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Rebelde takes place in an exclusive private school called Elite Way. The show follows teenagers Mia, Miguel, Roberta, and Diego on their experiences while attending Elite Way. They all come from different backgrounds, social and financial, but their passion for music is what brings them together. The show's namesake, Rebelde, is in fact the musical group they create together along with a few other classmates.

Rebelde, the music group, is extremely talented and plays the type of music that everyone loves listening to. The show breaks the fourth wall in the sense that the teenagers who play in Elite Way's band Rebelde are actually the members of the real life band also named Rebelde or RBD. The real life Rebelde is one of the most popular bands in Latin America.

Daily at 7:00 PM et/pt on Televisa
1 Season, 3 Episodes
October 4, 2004
Comedy Drama Romance
Cast: AnahÑ, Dulce MarÑa, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Von Uckermann

Rebelde Full Episode Guide

  • Lupita's aunt helps Miguel get in to take the test and in exchange asks him to look after her niece. Miguel meets Mia and there's mutual attraction.

  • Roberta tries to thwart her admission. Miguel has trouble getting in to take admission test. Thanks to her aunt, Lupita will attend school.

  • A drunk Diego crashes his car. Roberta's forced to go to Elite Way School. Miguel tells his mom he's going to D.F. Mia and Roberta hate each other.