Pick of the Litter

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Six dogs - Paco, Pacino, Tulane, Raffi, Amara and Tartan - and their human companions go on a quest to become guide dogs for the blind. Based on the feature-length documentary of the same name.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
December 20, 2019
Documentary & Biography
Pick of the Litter

Pick of the Litter Full Episode Guide

  • Kendal runs into some issues working with Tartan; Tulane and Claire are quickly bonding; Paco and Eva are growing closer every day as Eva learns to trust Paco; Pacino continues to be a wild card. The graduating dogs meet with their puppy raisers before they go home with their new partners. Find out

  • Pacino has been working with Master Instructor Jeff to see if he should continue working towards becoming a guide dog. Jeff is able to pull Pacino out of his shell, but Jeff cautions that they’ll still be looking at Pacino’s confidence going forward. It is time for Tartan, Tulane, and Paco to take t

  • The training dogs advance. Amara's fate is determined. Raffi is returned for formal training.

  • After returning to Guide Dogs for the Bliind, the dogs begin formal training.

  • The dogs say goodbye to their puppy raisers and prepare for formal training.

  • Meet six puppies on the eve of their final evaluation before they may advance to formal training.