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Mrs Watson wants Luke to tidy his room, and he's not allowed out with his friends until he has tidied up. Worse still they've got hold of a ticket for him to see Brain Drain in concert that evening!

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The Grumpus - Part 1
51. The Grumpus - Part 1
December 15, 2016
Whilst Mike puts up Christmas lights and stockings in the Watson house the Negatives turn off their lights and board up their fireplace. Luke goes to deliver his friends Christmas presents, in high spirits, but when he gets to their houses their doors are shut and Christmas presents are piled up on the doorsteps.
Lucky Penny
50. Lucky Penny
November 3, 2017
The Scream Street fair brings the whole town together, but when trying some of Dr Skully's honey, a zombee stings Luke causing him to turn into a werewolf and destroy the fair! Terrified and disappointed everyone leaves and Luke is left feeling terrible. He wanders towards the woods muttering about his bad luck, when suddenly a lucky dip barrel appears.
Wheels of Death
49. Wheels of Death
November 2, 2017
Luke, Cleo and Resus are practising their skateboard tricks in the graveyard. Luke is sure he can land his new 720 trick over the area labelled DANGER - but with no success, his board lands in the danger zone and gets covered in goo! Luke reveals his skateboard is called Crystal and Cleo and Resus laugh at his obsession with his board.
A Letter from the Underlands
48. A Letter from the Underlands
November 1, 2017
Breaking News in Scream Street - the Brain Catcher is trying to escape again! He keeps using idiotic schemes which make Luke suspicious of his real plans. Then when Luke, Cleo and Resus all receive a letter from someone in the Underlands, Luke is even more suspicious - but not Resus, he is happy to have someone to talk to and is annoyed when Luke and Cleo say he is being scammed.
Resus Goes Viral
47. Resus Goes Viral
October 31, 2017
Resus has never liked sports day, mainly because he can never win - especially not when his friends have incredible monster abilities! Dr Skully's involved in a secret scientific experiment - coming up with an antidote for a terrible virus that strips monsters of all their powers. Resus has an idea on how to win for once.
Grampy Vampy
46. Grampy Vampy
October 31, 2017
Screaming Fools' Day has come early and the whole town is pranking one another, but Dr Skully has had enough of the pranks and confiscates Resus vampire teeth for a whole week! Little does he know that those teeth are actually Resus' Grampy Vampy! Not wanting to get into more trouble, Resus has to think of a way to get his Grampy back before Bella has to take him to the dentist.
The Dread Shoes
45. The Dread Shoes
October 30, 2017
It's time for the yearly Scream Street Dance Competition and everyone is keen to win, and no-one more so than Otto. He is fed up with coming second and will do whatever it takes to win this year. Resus and Cleo are paired up so Luke partners with Luella. Turns out Luke isn't very good at dancing so he digs up the famous dancing shoes of 'Dread Astaire' and becomes a ballroom sensation!
The Plague
44. The Plague
October 27, 2017
Dr Skully informs the class they have a big exam coming up, Cleo doesn't need to study, she's sat all of Dr Skully's test before, that's the one good thing about being 4,000 years old! Dr Skully decides to create a brand new test, which the boys have studied for but she hasn't, she assumed it was the same test he always uses!
Summer Sucks
43. Summer Sucks
October 26, 2017
Summer brings heat to Scream Street along with mosquitos! Dr Skully deals with the heat by making ice lollies with his Discombobulator and Eefa deals with the mosquitos by relocating them via her magic insect hoop. Meanwhile in the Negative's house things are getting really heated. Resus thinks Alston is complaining that his son is not a true vampire and the two argue.
Game of Screams
42. Game of Screams
October 25, 2017
For Luke, the idea of playing board games is the most boring thing ever! He is able to escape his Dad's efforts to get him to play, only to discover Cleo and Resus playing another board game - chess! Luke convinces them to leave the game and they head out on another adventure to the abandoned toy shop next door to the Farr's.
You Read My Mind
41. You Read My Mind
October 24, 2017
Luke needs to do well in his big history test, but, as per usual, he hasn't been studying. If only he knew all the answers like Cleo. Eefa shows the gang her new mind reading potion, and Luke is keen to try it. Despite the potential side effects he drinks the potion - and it works! Luke can read everyone's minds, but he doesn't let on.
Brian Brain
40. Brian Brain
October 23, 2017
Everyone has gathered to see visiting comedian Brian Brain. He's a brain (and eyes) floating in a glass dome. When Brian makes fun of late-arrival Luke, everyone has a good laugh and Luke leaves with his nose seriously out of joint. That night Otto is robbed and it turns out other residents have been too. Luke is convinced Brian is guilty and says so. Cleo and Resus think Luke's being harsh.
Friendly Neighbourhood Werewolf
39. Friendly Neighbourhood Werewolf
October 23, 2017
Luke has been helping out at the Emporium as a part time job, but he accidentally breaks one of Eefa's jars and then in anger breaks a few more! He turns werewolf and causes total devastation in the shop. Otto turns up at the Emporium - he's had enough of Luke destroying stuff and calls McDread! Otto brings McDread to the shop.
Uncle Memphis
38. Uncle Memphis
February 9, 2017
Cleo wishes Niles wasn't such an embarrassing dad - he's forgetful, scruffy and hopeless. When she smartens him up with a spare set of bandages she finds in the basement, he looks like a new man. The only problem is that he really is - her evil Uncle Memphis has taken over Niles's body.
Nightmare Neighbours
37. Nightmare Neighbours
February 8, 2017
Luke loves visiting the Negatives next door. It's a kid-friendly, rock and roll lifestyle compared to living with his boring parents on the other side of the wall. Luke comes up with a little scheme and pierces one of the blood pipes that run through the walls - he plans to cause a 'little bit of a leak' in his room and force a move next door to stay with his best friend.
Goblin Gas
36. Goblin Gas
February 7, 2017
The whole of Scream Street is experiencing a blackout. All apart from Sneer Hall, to which Otto has diverted all the power so that he can turn on his great big new money counting machine! The next day at school, there's still no power so Skully is showing the class the history of how they used to make electricity on Scream Street. Using a goblin gas converter. This gives Luke an idea.
35. Earworm
February 6, 2017
The hit song 'earworm' by Brain Drain is based on a genuine creature - the earworm. The earworm feeds off emotions, munching into that bit of your brain that controls emotions, making all your emotions far more extreme than they would normally be. Vein, the Brain Drain lead singer, is suffering from writers' block. He wrote all his best lyrics thanks to an earworm, and wishes he had another.
The Bone Cruncher
34. The Bone Cruncher
February 2, 2017
Captain Badbeard is after entrants for his air surfing Competition, and the gang and Doug decide to enter. When they're asked to sign a form Cleo and Resus aren't sure they want to, but Badbeard says they have to or he can't let them fly. Luke talks them into it and they all sign. Badbeard wins the race but as they all cross the finish line there's something odd happening.
Tutan Kutie
33. Tutan Kutie
February 1, 2017
In class Cleo drops something out of her heart box - an ancient papyrus portrait. It's a picture of a boy! Luke and Resus interrogate Cleo - grudgingly, she admits that the boy in the portrait is Tutan Kutie, an Egyptian boy-prince and her ex from 4000 years ago, believed to be lost at sea. Everyone is intrigued by the story, especially slimy Dixon who's paying very close attention.
Gnome Sweet Gnome
32. Gnome Sweet Gnome
January 31, 2017
Bella is cleaning out some old junk in which Luke, Cleo and Resus find an old picture of her, Cleo and Eefa around a cauldron - Cleo doesn't want to discuss it and storms off. Luke is intrigued and finds a map of Scream Street in the same junk box. Resus and Luke go on a treasure hunt and discover parts of an old gnome.
Body Swap
31. Body Swap
January 30, 2017
Resus is feeling down that he is unable to turn into a bat like his parents. Cleo runs past chasing after Niles who has the Hoop of Horus - but it turns out this is in fact Dig in Niles' body! Cleo explains that the Hoop of Horus enables you to swap bodies with the other person holding the hoop but if you do not switch back by sunset the swap is permanent!
The Uninvited
30. The Uninvited
November 4, 2016
The Watsons are off on a dinner date and forget to book Luke a babysitter. Keen to prove he can look after himself, Luke convinces them to let him stay home alone whilst they go out. Luke being Luke decides to throw a massive party and invites everyone in his class - well everyone except Dixon!
Cry Wolf
29. Cry Wolf
November 3, 2016
Resus starts to notice something strange at home - Alston and Bella seem to have forgotten things and are being suspiciously nice to him. He soon realises that people on the street are being swapped for robot versions of themselves! Carla Black is running the scheme to capture the real monsters for her Zoo for the Weird.
The Beast Within
28. The Beast Within
November 2, 2016
Luke accidentally turns werewolf and attacks his dad (again). Feeling fed up and upset that he cannot control his inner self, he decides to take drastic actions to separate them. Dr Skully teaches his class about the Discombobulator - a machine that separates things into their component parts.
Monsters of Rock
27. Monsters of Rock
November 1, 2016
Brain Drain are in town and have organised 'Screamapalooza' - a 'Battle of the Bands', with the chance to win a recording contract. Being an avid Brain Drain fan, Resus jumps at the opportunity to perform. Luella convinces Resus that she's perfect for his band, accidentally letting slip that Luke and Cleo have formed their own band together.
Bad Blood
26. Bad Blood
July 29, 2016
Resus' Cape has been passed down through generations of the Negative family, but it doesn't like him because he isn't a real vampire, as his visiting grandfather is quick to point out. The Watsons are having the Negatives around for supper, but Otto has cut off the blood supply and this sends Scream Street's vampires into a feeding frenzy.
King Niles
25. King Niles
July 22, 2016
Cleo is mad when Otto talks down to Niles - he used to be ruler of all Egypt! She is determined to give some authority back to her dad, the former Pharaoh. Searching the basement, she finds two 'Ushabti dolls' who used to be Niles' servants. Enlisting the help of her friends, she brings the dolls back to life and cannot wait to take HUSHMUSHTUSHLUSHFUSHI and BOB to see her dad.
Trick or Shriek
24. Trick or Shriek
October 31, 2016
Luke is missing his favourite holiday 'Halloween' and decides to introduce Cleo, Resus and the whole town to this normal world tradition. Luke and his friends find a deserted pumpkin patch in the forest, and Luke tries a bit of pumpkin carving. Unfortunately this is Scream Street, and the pumpkins come from a cursed patch, which can only mean one thing.
The Zombie Body Shop
23. The Zombie Body Shop
July 15, 2016
Cleo arranges a date for Doug with fellow zombie Davina, but he has lost an eye ball! So the ever-interfering Cleo takes him to the Zombie Body Shop in search of a replacement. After a successful visit Doug is ready for his date. The date is going really well but takes a turn for the worse when Davina realises Doug has one of her eye balls, the one she lost the other day!
Takeaway of Terror
22. Takeaway of Terror
July 8, 2016
Wanting to prove to his dad that he can hold down a summer job, Luke starts work at Otto's new fast food diner, 'Otto Burger'. One of Luke's first assignments is to dig up Otto's great, great uncle's grave to unearth his delicious burger sauce recipe. Otto Burger opens and the burgers are selling out fast with customers coming back for more.
Blood is Thicker than Water
21. Blood is Thicker than Water
July 1, 2016
Alston and Bella love their vampire abilities, and Resus is upset when they flaunt their bat flying skills in front of him. When Dr Skully takes the school on a trip around the gardens of Sneer Hall. Resus, Cleo and Luke wander off and stumble across a cute looking wishing-well, which is all boarded up. Cleo and Luke decide to steer well clear of it, but Resus goes ahead and makes a wish.
The Curse of Eternal Youth
20. The Curse of Eternal Youth
June 24, 2017
There's a big party to celebrate Cleo's 4000th Deathday, but she's not happy - all she can think about is her friends growing up and leaving her behind, as she's destined to always be the same age. To try and stop this happening she uses her new present, The Farr Family's 'Book of the Dead' and unleashes a curse that stops time - the only thing is she doesn't know how to reverse it.
Homework from Hell
19. Homework from Hell
June 16, 2016
Luke is the King of Procrastination. He always puts his homework off until the last minute, and even then doesn't usually do it. Dr Skully's had enough and Luke is not allowed on the school 'monster' field trip. He has to stay behind with some homework instead: to read a Special Edition of the The Pocket Monster Book, from cover to cover.
Light Fingers
18. Light Fingers
June 10, 2016
Otto sets up an exhibition in town featuring the famous Egyptian relic the 'Emerald Cat'. Luke and Resus desperately want to go but Cleo is upset as this valuable artefact was stolen from her great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather's tomb. Cleo gives in, but whilst they visit the exhibition the relic is stolen.
The Evil Ooze
17. The Evil Ooze
May 27, 2016
Resus is always falling ill and suffers from a permanent case of hypochondria. Green activist Russell Swampy warns GHOUL boss Greystoke McDread of the dangers of overfilling the Underlands. The warning is ignored and when the Underlands reaches its maximum 'evil' capacity, pure evil starts to ooze out, unleashing a terrible virus on Scream Street!
The Bottomless Pit
16. The Bottomless Pit
May 20, 2016
Mr Watson is trying to encourage Luke to tidy up after himself, but ends up doing it himself, and accidently hoovers up Doug's pet worm Wilfred. The poltergeist bin men go on strike, and rubbish in Scream Street builds up rapidly. On their parents orders Luke, Cleo and Resus have to clear away some rubbish from their homes.
A Nightmare on Scream Street
15. A Nightmare on Scream Street
May 13, 2016
Resus can't get a good night's sleep - he keeps having nightmares. Luke and Cleo decide to take Resus to Eefa's to try and find a solution to his problem. Thanks to the Scream Street Web, Resus gets hold of a 'Sweet Dreams Bear' and tries it out that evening. The next day everything is going great for Resus, he's even asked to headline in concert with Brain Drain.
Lost Looks
14. Lost Looks
May 6, 2016
Eefa asks Luke, Resus and Cleo to help with a clean-up of the attic at the Emporium. Eefa provides precise instructions - to only clean one side of the attic. They come across the portrait of a 'hideous old crone' and decide to throw it away. Dixon spots the picture and thinks the frame could be perfect for Otto's new portrait.
Mother of all Scares
13. Mother of all Scares
December 19, 2015
Luke goes home to find Otto there - and it turns out he has moved in! Luke is determined to find out why he is there and how they can get rid of him. Luke, Cleo and Resus head off to Sneer Hall to find out what has made him move out. On inspection they come across a poltergeist, who turns out to be Otto's mum!
Zombie Derby
12. Zombie Derby
December 17, 2015
Every year Scream Street stages a Zombie Derby, a fun-filled chance for parents and their children to bond as they fashion homemade racers that have to be zombie-powered (by legs from the zombie 'Lost and Found'). Mr Watson is not interested in helping Luke, who teams up with a super keen Mr Negative. Mrs Watson is insulted she wasn't asked and teams up with Resus.
The Brown Lagoon
11. The Brown Lagoon
December 16, 2015
Mike Watson is finding life surrounded by monsters very stressful. Luke (feeling guilty) and his Mum decide they should take him on a Family Camping Trip. They end up at The Brown Lagoon - owned and run by Otto. It is far from complete. Luke and Mrs Watson do their best to keep any sign of monsters away from Mr Watson.
The Creepy Creeper
10. The Creepy Creeper
December 15, 2015
Having forgotten his Mum's Birthday, Luke rushes around in a panic to find a present to give her. Knowing she's into her gardening he digs up a beautiful flower from the woods. Sue asks Mike to plant the flower in the garden, and he cuts his finger and it bleeds onto the bloom. The plant grows rapidly, overtaking the garden, and trapping the Watsons.
Heartbreak Heist
9. Heartbreak Heist
December 14, 2015
Niles Farr attends a 'parent talk' session at the school, and tells the whole class he had all his riches and treasures with him when he was buried. Dixon tells Otto, who hatches a plan for Dixon to sneak into the Farr's house. Dixon finds what looks like an ornate box and steals it. Turns out to be Cleo's heart in the box! Cleo becomes horribly sick.
8. Banished!
December 9, 2015
Otto announces the next phase in Scream Street's development - a new town plan with exquisite new homes with every mod-con. Luke stumbles upon the real plan - to build Otto a luxury home and have the Scream Street residents living in tents. Otto captures Luke to stop him spreading their secret - an angry Luke transforms but is trapped.
Mirror Mirror
7. Mirror Mirror
December 2, 2015
The Negative relatives are coming to Scream Street at the weekend and Mr and Mrs Negative are taking down the mirrors because it's always awkward when the relatives see Resus' reflection in the mirror. Resus overhears them. Down in the mouth, he joins his pals in the graveyard only to fall into a hidden crypt full of mirrors. His reflection speaks to him.
Zoo of the Weird
6. Zoo of the Weird
November 25, 2015
Otto is doing a black market trade selling massively expensive tickets to people from the 'Normal World' to go on safari in Scream Street. He welcomes larger than life zoo owner, Carla Black. She has come to catch specimens to exhibit at her 'Zoo of the Weird'. Her star new exhibit is to be a werewolf!
Resus Rocks
5. Resus Rocks
November 18, 2015
Resus is down in the dumps, but his beloved Brain Drain are in town. He attends an autograph signing where the lead guitarist snubs him. Luella tries to cheer Resus up and 'accidentally' traps the lead guitarist's head in a drain making room for guitar mad Resus to step in as a replacement.
Wolf Gang
4. Wolf Gang
November 11, 2015
Luke is falling behind on his music work at school. The Watsons organise a tutor to get Luke back up to speed, only this being Scream Street, that tutor is a ghost, and not just any ghost - it's Wolfgang Van Mozhoven, the greatest composer that ever lived (or so he says).
3. Lovestruck
November 4, 2015
When Luella overhears her secret crush Resus confiding to his friends about his parents arguing, she offers to help bring them together with a potion that makes the target fall madly in love with the first person they see. Luella brews a potion which accidentally causes Mrs Negative to fall in love with Otto.
Haunted House
2. Haunted House
October 28, 2015
Luke, Cleo and Resus go round to sneak a peek at the new neighbours to see if they've got kids. The door opens for them and Luke can't resist going in. Cleo's up for it. Resus much less so. They explore the house and find no evidence of anyone living here. They decide to try and leave but can't find their way back to the front door. The more they try to escape the deeper they get into the house.
Scream Clean
1. Scream Clean
October 21, 2015
Mrs Watson wants Luke to tidy his room, and he's not allowed out with his friends until he has tidied up. Worse still they've got hold of a ticket for him to see Brain Drain in concert that evening! Luke borrows some of Eefa's magic cleaning powder as a quick fix solution.

Mrs Watson wants Luke to tidy his room, and he's not allowed out with his friends until he has tidied up. Worse still they've got hold of a ticket for him to see Brain Drain in concert that evening! Scream Street is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on October 21, 2015.

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