both go to her. Brennan quickly orders them to stop the bickering then flirts with Will after realizing she knows his father. After asking him out for a drink, the prosecution gets upset. Brennan sends them back to their clients then takes recess. After Kathleen gives her closing statements for Janice, Judge Hawes still finds her guilty and gives her two years in jail. Solano tries to follow a crestfallen Janice out of the courtroom, but Hawes holds her back. She doesn't seem to upset about going to jail, but upset that she won't be able to see Solano for two years. Terry pulls Kathleen aside and tells her that Judge Armstrong wants to see them both in her chambers immediately. Armstrong tells them that she's reversing her decision in a case that involved the identification of Felix, an overweight Black man, in favor of Kathleen. Terry is upset, but Armstrong tells him to get over it because she made a mistake. Terry and Kathleen work out a deal for Felix. Hawes calls Kathleen to his chambers and gives her discreet tips as how to handle her appeal for Janice, which includes the lawyer who will be handling the case, Terry. Hawes also shares that he had a huge crush on Bren

  • A client threatens Kathleen's son to keep her from revealing his plans to kill the one person who could put him away for assault; drug charges against a mobster's daughter hint at a dirty deal within Dan's office; and Will is faced with putting a defendant on the stand knowing that she may lie about her husband's fatal postcoital mishap.