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Romanzo Criminale is an Italian television drama based on a novel with the same title. This series follows the activities of gang in the city of Rome that is running the drug trade. The drug that they sell most often is heroin. The gang of drug dealers is lead by three top members. These members are Libanese, Freddo, and Dandi. These men run an operation which brings in millions of dollars each year.

This gang is constantly fighting the law and getting caught. They are also facing rival gangs that are looking to take their place on the drug trade. There are also fights for revenge for member that have been killed in the past. The Italian Secret Services is also constantly on the hunt for these top gang members and other members as well. Each episode shows the leaders escaping the police, fighting and getting away from other gangs, and doing their best to keep peace within their own organization.

2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
September 3, 2010
Crime, Drama
Cast: Riccardo De Filippis, Vinicio Marchioni, Alessandro Roja, Marco Bocci
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Romanzo Criminale Full Episode Guide

  • Buffoni and Scrocchiazeppia adjust to life outside of prison, and look to settle old scores with Freddo and Dandi.

  • A snitch gives up information that leads to the arrest of five guys. Scialoia's trial hinges on the testimony of a heroin addict.

  • Bufalo assaults a priest in prison with the hope that he'll be deemed insane. Freddo approaches him and Ricotta with a plan to rid of the traitors.

  • Freddo learns that the weapon that killed Libano belonged to his own gang. Meanwhile, a drug overdose sends his brother to the hospital.

  • Bufalo pleads insanity when he's charged with murder. Dandi finds that Patrizia has a new career.

  • The gang receives an offer from Don Mimmo that would come with a heavy cost. Scialoja continues closing in on Libanese's killer.

  • The gang continues to battle with the Sardinians. Scialoja returns to the brothel to meet with Patrizia.

  • Bufalo and Dandi's disdain for each other leads to tensions that could tear the group apart. Scialoja takes aim at the gang's finances.

  • The gang battles a rival crew for control of the drug trade in Rome. Robert and Ice have relationship troubles.

  • Freddo and Dandi seek revenge for what happened to the Lebanese before the police can make an arrest.

  • Libano's condition is rapidly deteriorating. Sensing that Libano's days are numbered, his men begin seeking new alliances, setting up their own businesses, or fleeing. But there is shocking news.

  • Libano is furious when he learns that a petty crook sold 200 grams of heroin without his knowledge. After the devastating attack on Bologna's Central Station, Scialoja uncovers a link between the bombing and his old workplace in Rome.

  • Libano and his pals have fallen prey to drugs and gambling. Freddo's foolhardy loan of the gang's weapons to the neo-fascist Nero turns out to be a ticking bomb...

  • Drugs, buildings, brothels, Libano has his finger in every pie. Scialoja, however, has no luck trying to convince Patrizia to change her ways, and is forced to apply for a transfer.

  • With Terribile dead, Libano is at the zenith of his power. Freddo is disappointed that Libano doesn't seem to trust him, and becomes receptive to neo-fascist ideology.

  • While the power struggle between Libano and Terribile heads towards its grand finale, Libano finds a way to rein in Patrizia. Scialoja's family matters seriously endanger his career.

  • Libano and his gang are in jail with a long-time enemy, who wants revenge but underestimates Libano. Though Scialoja has evidence that one of Libano's men was involved in the Baron's kidnapping, the proof is soon destroyed.

  • The Moro abduction leads to stronger police presence, which casts a pall on the underworld. Meanwhile, the Baron's body has been found by Scialoja..

  • Libano is about to retaliate against his old nemesis Terribile, when ground-breaking news shake the politically unstable country.

  • While Libano fails at first to obtain drugs from the Sardinian, his pal Dandi meets callgirl Patrizia, who makes him lose his senses. In the meantime, inspector Scialoja examines every imaginable clue in the Rossellini kidnapping with tireless commitment.

  • Rome, 1977. Italy is plagued by rampant corruption. One petty criminal, called Libano (Lebanese), dreams of controlling Rome's underworld. But soon, Libano lands in the sights of the ambitious young police inspector Scialoja.

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