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Great Indian Railway Journeys is a British television documentary show that premiered in 2018 on BBC Two. The program features Michael Portillo, a former politician, and travel enthusiast, as he embarks on a journey through the vast network of Indian Railways. Produced by FremantleMedia, the show is part of the Great Railway Journeys series and is a captivating blend of an informative travel guide, a historical documentary, and an excellent food and cultural exploration show.

The show follows Portillo as he travels across India by train, exploring the unique and diverse cultures, landmarks, and local cuisines of each place he visits. Portillo's journey takes him from the southernmost tip to the northernmost regions of India, covering a distance of over 4,000 miles.

Throughout the journey, viewers get to experience the beauty of India, its rich history, and the people's warmth and hospitality. Portillo is an excellent guide, providing viewers with fascinating insights into the various cities and towns he visits. He explores India's many-faceted history and how the country has been transformed by colonialism, religion, and modernity.

While exploring the various cities, Portillo takes in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the region. He visits the famous landmark buildings, explores the bustling bazaars and markets, and meets with the locals to learn about their way of life. The show is also peppered with exciting culinary experiences, where Portillo serves as our guide to some of the best cuisine the country has to offer.

As he travels across India, Portillo gets to experience the contrast between different regions' customs, traditions, and people while highlighting the country's diversity. From visiting temples dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva to discovering the legacy of the British Raj and exploring the vibrant street culture of Mumbai, Portillo's journey is packed with fascinating encounters and discoveries.

One of the best things about the show is its use of historical context, which paints a vivid picture of India's rich past. Portillo gives an insightful commentary on how the country was shaped by the influences of different religions, cultures, and traditions such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Christianity.

The show's cinematography is outstanding, capturing the diverse landscapes of India, the colorful markets, and the stunning architecture of the country's many landmarks. The camera work provides viewers with a bird's eye view of the railways, providing a spectacular view of the Indian countryside.

Overall, Great Indian Railway Journeys is an excellent show for anyone looking to learn more about India, its culture, and history. Portillo is a fantastic guide and an enthusiastic traveler, providing viewers with a comprehensive guide on everything they need to know about the country. The show's pace is excellent, giving you time to sit back and savor the beauty of India's vibrant culture, history, and cuisine. It is an ideal show to watch if you want to learn about one of the world's most fascinating countries, and experience the romance and adventure of train travel.

Great Indian Railway Journeys
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    7.8  (111)