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The television series Samantha Who? focuses on a story about a mature woman who develops amnesia after becoming a victim of a hit-and-run. Samantha Who? is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (35 episodes). The series first aired on October 15, 2007.

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2 Seasons, 35 Episodes
October 15, 2007
Cast: Christina Applegate, Jennifer Esposito, Kevin Dunn, Melissa McCarthy, Tim Russ
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Samantha Who? Full Episode Guide

  • The series ends with Andrea's wedding, along with Sam deciding between Winston Funk or Todd. Meanwhile, Regina and Howard realize that their paths are moving in different directions.

  • Samantha vaguely remember something about her and Winston Funk's ex wife Gigi, before the accident. Chapman tries to ask Dena to marry him. Andrea tries to lure Tony Dane into bed. Regina is caught in a love triangle as to prepare to leave on vacation with Howard.

  • Sam becomes the head of the charity foundation for Winston Funk and hires Andrea as her vice president of legal affairs. She soon regrets this idea when Andrea shirks her duties in favor of planning her wedding.

  • Samantha's stunned to find out she has an aunt and a grandmother, both which have never been mentioned due to their longstanding family feud over an heirloom.

  • Because she thinks she already ruined one job for him, Sam tries to secretly help Todd out, by distracting the competition that is also up for the same job as Todd. Regina tries to sell Dena's house, without Dena knowing, so that she can still work with Sam.

  • Sam is willing to give Todd a second chance and offers him a "first date," but Todd won't trust Winston Funk, who has been wanting Sam o continue the affair they had before her accident. Meanwhile, Andrea goes on a reality show concerning celebrity weddings while planning her big day when she plans to wed gay basketball star Tony Dane..

  • Sam runs into financial troubles with at the craps table in Vegas with her parents. Could her old boss, Winston Funk, be just the person she needs to help her out of her jam? Andrea pulls a fast one on Dena after she reluctantly agrees to help improve Andrea's image in the media.

  • Sam tries to become friends with Frank, once she thinks her old self was a racist. Andrea doesn't want to lose all the glamour of dating a celebrity, after Tony is outed as being gay.

  • Sam wants a baby, but she settles for a babysitting one of Dena's dogs to see if you has any motherly instincts. Howard and Regina inherit a plane, which causes Regina to take flying lessons.

  • Sam and Todd and Andrea and Tony Dane go on a double date. Todd makes a discovery about Tony and Sam tries to interfere in order to keep Andrea from getting hurt. Dena gets an online pen pal and goes to Regina for help because she's worried that Chase will be jealous.

  • After the breakup between Owen and Sam, The Newlys, Dena, and Andrea decide to pack it up and head out for an overdue family vacation to a lodge. Sam is met by an unexpected friend at the lodge, Brad, who was her childhood sweetheart. Things get turbulent when Andrea makes a pass at him.

  • Sam tries to make herself appear to be an environmentalist, so Owen might like her more. Andrea doesn't fare well when the basketball player, Tony Dane, is looking for a date.

  • Sam's decision to invite Owen to dinner with her parents goes awry when Owen's thoughts about chicken farms hits Howard the wrong way. Meanwhile, Dena, worried Chase isn't spending enough time with her, sits in on one of his meetings; and Todd enjoys having the apartment to himself.

  • Sam and Andrea open up a real estate business. Sam wants to do things fairly, but her first client could change her mind. In an attempt to gain a basketball player's phone number, Andrea flirts with Todd's friend, Seth.

  • Desperate to regain her memory, Sam opts to join a clinical trial and starts taking pills for her memory. Sam's memories start coming back, but she doesn't like what she learns about her former self. Elsewhere, someone confuses Dena and Andrea as being a gay couple, which frustrates Andrea and sends her on the hunt to find someone hotter than Dena.

  • Trying to find a new direction in life, Samantha decides to head to Africa in order to help the needy. However, her friends are sure she'll back out, especially after seeing the list of required vaccinations. To make everyone think she's out of the country, Sam must hide with Andrea and Dena.

  • Sam's relationship with Todd begins to move along too quickly leading her to put it on hold until Todd breaks it off with Chloe. However, Sam soon begins to think that Chloe is making up a story about a sick aunt in order to guilt Todd into staying with her. Meanwhile, Regina and Andrea clash over how best to plan Sam's birthday party.

  • Samantha continues to have an affair with Todd -- who is still dating Chloe -- and begins to believe that her mother is having an affiar of her own. Meanwhile, Andrea considers opening a coffee shop with Dena.

  • Sam reluctantly sets Dena with her boss, but uses her unsuspecting friend to try to convince her boss to shut down a contruction project that is endangering a butterfly habitat. Meanwhile, Sam tries to figure out why Todd is ignoring her after they kissed.

  • Samantha is shocked when Winston Funk, a wealthy man who owns a real estate firm, proposes to her. Sam realizes that since Andrea is completely in love with him, his proposal could ruin their friendship.

  • Sam falls hard and fast for Kevin, and when she thinks that she may be in love with him Kevin begins to pull away, ultimately breaking up with her. In doing so, Sam's memories about her relationship with Todd begin to resurface.

  • Feeling that it's time for her daughter to start dating again, Regina shocks Samantha by setting her up on an unannounced blind date with Kevin, the contractor hired to refinish their floors. When Sam inadvertently leads Kevin to believe that she's an avid hockey fan, she finds herself turning to Todd for advice which is complicated by the fact that he has a new girlfriend, Chloe. Meanwhile, Andrea is psyched to be flying to Rome with her latest fling

  • While out with Todd, Sam runs into an old boyfriend and learns that he has a restraining order against her. After memories begin to flood back, Sam worries that her need for attention is a result of her poor relationship with her father. To fix this, she sets out to win her dad's affection, regardless of the steps it takes.

  • While out with Andrea, Sam realizes she has no memory of sex. Now that she's in essence a virgin, Samantha debates reexperiencing her 'first time' or waiting for the right guy.

  • Thrilled in thinking that someone must have liked the former her, Sam quickly agrees to be a bridesmaid at a wedding. However, when Sam arrives at the wedding, she learns she's been uninvited by the bride. Despite being bummed by the rejection, Sam decides to turn it into vindication by apologizing and being reaccepted by the bride.

  • Samantha wakes up in the hospital with no idea where she is or who the family and friends gathered around her are. Following the accident, Sam suffers from retrograde amnesia and has no memories pre-accident, but is able to fully function. To some this may be a curse, but for Sam it gives her a chance to rediscover herself and be a better person the second time around -- before the accident she was a horrible person, vain, selfish and had more enemies than friends.

Samantha Who? News

Christina Applegate to Star in Comedy Pilot for Lorne Michaels

After too long playing second fiddle to less talented leads on the big screen, Christina Applegate ("Married with Children," "Samantha Who?") will return to television in a comedy pilot for producer Lorne Michaels ("30 Rock," "Saturday Night Live"), as revealed today in The Hollywood Reporter.

Applegate is best known in my generation for her role as Veronica Corningstone in the future classic "Anchroman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy," in which she tactfully walked the line of playing the straight (wo)man while still getting laugh

Christina Applegate Has New Baby Girl Named Sadie Grace

Christina Applegate is now a mom. The star, who has suffered from and recently recovered from breast cancer, is a mom to a baby girl. Christina and her fiancé Martyn LeNoble welcomed their daughter last Thursday. Mother and baby are both said to be doing well in the LA.. area.

Christina and Martyn named their baby Sadie Grace LeNoble. The pregnancy was kept a secret until Christina was caught on camera a few months ago with a bump.