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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Road To The NHL Stadium Series is a dynamic sports documentary series produced by Epix, that follows the journey of two NHL teams as they compete in one of the league's most anticipated outdoor games, the Stadium Series. The show features a behind-the-scenes look into each team's preparation, strategy, and training leading up to the big game, and delivers a unique perspective on the personal stories and dynamics of the players, coaches, and staff.

The series is divided into six episodes, each providing an in-depth exploration of the teams' progress and challenges during the 2019-2020 season. Each episode covers the team's journey from their home ice rinks to the outdoor stadiums where the Stadium Series games are held. The series is narrated by actor Jon Hamm, who provides a thoughtful and entertaining voice-over throughout each episode.

The first episode of Road To The NHL Stadium Series gives viewers an introduction to the two teams that will be playing in the game. Episode one follows the Colorado Avalanche and the Los Angeles Kings as they begin their respective seasons and establish their identities on the ice. Both teams are facing challenges that they will have to overcome to succeed in the Stadium Series game. The episode shows glimpses of players' personal lives, including their family relationships, hobbies, and the impact that the NHL's intensive schedule has on their lives.

The second episode focuses on the players' physical and mental preparation for the game. Viewers get a glimpse into how they maintain their fitness, their diet, and their mental preparation for the game. Through interviews with players and coaches, viewers can assess how the teams approach training and how they adjust their strategy to win the game.

The third episode takes viewers behind the scenes of the teams' meetings and training sessions. Viewers are exposed to the decision-making process, the thoughts that the coaching staff put into the game strategy, and the pregame rituals and traditions of the players. The episode highlights the importance of teamwork and leadership, with interviews from both coaches and players detailing how they foster a winning culture.

The fourth episode of Road To The NHL Stadium Series is a particularly fascinating one, particularly for fans who want to know more about the intricacies of the game. This episode examines the tactical elements of the teams, looking at their individual playing styles and how they evolve their tactics as the game progresses. The show provides insight into the detailed analytical and scouting work that goes into developing game strategies and how they are tailored to each team's unique strengths.

Episode five provides a deep-dive into key players in both the Avalanche and the Kings. Through interviews with players, coaches, and family members, viewers discover more about what makes these players unique and how their personalities drive their success. This angle is particularly enlightening, as fans get to know the players off the ice, including personal stories and quirks that are often hidden in hockey culture.

In the final episode, fans get an inside look at the Stadium Series game between the Avalanche and the Kings. This episode provides an overview of everything that led up to this moment, from the inception of the idea to the arduous months of training for the teams. The episode covers the event with cinematic angles, focusing not just on the game, but also the unique environment and unmatched atmosphere of an outdoor NHL game.

Overall, Epix's Road To The NHL Stadium Series is an engaging, informative, and sometimes emotional documentary series that will appeal to fans of the NHL and casual sports fans alike. The series provides fascinating insights into the world of professional hockey and offers intimate portraits of its players, coaches, and staff. The show's superior production values, coupled with an excellent narration by Jon Hamm, makes for a pleasantly entertaining and informative viewing experience.

Road To The NHL Stadium Series
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February 24, 2015
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February 3, 2015
EPIX Presents Road To The NHL Stadium Series has four weekly episodes_4-18 focused on the reigning Stanley Cup® Champion Kings and their division rivals, the Sharks, as they prepare for the 2015 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series™ at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. on February 21.
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    February 3, 2015