Roger and Val Have Just Got In

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The show can be considered a semi comedy that doesn't use the traditional punch lines and proper gags. Roger and Val focuses on the time after they come home from work each day. Small arguments over dinner, attending to self worth, and making sure to shield your partner from hurt feelings is what Roger and Val do. The TV show taps into a type of realness of long lasting relationships.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on BBC TWO
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
August 6, 2010
Cast: Alfred Molina, Dawn French

Roger and Val Have Just Got In Full Episode Guide

  • Something arrives that will change Roger and Val's lives forever.

  • Who is the man outside? Why do Roger and Val need help from Julie Andrews?

  • Dental problems put a very important meal in jeopardy.

  • A verdict leads to a meal, and an email leads to a confession.

  • A gift from a well wisher brings turmoil to the eve of Roger's tribunal.

  • Val returns home to see how Roger's tribunal at work has gone. She reveals she is going to a dinner which a former colleague who fell in love with her and moved to New Zealand, is attending. Roger cynically reviews all things New Zealand has offered.

  • Roger reveals that after learning news about his father he follows grief counseling advice and writes out an idealized self-image; but sends the email to his management team at work. Embarrassed, he and Val try to salvage the situation the situation.

  • Roger's cousin and her husband come to say their goodbyes to Roger's dying father. Val is excited to use the spare bedroom they've never used before.

  • Val comes home with clean curtains and learns that Roger and his non-plant loving boss have fought again. The dining room has just been decorated and Roger and Val must summon up the energy to put the curtains back up, will they manage to do so?

  • Val arrives home to an agitated Phil because she left tonight's meal in his plant fridge and because of tension at work involving his boss.

  • Roger having successfully taken on his bosses over unfair working conditions for the cleaning staff. He returns home to find Val searching for the warranty for their vacuum. Realizing that it's probably somewhere in the big drawer in the garage.