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Sealab 2021 is an animated show that was run as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, which featured a number of shows that were not meant for children. Using original, stock footage of the old series Sealab 2020, Sealab 2021 shows the comedic downfall of the underwater lab that happen in the next year.

Sealab 2021 doesn't have a running plot, and continuity isn't something the series was overly concerned with. Many episodes end with the destruction of the entire underwater city, only to have it back and in working order again in the next episode. The same thing happens with the deaths of several characters, who are alive and well in the next episode without explanation or, really, without any mention at all. Mostly the show focuses on parodying the original series, showing the professional frictions and absolute absurdities that were simply accepted in a cartoon produced in the year 1972.

Sealab 2021 is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (55 episodes). The series first aired on December 21, 2000.

Where do I stream Sealab 2021 online? Sealab 2021 is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sealab 2021 on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Hulu, Hoopla, Apple TV, Adult Swim online.

Cartoon Network
5 Seasons, 55 Episodes
December 21, 2000
Animation & Cartoon, Adult Cartoon
Cast: Erik Estrada, Kate Miller, Harry Goz, mc chris, Brett Butler
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Sealab 2021 Full Episode Guide

  • We love you Sealab 2021.

  • In a spoof of those tacky TV specials, Legacy of Laughter is a look back on five years of Sealab. The special features a tribute to the late Harry Goz.

  • All the water around Sealab has disappeared, and left Sealab high and dry. Once again its up to Quinn to save the day.

  • Quinn and Stormy are stuck in a cave with only 10 minutes of oxygen as Sealab burns.

  • The police want Captain Shanks in a story that is revealed in reverse (a la Pulp Fiction). But it involves a monster, a plan to improve the world, and more Grizzlebee's commercials.

  • An eccentric trillionaire named Max Stone (a parody of Richard Branson) buys Sealab and starts annoying the crew.

  • Marco convinces Debbie to give up her slutty ways through a pep talk, leading her to dump Quinn and find religion. Sparks recognizes the pep talk from a 60's show, which leads an angry, drunken Quinn to call the network on the fugitive TV star Marco.

  • The gang finds out that Sealab was built on an ancient Indian burial ground and is now sinking into the ocean floor. John Bear, Sealab's only resident Native American, is the last hope. But in order to save Sealab, Shank's must agree to turn the Mess Hall into a casino. But once the casino opens John Bear still won't stop the sinking (or let Debbie have a lounge show).

  • Marco, who died a few episodes_4-18 ago, returns to Sealab.

  • Debbie Love decides to help Sharko pass the Civil Servant test after Shanks refuses to hire him. She asks Quinn to help, but he refuses because of a racial comment Sharko made towards him. Meanwhile, Hesh and Stormy try to grow a magic beanstalk.

  • A "green fever" epidemic breaks out in Sealab just in time for Debbie Dupree's 5th 30th birthday bash. Meanwhile, as Quinn tries to save the victims, Stormy and Sparks try to sneak the uninvited Hesh into Debbie's party.

  • After Marco's death, a therapist named Joy helps the crew with their emotions, but Quinn suspects that something isn't right.

  • Shanks takes the whole crew out of Sealab and onto an island to hunt for the legendary Chupacabra. However the island's Chupacabra, tree-cobras, and man-eating trees have other plans for the gang.