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Eight-year-old Rev, and his best friend Rumble, along with their best friends Avery and Alley, experience all sorts of fun adventures on their family's ranch. Rev & Roll is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2019.

Where do I stream Rev & Roll online? Rev & Roll is available for streaming on DHX Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rev & Roll on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

DHX Media
1 Season, 26 Episodes
July 1, 2019
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, Tabitha St. Germain, Brian Drummond
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Rev & Roll Full Episode Guide

  • After many years of working hard on Accelerator Acres, Tilly the tractor is ready to retire from ranch life. / Rev and the gang compete for the title of Best Prankster-except Lori sits out, claiming pranks aren't her thing.

  • Rev wants to surprise his friends with a movie celebrating their friendship, so he secretly gathers footage to show they're the best friends ever. / Owen hosts a virtual review of the gang's adventures with Rev and Rumble, plus all of their awesome gear! He walks his viewers through some of their most memorable moments, from mega stunts to monsters to rescue missions.

  • When Rev, Rumble and their friends help capture a group of wayward llamas, they each try and claim sole credit for the round up. / When Avery creates a magnetic modification for Rumble, it seems to be the perfect solution. Now Rumble can help them tidy up the Gear Up Garage!

  • When Bo messes up on a few rescue missions, he decides to quit Bo's Rescue Hotline. Wanting to help their friend, the gang creates fake emergencies for Bo to solve. / As a heatwave hits Fender Bend, Rev and his friends look forward to Ice Cream Dream Day!

  • When Rev hears a snowstorm is coming, he starts building the best winter track ever! One problem...Rev is sick. No matter what his friends say, they can't keep him away. / When Rev and Avery investigate veggie-rustling rabbits, they form a posse to run them out of town.

  • When Rev finds out that Bo wants to be a Police Kid, he tells a white lie to make him one for a day! Officer Bo takes the new job too far, ticketing everyone-for everything. / At Camp Sleepaway, Bo is homesick. His friends try to lift his spirits, but after a stinky trip to the outhouse, he's had enough!

  • Rev and the gang are painting a mural for Four-Wheeled Friendship Day! But with Avery in charge, the friends start to lose confidence in their work. / When the pals befriend a mouse in the barn, Rumble can't resist breaking the rules by bringing the little guy a snack.

  • When Rev's dad tells about him about treasure sunken in the pond, Rev and Avery set out on a pirate adventure! They outfit Rumble and Alley with new dive equipment to salvage the long-lost toys and cherished memories found within the chest. / When Rev's cousin Katie comes to visit, Avery's jealousy gets the best of her-Avery always thought she was the coolest girl Rev knew!

  • When Miss Dottie goes missing, Rev and Avery offer to return her to the Rancher's Jamboree! Rumble is star-struck by the show-sheep, until the unlikely duo become friends. / Rev is determined to master Rumble's new wrecking-ball attachment, but things quickly get out of hand when the duo refuse to ask for help.

  • When Rev asks to help beautify the town, he insists there's no job too tough! That is...until he finds out he'll be hauling stinky manure. / When the gang organizes a birthday party for Rev, Avery insists they keep it secret. After hiding Rev's gifts in a tree, they realize the presents are stuck up there and will need to be retrieved.

  • As the Gear Up Grand Prix begins, each of the friends runs into problems and must drop out of the race. Soon, slow and steady Lori is the only one left standing! / When the gang puts on a Chinese New Year play, they cast Rumble as the monster. He's a natural! But in rehearsal Rumble begins to worry that he'll be too scary for the audience on opening night.

  • Stuckey the garbage truck dreams of entering the Auto Show, so Rev and the gang clean him up for his big debut. But after saving his friends from danger, Stuckey winds up covered in mud all over again. / When Lori only receives two tickets to a movie premiere, her friends compete to see which one of them is her "best friend." But watching her friends compete only makes Lori feel terrible.

  • Rev and Rumble teach Bentley the puppy to play Hide and Seek! At first the pup doesn't get it...but soon Bentley's hiding so well, they can't find him! / A big winter storm is headed for town...and it's Christmas Eve! What if Santa can't find them through the snow?

  • It's Mudder's Day-everyone's favourite day of the year! The Stunt Park is filled with mud, and the whole town gets to drive through it. / After Bo shows off his action-hero moves, Rev wants him to star in his film. Bu Bo freezes with stage fright as soon as Rev turns the camera on! Bo wants to be brave and come through for his friends, but how can he overcome his fear?

  • When Rev and Avery find a stray kitten, they put posters around to alert its owner. The owner arrives at the Gear Up Garage...just as the kitty vanishes! Rev and the gang set out to find the kitten! / When Rev leads the gang in a fossil hunting expedition, they find an enormous skull! Molly breaks the news that they'll have to leave the skeleton for professionals to dig up.

  • Rev can't wait to take Avery camping. But when he learns they're trying a new campsite for the first time ever, he is disappointed-what if the new campsite isn't as fun...or worse...boring?! / Rev wants to be just like his dad, so he and Rumble attempt Ben and Duke's usual tasks. They're disappointed when they aren't strong enough to tackle the big jobs the way Ben would.

  • When Rev and Avery set out to conquer a legendary endurance course, the course's challenges put their truck power to the test. But as they near the end, a call for help takes them off course. / When Rev sees Lori working the quarry in secret, Lori asks Rev to keep it secret-she worries she isn't good enough, and dreams of working with the big quarry trucks one day.

  • When a game of Bumper Ball gets a little too heated, the friends start competing against their own teammates! But when a stray ball knocks open the sheep pen, they'll have to learn to work together to round up the sheep. / Rev and his friends receive a map in pieces, so they race up separate mountain trails, vying to be first to claim the treasure at the top.

  • When Rev offers to help look after a rambunctious puppy, Rumble gets jealous of all the attention he gets. And much to his annoyance, while Rev and Avery try everything to teach the pup new tricks (with no success), it only has eyes for Rumble! / When Rev tries to teach Rumble to swim with his special inflated tires, Rumble keeps sinking to the bottom of the pond.

  • When Rumble cracks his mirror, he thinks it gave him bad luck, and his confidence takes a hit. Even after Rev fixes the mirror and bolsters his pal, the bad luck continues. / When Rev hears about a vehicle long jump contest, he dreams of fame and victory. But even with a grueling training plan from coaches Avery and Alley, the record-breaking jump seems out of reach.

  • When damage from a storm threatens to cancel the Wild Wheelin' Stunt Park Skills Contest, Owen is disappointed he won't get to compete. Rev leads the kids in the Stunt Park clean-up! / Rev and the gang make their own castle and play as knights of old. But when their sticks and building supplies begin to disappear, Bo leads them into a medieval battle of wits with the culprit.

  • After a snowstorm, Rev and Avery compete for title of Champion of the Winter Bestival! Avery is determined to hold her title from last year. Rev's Dad suggests a "slow and steady" approach to win. / When Rumble wakes Rev in the middle of the night, they hear a strange sound, and see lights in the forest. The next day, Ben encourages them to investigate further.

  • Rev and Avery go on an adventure to discover the Crystal Cavern. As they enter the first cave, a swarm of bats scare Rumble so much, he takes off through a maze of tunnels! / When Molly tells a campfire story about the Fender Bend Beast, the kids' imaginations run wild. Covered in goop and debris, Rumble scares them into thinking he's the Beast!

  • Rev is sure he has the perfect plan to catch an elusive frog, but Avery isn't so sure. After all of his attempts fall through, he's finally ready to accept help-and Avery's idea just might work! / Rev and Avery compete to transport supplies to town for a big event. Avery is faster, so Rev tries to take a short cut to get ahead-but an obstacle stops him in his tracks.

  • As Rev and Avery compete to see who can be the best helper, they accidentally work against each other and end up making things more complicated for those they try to help! / Rev thinks Avery is moving away! Upset, he leads an all-out effort to convince her to stay, showing her that Fender Bend is the best place to live-despite Avery's protests that she's too busy.