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Remodeled is a reality television series from the CW network that is hosted by Paul Fisher and produced by Sony Pictures Television and Fly On The Wall Entertainment. During the supermodel era of the 1980s through 1990s, Paul Fisher was a major player in the modeling and fashion industries. He earned a reputation as having an ability to notice potential superstars in groups of new younger models. This series is his new focus as he works with smaller agencies from around the globe to form The Network.

The show focuses more upon the business side of the industry, rather than the traditional exploits of the models. Stories about the models are incorporated into the story lines, but only briefly.

The series refers to mainline magazines in fashion such as Seventeen and GQ. Also included are top fashion designers like Tommy Hilfiger. While there is revealing attire featured, there is little discussion about the body sizes of the competing models. The show also features some of the more potent pressures that models face when they are trying to break into the fashion business, such as preparing for continual rejection.

Paul Fisher's focus is to work with the smaller agencies in an attempt to change the entire modeling world. By linking over 50 agencies together, his goal is to put the focus on smaller businesses rather than the mega house agencies of Los Angeles and New York.

He also assists the aspiring models from networked agencies with career choices. With his assistants Anna Alschbach and Joseph, he visits each network agency in order to evaluate its business strategies and to provide the necessary feedback.

The show highlights what it really takes in order to have success as a modeling agency. This includes understanding every detail about the fashion industry and how to navigate them. For example, they cover methods of casting preparation for models and how to keep models from signing with bigger, more competitive agencies.

The CW
1 Season, 8 Episodes
January 17, 2012
Beauty & Fashion, Reality
Cast: Anna Alschbach, Rachel Kroes
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Remodeled Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, two sisters vie for a photo shoot for Seventeen magazine, but only one will get the job; Paul tries to help a former mentor and friend who let his agency deteriorate.

  • Paul knew he had a star when he first saw Haley. Haley has an opportunity to run a new campaign for Paul, but is she too inexperienced to land the gig.

  • The Network's new superstar Meghan has booked a new watch campaign - the only catch, it involves working with a male model. Meanwhile, Paul heads down to Hermosa Beach, CA to deal with an agency owner that has begged for an opportunity to work with the Network.

  • After being discovered during a previous visit to The Network's Orlando agency, Emerge, Shaughnessy scores the chance to walk in an Andy Hilfiger fashion show in Miami. While there, Shaughnessy is also given the opportunity to vie for a major purse campaign.

  • Meghan has a chance to meet with Elle Magazine, but when her grades go down the trip is at risk.

  • Paul visits Fierce Models in Rapid City, South Dakota, and is furious when he discovers the agency's owner is running a dishonest modeling school. Meanwhile, Olga and JT, Director of New Faces for The Network, are in New York City with a few of The Network's models, setting last-minute meetings with designers in the hopes of booking a show for Fashion Week that could potentially launch their modeling careers.

  • Modeling industry veteran Paul Fisher is planning to bring together hundreds of small agencies around the world in a new venture to change the industry from the inside out.

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