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  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.1  (344)

Really Me was a Canadian television show produced by FremantleMedia that aired from 2011 to 2013. The series follows Maddy Cooper, a teenage girl who becomes the star of her own reality TV show. Maddy is played by Sydney Imbeau, a young actress who brings a genuine sense of authenticity to the role.

Maddy is an aspiring actress who lives in a small town with her family. She jumps at the chance to audition for a new reality show called "Really Me," which promises to make her a household name. Maddy is chosen as the star of the show, and she is soon whisked away to Toronto to begin filming.

At first, Maddy is thrilled to be in the spotlight. She gets to wear amazing clothes, attend glamorous events, and hang out with other young actors. However, she soon realizes that reality TV is not all it's cracked up to be. The show's producers constantly manipulate her and her co-stars to create drama and conflict, and Maddy struggles to maintain her authenticity in a world that values shallow entertainment over substance.

One of the most compelling aspects of Really Me is the way it explores the tension between real life and reality TV. Maddy's family is often caught up in the drama of the show, and we see how the constant filming and attention can strain even the closest relationships. At the same time, Maddy's career aspirations are put into sharp relief by the grinding and sometimes degrading work that goes into being a reality TV star.

The show also delves into issues that are common to many young people, such as navigating relationships, coping with parental expectations, and finding one's true identity. Maddy's best friend Julia, played by Kiana Madeira, provides a grounding presence throughout the series, and her interactions with Maddy are an important source of humor and depth.

One of the standout characters in Really Me is Maddy's dad, played by Neil Crone. He is a loving and supportive presence in her life, but he also has his own struggles as a single parent trying to raise three kids on his own. His scenes with Maddy are some of the most poignant in the show, and they provide a much-needed counterpoint to the more superficial elements of the reality TV world.

Overall, Really Me is a delightful and engaging series that manages to balance humor, drama, and heart in equal measure. It provides a fresh and insightful look at the world of reality TV, while also exploring the challenges and joys of being a teenager in today's world. With excellent performances from its young cast and a sharp, well-written script, Really Me is a show that will resonate with audiences of all ages.

Really Me
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Extreme Sixteen
13. Extreme Sixteen
November 9, 2012
When Maddy and Julia agree to celebrate Maddy's sweet 16 birthday with a crossover episode between Really Me and VTV's new reality series, Extreme Sixteen, Maddy is psyched.
Oh, Brody Where Art Thou?
12. Oh, Brody Where Art Thou?
January 11, 2013
When Maddy accidentally convinces Tiara's boyfriend to dump her, Maddy and Julia host a dating show to find their nemesis a new guy.
Cuffed up
11. Cuffed up
December 26, 2012
Maddy and Brody are bickering so badly that even Julia is at a loss, and Dad is forced to intervene. When dividing the house in two and making them walk a mile in each other's shoes only makes matters worse, Dad handcuffs Maddy and Brody together.
Scary Poppins
10. Scary Poppins
October 19, 2012
Determined to prove to Dad that she's responsible, Maddy is roped into babysitting on the night of her and Julia's big Halloween party.
Get'em to the Geek
9. Get'em to the Geek
January 6, 2013
It's Clarke's birthday and Maddy is determined to get her little brother the best present ever: the eShoe. Only when Maddy's pre-order ticket is stolen, Maddy, Julia and DJ are forced to camp out overnight in the longest line-up ever.
Clap of Thunder
8. Clap of Thunder
February 8, 2013
Julia has a major crush on Geoff, the star of the school play, and hopes to win the role of his leading lady. But Maddy unwittingly gets herself cast instead!
7. U.F.O.-Ney
May 26, 2013
With a Maddy -Brody prank war in full effect, Maddy and Julia pull the ultimate practical joke on Brody, convincing him that he's had an alien encounter.
Sauce Boss
6. Sauce Boss
May 19, 2013
Julia dares Maddy to talk to a cute guy at the Beach Shack, only when Maddy chickens out she pretends to be a waitress and takes his order instead. When Moondoggie finds out, Maddy lands her first real job, then promptly gets the Beach Shack shut down!
Residence Evil
5. Residence Evil
October 5, 2012
When Tiara gets a Hollywood manager, Maddy decides she needs one too. Enter Julia -Maddy's new manager, who arranges for a hot new zombie film to be shot at the Cooper house and actually manages to land Maddy a role!
Truth or Dare
4. Truth or Dare
January 25, 2013
When Maddy has trouble promoting a disgusting new energy drink that is sponsoring Really Me, Brody insists it is because she is a terrible liar. Refusing to admit it, Maddy agrees to Brody's bet -she must lie for 24 hours without getting caught.
You're Really Me
3. You're Really Me
May 10, 2013
Really Me holds a Maddy Cooper Look-A-Like contest and Maddy discovers she has a doppelganger named Patti. When Charlene mistakes Patti for Maddy, Maddy and Julia sneak away for a day off and let Patti do Maddy's charity work.
Cooper Collegiate
2. Cooper Collegiate
April 21, 2013
When Maddy receives a failing grade on a science project, she convinces Dad of Mr. Henshaw's "evil-ness" and ends up being home-schooled with Brody and Clarke. While home-school seems cool at first, Maddy ends up missing her BFF Julia.
A Newtmare On Elm Street
1. A Newtmare On Elm Street
March 31, 2013
When Maddy starts having romantic dreams about her nerdy classmate Newton, she develops a crush on him in real life. Maddy and Julia must find a way to stop the dreams before Maddy falls in love with Newton... forever!
  • Premiere Date
    May 22, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    5.1  (344)