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Rubicon is a television show in which, the main character is an intelligence analyst, who suspects he may be working with people who belong to a secret society. He thinks it is a powerful group that manipulates world events. The organization he works for is the American Policy Institute, and they are responsible for gathering information on terrorists and terrorist plots. They share this information with the appropriate agencies.

Will Travers is the analyst who was hired to replace a man who has left mysterious clues as to the circumstances of his death. Will's wife and daughter were killed on Sept 11, 2001; this tragedy has left him believing in conspiracy theories. He sees evidence of messages hidden in crossword puzzles, and newspapers published on the same day. Will confided to David Hadas, who was his boss, and father-in-law, about his concerns.

David told Will he shouldn't worry about a conspiracy, but he reported it to his superior. Soon after this, David was killed in a suspicious commuter rail accident, and the company offered his job to Will Travers. Will suspects that David was assassinated, and that he was hired so that the company could keep an eye on him. Will continues to try to discover the conspiracy which he discovered in the crossword puzzles, fearing that it threatens the security of the country.

Some of the other people in the company also suspect conspiracies; others are assigned to work with Will to inform on his activities. One of his co-workers is trying to find the reasons for her husband's suicide. She found clues leading her to the agency being involved in his death, but even his best friend betrayed her.

The show follows the activities of these characters as they each try to work on their own agendas. Jason Horwitch created the show, and directed the pilot but left, and Henry Bromell was promoted to run the show.

Rubicon is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on August 1, 2010.

Where do I stream Rubicon online? Rubicon is available for streaming on AMC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rubicon on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, , Vudu, AMC online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
August 1, 2010
Cast: James Badge Dale
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Rubicon Full Episode Guide

  • Will uncovers the missing link between Truxton and Hadas's death; Katherine discovers the truth behind her husband's suicide.

  • API joins forces with the FBI and CIA to locate a terrorist before he strikes; Ingram uses an unlikely source to keep Katherine safe.

  • Will gets a special assignment from Truxton; Tanya is asked to rejoin the team to help locate Kate; a threat leaves Katherine afraid to leave her house.

  • Tanya is sent to rehab. Will secretly reaches out to Katherine and uncovers David Hadas's last project. Ingram grows more suspicious of Truxton.

  • Feeling unsafe, Will decides to move out of his apartment. A new analyst joins the team. Katherine reaches out to Tom's ex-wife for answers about his past.

  • The CIA asks Miles and Tanya to oversee the interrogation of a captured Al Queda member. Will looks into Atlas MacDowell. Katherine receives a mysterious envelope.

  • Will looks for increased security and asks Kale for help. Katherine finds a link with the newspaper clipping. Miles makes a breakthrough on George Beck.

  • David's code leads Will to suspect someone at API. Katherine loses faith in Wheeler and decides to take matters into her own hands.

  • Will travels with Spangler to Washington, D.C., leaving his team to make a very important decision on their own. Meanwhile, Katherine finds a suspicious voicemail on Tom's cell phone from the day before he died.

  • Will officially starts his first day as David's successor and pieces together messages left for him by David. Meanwhile, Katherine Rhumor discovers several secrets about her late husband Tom.

  • Will Travers discovers a pattern in several crossword puzzles that he thinks is eerily linked to the death of his boss David. As Will delves into the situation further, things become more mysterious while Will decides to take over David's position.

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