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This series created by filmmaker brothers Mark and Jay Duplass follows the stories that play out in a single motel room. Each episodes tells a separate story about the room's current resident, and the plots range from the comedic to the dark and weird. The series debuted on HBO in 2017.

1 Season, 36 Episodes
July 28, 2017
Cast: Jennifer Lafleur, Jenny Leonhardt, Michael Chandler, Kristina Harrison
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Room 104 Full Episode Guide

  • While on a layover from collecting a rare botanical specimen, a scientist wakes to find herself inside a lush, rapidly growing jungle.

  • A young woman sells her soul to live a life of earthly pleasures and is forced to reckon with her decision decades later.

  • Two stars of a 1970's horror show talk to a podcaster about the origins of their cult TV program.

  • Left alone by her bickering parents, a bored teen girl makes a series of prank calls, until one tests her brazen alter-ego.

  • An ailing man summons his estranged children to make a change to his will and ensure the line of succession for their extraordinary family business.

  • In this documentary episode, father and son artists Jimmy Ray Flynn and Gianni Arone are invited to create a work of art in Room 104, where they open up about their relationship, their creative process and Gianni's history with addiction and mental illness.

  • 'A New Song.' (Season Three) A singer/songwriter on tour confronts her inner turmoil while composing her next song.

  • Two men on an out-of-town drywall gig struggle to find a solution to one's sleepwalking problem.

  • 'Rogue.' (Season Three) A teen runaway seeks safety in Room 104, where she meets a woman who offers a glimmer of hope for the future.

  • A man who suffers from a chronic skin ailment is advised by his doctor to isolate himself in the hopes of increasing his chances of finally getting cured.

  • An exotic animal caretaker encounters a unique woman who informs him that she would be willing to care for the temperamental beast herself.

  • An estranged pair of siblings are brought back together at the location of a future join investment.

  • A woman asks her slightly-younger self to recreate the events of one night at a college frat party.

  • A charismatic pool shark tries to convince his reluctant cousin to stay in the hustling game.

  • A reporter looks to uncover the truth about a woman who claims to be a hybrid robot warning of an impending AI takeover.

  • Grieving the death of her father months earlier in Room 104, a young girl returns with her mother in hopes of being able to communicate with him.

  • A woman finds herself trapped in increasingly terrifying versions of the same nightmare.

  • A couple hoping to conceive makes a video of their emotionally-charged night for their future child.

  • After waking up soaking wet and with no memory of the previous night, Arnold tries to piece together the events that got him to Room 104.

  • Plagued by a host of ailments, Catherine is comforted by a disembodied woman's voice.

  • Two strangers meet to fulfill an unusual mutual fantasy.

  • A powerful Russian political technologist arranges an internet first date with a veterinary nurse, who tries to figure out the truth behind his shifting identity.

  • Jim reunites with Mr. Mulvahill, his third-grade teacher, and challenges him to admit to an incident from the past that left Jim forever changed.

  • Grace and her friends take a weekend trip to celebrate Grace's 30th birthday, only to be surprised by the arrival of her uninvited sister.

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