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The television series Savage Family Diggers also known as American Digger is primarily aired on the well known Spike channel. This television show falls into the genre of reality, and it has an approximate running time of about 30 minutes long per episode not excluding commercials. Furthermore, the Savage Family Diggers is mainly focused around the well known and popular Frank Huguelet more commonly known as Ric Savage. Ric Savage was a well known wrestler who found a new passion in life once he left the wrestling world.

Ric savage started his own company that he currently owns and operates called the Savage Family Diggers. Ric Savage and his trusting, loyal, and hard working team scour all across the United States in order to find buried and hidden treasures in the yards or land of various home owners. His team consists of himself, his wife Rita, his son Giuseppe, Rue Schumate, and Bob Buttafuso. They search for many various items such as historical pieces, gold, silver, and anything else that has value or a history behind it.

This team of digger's travel to various state's in search for areas of land that may have these hidden treasures. They will find these areas and then ask the home owners of that property if they can dig up their yard. Whatever treasures they find they will give a percentage of the profits to the homeowner. Some people are more than happy to help, but other people are resistant and very rude.

The Savage Family Diggers is about a family filled with a passion for finding lost treasures. These diggers display lots of enthusiasm with them on every search, excitement on their faces when they hit the jackpot, and disappointment when they leave with nothing.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Spike TV
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
March 21, 2012
History, Travel
Cast: Giuseppe Savage, Ric Savage, Rita Savage, Nick Savage
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Savage Family Diggers Full Episode Guide

  • Team Savage discover a Cold War bunker in Miami.

  • Team Savage searches for smuggler relics in the bayou.

  • Team Savage digs at a Marine hospital in Memphis.

  • Team Savage digs in Crooked River, MO for Mormon War relics.

  • Actor Bill Paxton joins Team Savage for a dig in New Harmony, Ind.

  • Team Savage digs in a World War II POW camp in Virginia Beach.

  • Team Savage goes back to its roots and digs for Civil War artifacts in Cape Fear, NC.

  • A chance encounter leads Team Savage to dig an American castle in Newport, RI.

  • The Savages excavate a site in the historic whaling town of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

  • The Savage family search for pirate Blackbeard's treasure, it's somewhere on the bottom of the sea off the coast of North Carolina. They find blunderbuss, canon ball, and precious gems.

  • The Savage's dig in the basement of a legendary bar in South Boston looking for artifacts from the city's boxing past, they uncover a ring bell, brass knuckles, and an early portable camera.

  • Rick and family search for old brothels in New Orleans' original red light district. Nick's bad work ethic makes his brother upset. They find: Antique Rolex, Condom tin, and relics worth thousands.

  • The Savage's dig on a Savannah plantation that is rumored to be haunted for Civil War artifacts. They're on edge from the eerie problems and creepy locals. They find: Civil War relics, bones, and ghosts.

  • Alligators complicate a bayou dig.

  • Artifacts from a European settlement in the U.S. are sought.

  • A homeowner threatens the search for Civil War relics in Virginia.

  • American Savage heads for Al Capone's home turf, hunting valuable artifacts from Chicago's gangland past. But hostile homeowners, angry cops, and a challenging underground dig stand between the team and a Savage profit.

  • The crew seeks out slavery artifacts, but uncomfortable homeowners might shut down the dig.

  • The crew seeks relics from America's first permanent English colony, but affluent homeowners complicate matters.

  • A search for rare sites from the 19th century requires the crew to cut through concrete and dig holes up to 30-feet deep.

  • Native American artifacts are sought in Ric's hometown, but woodland dangers complicate the dig.

  • The crew seeks artifacts in North Carolina pertaining to the region's history with moonshine.

  • The crew uses a backhoe to reach the ancient sea floor during a search for prehistoric shark teeth and Jurassic fossils.

  • American Savage heads to the automobile capital of the world to dig for valuable relics from the Motor City's historic boom times, but abandoned houses, vicious dogs and buried hazards may destroy their dreams of a Savage profit.

  • American Savage hunts for valuable Alaskan Gold Rush artifacts left behind by prospectors in the late 1800s, but blizzards, freezing temperatures and reclusive homeowners could dash their dreams of striking artifact gold.

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