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In this telenovela, a beautiful woman seeks revenge and violent catharsis after enduring an early life full of abuse and mistreatment. The Colombian series originally aired in 2010, and a Mexican remake aired in 2016. Mar

TV Azteca
1 Season, 125 Episodes
December 22, 2016
Cast: Juliana Betancourth, MarÑa Fernanda Yepes, Sebastian MartÑnez, Andres Sandoval
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Rosario Tijeras Full Episode Guide

  • Antonio calls the pilot, and they agree to meet at the airport. Meanwhile, Querub'n and Adonai's thugs target Rosario and Antonio.

  • Teo calls Paula to tell her Rosario is gone. Rosario, Antonio and the gang reach the place indicated by the Mexicans and make a discovery.

  • There is a shootout at the wake. When Rosario and Antonio take cover, he fires and kills someone, and then she picks up a gun and wounds someone else.

  • Ruby calls Libardo to give him the terrible news. Antonio discovers that Libardo is following him and wants to know why.

  • Rosario takes Antonio after the switch, but Emilio sees her. A shootout ensues, and a police officer is killed. Antonio later questions her methods.

  • Adonai pressures Rosario into shooting Johnefe to prove her loyalty to him. Querub'n confirms that the aircraft contains sugar instead of drugs.

  • In jail, Antonio warns Rosario she's being followed. Tigre takes a shot at her, but she fires back. Rosario blames Peludo for the war.

  • Rosario realizes she's pregnant. After three months in jail, Patabrava recommends a mafia lawyer for Antonio, but he says he believes in justice.

  • Emilio tells Paula he wants Lombanita to take Antonio's case. Ferney tells Rosario that Teo gave him money, with orders to kill her.

  • Jaquemate tells Johnefe that Querub'n is looking for him. He admits Rosario is alive and in hiding. Querub'n promises silence and money.

  • When Emilio is also arrested and jailed, Antonio tells him what happened to Rosario and confesses his obsession with her.

  • The two groups meet in the hallway, but Peludo doesn't recognize anyone. Rosario is taken to an ambulance, where Jaquemate and Cero Cero are waiting.

  • Adonai is told about the attack on Rosario. The doctor gives Antonio an update on Rosario's condition. Johnefe looks for Rosario in several hospitals.

  • Antonio gets a goodbye call from Samanta. Ferney leaves in frustration after arguing with Rosario about her friends. Rosario claims Emilio left her.

  • There's an argument with the police over whether Emilio was actually kidnapped. Antonio calls Rosario, but she doesn't answer.

  • At Emilio and Paula's wedding, Rosario shocks everyone by kidnapping the groom at gunpoint. Samanta blames Antonio for bringing Rosario.

  • Samanta doesn't want Antonio to know she's collaborating with the investigation. Libardo gives Pamela his report after following Antonio.

  • After Rosario tells Adonai what happened with the plane, she and Johnefe decide to hide the packet of sugar. Ferney gives Rosario a necklace.

  • After the bomb is put on the aircraft, the trucks are unloaded onto the plane. Adonai calls from Brazil to get the details about the shipment.

  • In the Consorcio Bellavista, Teo and Peludo organize the loading of the four trucks, which are set to head out on separate itineraries.

  • While Cachi disarms Rosario, Darwin tries to take revenge by raping her. But the situation soon spirals out of control and turns deadly.

  • As Rosario exits the Russian mafioso's house, the guards shoot at her and the police, but Ferney arrives in a taxi and saves her.

  • When Adonai asks Comput'n to shut down the audio control, Teo gets nervous. Rosario tells what she heard about Teo's charges against Adonai.

  • Ferney threatens Antonio and his partners, but he remembers Rosario's warnings and doesn't shoot. Samanta wants Rosario turned in to the police.

  • Marta Lu tells Antonio about Susana and Luis E, Samanta tells Letty she's in love with Antonio, Rosario gets an autograph, and Emilio is in hiding.

  • Teo, Holgu'n and the other investors talk about having the models pose naked to help decide who'll do the calendar. Susana asks to meet with Darwin.

  • Darwin, Yolima and the lawyer reach Bellavista. Susana warns Luis E and Marta Lu that Gonzalo's son has arrived. Faccini tells Ferney to kill Antonio.

  • Pamela sees Rosario being escorted by the police. Johnefe tells Adonai that some hit men passed them on their way to the shooting.

  • Adonai tells Rosario that in order to kill Maj. Castillo, they must also kill the driver and the bodyguards. Antonio thinks Rosario is being used.

  • As Paula and Emilio stroll around Cartagena planning their wedding, they run into Holgu'n and a fight ensues. Rosario calls Emilio but gets no answer.

  • Maj. Castillo and Rosario take Erikson to the hospital. Libardo worries about the kid who was hit. Emilio surprises Paula with tickets to Cartagena.

  • As Paula rehearses in front of Holgu'n's camera, he openly flirts with her. At the concert, Emilio makes a public declaration to Paula.

  • The prosecution gathers info from the jailed truck drivers to make a sketch of the assailants, one of whom is described as a nun. Roc'o eavesdrops.

  • Rosario and Pilar dress as nuns and carry concealed weapons. Johnefe and his men head to the appointed heist site as the two nuns follow close behind.

  • Adonai gives Rosario the silencer to kill El Manicero, who is at a club with Emilio. While there, Rosario bumps into Emilio and they kiss.

  • Johnefe is wounded in the shootout with El Gringo's gang. Ferney tells Emilio and Antonio to get Johnefe out of there.

  • Rosario tries to call Johnefe, but Yolima stops her. Cristancho calls El Papa to tell him Rosario and Johnefe are siblings.

  • While Antonio hosts a party at his family's house to celebrate Emilio's freedom, Rosario goes to the kitchen and apologizes to Letty.

  • Rosario tells Ferney she wants to get rid of El Papa as revenge for what he did to Dayra. When he suggests they do it together, Rosario kisses him.

  • Johnefe takes Rosario to the school, where she is asked about her revenge against Cachi. Antonio finds out the deceased is a student.

  • Ruby complains to Rosario about how she defended her from Marta Lu. Marta Lu's jewels appear, but she won't apologize to Ruby.

  • El Gringo and his gang prepare their attack on the college students. After a botched operation, the police find weapons and arrest El Gringo.

  • When Emilio's father calls to tell him he must leave the country, he refuses to go. Marta Lu wanders around Bellavista feeling nostalgic.

  • Dayra warns Johnefe and Ferney to leave, but Nemesio and Colacho see her too. There is a shootout, but Johnefe and Ferney manage to get away.

  • Antonio worries about Rosario when he tries to call her and Cachi answers. Joselillo finds Rosario crying in the abandoned bus.

  • While Susana is in bed with Luis E, she worries about Gonzalo's proposals. Johnefe pays Cristancho for the firearms. Cachi mugs passengers on a bus.

  • Ruby tells Rosario that Antonio is a considerate young man. Marta Lu asks Luis E about the fees that are due and Gonzalo's offer to pay them.

  • When Colacho shows up in Bellavista without Rosario, El Papa threatens him with a gun. Peludo scolds Johnefe and Ferney for the failed attack.

  • Johnefe and Ferney intend to kill El Papa. Letty tells Marta Lu she isn't pregnant and there won't be a wedding.

  • Dayra and Rosario plan to go to Sabaneta. Ferney wants a bike and decides to steal one. Luis E is angry about Marta Lu's plans for Letty's wedding.

  • Emilio and Antonio leave the embassy, where Solange is waiting. Zulay tells Rosario who her father is. Rosario hides Johnefe and Ferney's firearms.

  • Emilio and Antonio go to the school but aren't allowed to see Rosario. When Cachi and Rosario go for a spin, Antonio and Emilio see them and follow.

  • Cristancho shows El Papa that he got Rosario and Dayra. Antonio gets Emilio to help him look for Rosario, and Solange joins them.

  • Solange comes to the club with her husband, who gets jealous when she flirts with Emilio and threatens him and Antonio with a gun.

  • Antonio takes a wounded Rosario to the hospital and recalls meeting her five years before, when she kissed him because of a bet and got into trouble.

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