Pokemon the Series: Ruby & Sapphire

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This animated series is part of the gargantuan franchise of TV series, films, card games, video games and toys that make up the Pokemon universe. In this segment of the universe, Ash, Brock, May, Max and Pikachu are fighting the bad guys in the Hoenn region. The series aired between 2002 and 2006.

904 Seasons, 198 Episodes
January 17, 2003
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family

Pokemon the Series: Ruby & Sapphire Full Episode Guide

  • With such a roster of talented Coordinators, it's no surprise that the competition at the Grand Festival is particularly fierce! Emotions are running high on all sides...especially for Drew, who seems to be more high-strung and quick to anger than usual. It seems May's strong performance in the first round has unsettled him a bit, and he's looking to get even! But first, May goes up against her old nemesis Harley, who brings out his Cacturne and Wigglytuff for a Double Battle performance against May's Munchlax and Eevee. Although Wigglytuff proves to be quite a formidable opponent, it can't overcome May's teamwork with her Pokemon! May wins the round, and Harley is out of the competition. Drew and Solidad have won their battles as well, moving forward into the quarterfinals. But the run is about to end for one of these three friends--because the next battle is Drew versus May!

  • Ash's Frontier Battle journey has come to a successful end, but before our heroes part ways, they learn of an unofficial Pokemon Contest in Terracotta Town, and Ash and May both decide to enter! When May takes the stage, the crowd goes wild, recognizing her from her semi-final finish at the Grand Festival. She's delighted by the applause, and her Eevee creates a gorgeous fireworks display! Ash gets a similar welcome thanks to his quarterfinal showing at the Hoenn League, and Pikachu puts on a strong performance in its contest debut--strong enough to send Ash to face May in the finals! But first, there's the little matter of Team Rocket to deal with. May's Combusken and Ash's Sceptile team up to blast them off, and during the battle, Combusken evolves into Blaziken! It's Blaziken vs. Sceptile in the finals, and when time runs out, the score is nearly tied and there's no clear winner...yet!

  • For his rematch against Brandon at the Battle Pyramid, Ash decides to gather four of the Pokemon who have been with him the longest: Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, and of course Pikachu! To get reacquainted, he takes the four of them camping in the mountains, and after some training, they spend the evening sitting around the campfire as Ash tells the story of how he met each of them. Naturally, Team Rocket gets in on the nostalgia by pulling some of their old tricks--but, as is tradition, Ash and his Pokemon friends send them blasting off again. The next day, when Ash and Brandon meet for their battle, they agree to a four-on-four match--starting with Ash's Charizard and Brandon's Dusclops! Charizard fights through an early Confuse Ray to get back in the battle, but when Ash calls for a Fighting-type move that doesn't work on Dusclops, the mighty Charizard is defeated! Who's up next?

  • Ash and friends--including Professor Oak--are staying at the Fennel Valley Pokemon Center when Nurse Joy comes down with a bad case of the flu and has to stay in bed. It's bad timing, because a Pokesitter named Matt has just gotten into a bus accident on a nearby mountain road, leaving several Pokemon injured. Our heroes head out immediately to bring them back to the Pokemon Center for treatment--and quickly discover that taking care of a big group of Pokemon is a lot of work! Brock seems to have a talent for it, and Professor Oak praises his gift for healing. Soon, Nurse Joy is feeling well enough to take over, all the Pokemon are restored to health and loaded back on the bus with Matt--and Ash learns that Brandon is on his way back for their rematch at the Battle Pyramid!

  • As our heroes await Ash's next rematch with Brandon, it appears both Ash and May are having trouble coming to grips with their recent defeats. They get support from Max and Brock, of course--and from some surprising sources as well! Professor Oak brings a special gift for Ash from his many Pokemon and human friends back home. Then, Drew arrives to cheer May up and challenge her to a contest battle! The Team Rocket trio try to interfere, but they're defeated by an unexpected champion: May's old nemesis Harley, who simply can't bear the thought of anyone other than him being allowed to ruin her day! After an intense performance on both sides, Drew emerges victorious, and May happily congratulates him. Drew and Harley are off to compete in Pokemon Contests in the Johto region, and they invite May to come along--but first, May wants to find her own battle style!

  • When our heroes and Brandon arrive at the Battle Pyramid for Ash's final Battle Frontier challenge, they meet Nurse Joy, a big fan who knows absolutely everything about both Ash and May's Pokemon careers and has a scrapbook to prove it! She offers to help Ash train for his battle--and ends up beating him with her formidable Chansey, who also blasts the Team Rocket villains off as soon as they show up to steal it. Professor Oak sends Ash his Torkoal to face off against Registeel, a Legendary Pokemon who's fighting on Brandon's team, and the matchup seems to be going his way...until his overconfidence gets the better of him, and Brandon's power and experience prove too much for the young Trainer. The Frontier Brain offers some valuable words of wisdom, which Ash takes to heart, and promises to battle him again as soon as he returns from his quest for a mysterious Pokemon!

  • Ash's Aipom runs away in a forest and is attacked by a Weavile. Kerrigan, a member of the Wilderness Guard Corps, rescues it and tells our heroes that the Weavile is a stray who's abandoned its group. Prompted by Jessie, who wants to catch it, Meowth learns its story: The stray Weavile used to be the leader of the group, until a rogue Weavile challenged it and took its place. It's been living alone in the forest, challenging every Pokemon it meets so it can become strong enough to reclaim its throne--and now, after meeting a Sneasel who's left the group because of the new leader's tyranny, it's ready for the challenge! The two Weavile clash in a fierce battle, and it soon becomes clear that the stray's training has paid off! At Sneasel's urging, the two Weavile decide to call a truce, and the group is reunited in harmony.

  • Our heroes meet a Chatot, a fascinating Pokemon who can mimic anything it hears, and its Trainer, Audrey. Audrey tells them that she and Chatot have formed a stand-up comedy duo called the North Sea Chat-a-lots, and when Ash and the others beg for a demonstration, they happily launch into their routine, much to the delight of our heroes! Afterward, Audrey says their training for the Comedy Grand Prix has been interrupted because Chatot flies away for several hours every day. When the chatty Pokemon returns from its mysterious trip that evening, our heroes listen to what it's saying and figure out that it's been visiting a children's hospital! The kids and Chatot absolutely adore each other, and Chatot has been reluctant to leave them. Audrey agrees to perform for the hospital before she and Chatot take their show on the road, and the rave reviews convince both of them that their dream is worth pursuing!

  • The Grand Festival battle between May and Drew is really heating up, as the two Coordinators pelt each other with sizzling combinations, each pecking away at the other's score! The lead keeps changing at a dizzying pace--and then May's Combusken learns how to use Overheat, a move that buys her just enough time to run out the clock and squeak past Drew on points! Drew is out, and May moves on...just as Ash finally catches the Aipom who's been stealing his hat! In the semi-finals, May goes up against her new friend Solidad, whose rock-solid strategy and powerful Slowbro and Pidgeot make short work of May's Munchlax and Combusken. Dazed and sad, May slowly makes her way off the battlefield, where she finds her friends waiting to support her. Solidad goes on to win the Ribbon Cup, and after an emotional farewell between May and Drew, our heroes are on their way to Ash's rematch at the Battle Pyramid!

  • When our heroes arrive at the Indigo Plateau for the Pokemon Contest Grand Festival, they realize that a mischievous Aipom has followed them there to steal the Coordinators' hats! May's rival Drew and his Roselia show up to put a stop to the madness, and Solidad, an old friend of Brock's from Pewter City, helps out along with her Slowbro. May and Solidad hit it off immediately, and Solidad tells May that she knows Drew pretty well and she's pretty sure he has a crush on her! Solidad says she admires both May and Drew as impressive opponents, and Drew holds Solidad in high regard as "one tough cookie." After the preliminaries, the field is whittled down to 16 competitors for the battle rounds, including May, Drew, Solidad, and Harley--who's still miffed at May for beating his Banette in the last contest. The second round promises to be exciting!

  • On their way to the Grand Festival, our heroes see a farmer chasing a group of Aipom. The Aipom are loaded down with berries, and as they pass, they grab May's ribbon case as well! Without her ribbons, May can't enter the Grand Festival, so our heroes agree to help the farmer retrieve his harvest. He tells them the story of the mysterious Mountain King, a giant monster who lives on the mountain and demands huge quantities of berries as tribute. When they investigate, they discover that the Mountain King is an enormous Slaking robot, powered by none other than Team Rocket! The villains have intimidated the mountain Pokemon into stealing berries for them, so they can make lots of Pokeblocks to sell at the Grand Festival. After a fierce battle sends them blasting off again, May gets her ribbons back and the berries are returned.

  • Our heroes have just caught a glimpse of the Battle Pyramid when the ground collapses under their feet! They find themselves in an ancient ruin underground. Curious, Ash picks up a statue of a Pikachu, which sets off an enormous boulder trap! They take off running and bump into Brandon, the Frontier Brain of the Battle Pyramid, who scolds them for messing with things they don't understand. The message doesn't register, however, and when Ash picks up a stone sphere, he is possessed by the angry spirit of the ancient king of Pokelantis! The king demands that everyone give up their Pokemon, and Brandon challenges him to a battle. Brandon appears to be losing, until Ash regains consciousness. After a struggle to reclaim control of his own body, Ash asks Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on him--which knocks Ash unconscious and drives out the evil king! Brandon and Ash make plans for a rematch after the Grand Festival.

  • As our heroes arrive in Pewter City for a visit with Brock's family, they discover that three Gym remodelers (really Team Rocket in disguise) have convinced his parents to go on vacation while they overhaul Brock's old Gym--leaving Brock's nine younger brothers and sisters to fend for themselves! Brock tries to convince the remodelers to stop their work, but they refuse unless he beats them in battle. His Steelix and Ash's Donphan go up against Team Rocket's borrowed Charizard and Aggron, and at first our heroes seem to be losing, but the inevitable bickering between Jessie and James causes their strategy to fall apart. Ash and Brock win, and the Pewter Gym is returned to its original condition. When Brock's parents get home, he has some choice words about their thoughtless behavior, but forgives them when they apologize and promise never to do it again. After their visit, Ash and friends head off for the Battle Pyramid!

  • May has gotten past the first round of the Mulberry Pokemon Contest despite some dirty tricks from Harley and Team Rocket. James and Meowth capture and lock up our heroes, but May's friend and rival Drew rescues them, and they all make their way back to watch May versus "Jessebella" in the final round. Armed with Harley's Banette, Jessie appears unbeatable, but she quickly loses her temper at a simple misstep, and Banette stops listening to her. It's still powerful enough to prolong the battle until time runs out--and the score is tied! Because the Grand Festival is coming up, emcee Lillian announces an unusual "sudden death" playoff, and the battle continues. May and Squirtle's timing and teamwork prove too much for Jessie to handle, and she loses, prompting a furious Harley to denounce Team Rocket...and relish the thought of defeating May at the Grand Festival, where the two of them and Drew will all be competing!

  • May enters the Mulberry Pokemon Contest, her last chance to win a fifth ribbon and qualify for the Grand Festival! To make matters worse, May's shady rival Harley shows up to taunt her with the five ribbons he's already won--and when he learns the true identity of competitor "Jessebella," he offers to help her to a Team Rocket victory by letting her use his Pokemon in the contest! Jessie, James, Meowth, and Harley create a plot to sabotage May's performance while bolstering Jessie's. During May's first round, she and her Combusken keep falling and losing points, until Ash discovers that Harley's Ariados is shooting webs from offstage to keep her off balance! Pikachu foils their plot with a Thunderbolt, and May and Combusken recover, making a strong finish to get to the second round along with "Jessebella" and six other Coordinators. Harley angrily storms off, leaving Jessie with an ominous vow to stop May at all costs...

  • Ash and May spot a Sudowoodo of a strange golden color roaming the woods! Ash tries to catch it, but it escapes, and they try to convince Brock and Max of what they've seen. Several townsfolk overhear them and gather around, hoping for more information about the local "Legend of the Golden One"! Our heroes are trapped in the crowd until a boy named Keenan helps them escape. It turns out that Keenan is Sudowoodo's Trainer, and that a failed experiment is the source of its golden color. He wants to find Sudowoodo and return it to normal, but after the experiment, it ran away, afraid of him! When Team Rocket shows up in the forest to nab Sudowoodo, Keenan fiercely defends it, earning its trust again. It follows him home, where he reverses the experiment and returns Sudowoodo to its natural color. The townsfolk will just have to keep looking for their "Golden One"...

  • After Max and Meowth are taken away by a distraught Deoxys, our heroes make a truce with Jessie and James to tackle two challenges: find and rescue their friends, and figure out what's wrong with Deoxys! Pokemon Ranger Solana and Nurse Joy are on hand to help. Deoxys takes its captives to a refuge within the cave, and speaks through Meowth to tell Max about its trip from outer space. It traveled inside a meteorite, which crashed into this cave, and it hasn't been able to shake the feeling of being cold and alone. Max tells Deoxys that it does have a friend--him! Outside, Solana says that if she can capture Deoxys, she can help it heal. With the help of our heroes and their Pokemon, she manages to get the Mythical Pokemon into its Normal Forme for a capture. Max and Meowth are rescued, and Deoxys, feeling better, decides to explore its new world and find more friends!

  • Still smarting from his loss to Anabel at the Battle Tower and in awe of her close relationship with her Pokemon, Ash decides it's time to get closer to his Pokemon as well. He calls them out to have some fun, and Anabel joins in! May, Max, and Brock marvel at the friendship between this unlikely pair. When the rematch begins, both Trainers call on the same Pokemon as before, but this time Ash and his Pokemon are working much better together. The final matchup is between Anabel's Espeon and Ash's Pikachu, and as Espeon becomes increasingly skittish in the face of Ash's shrewd strategies, it appears Ash is beginning to gain the upper hand. When Pikachu leaps to the ceiling, dousing the lights, Anabel's sudden inability to communicate with her nervous Espeon ends in a victory for Ash! It's time for the final Frontier challenge: the Battle Pyramid, near Brock's hometown of Pewter City!

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