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A cursed princess meets a good-hearted scholar who gets entangled in her dangerous endeavor to lift the black magic that ensnares her.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
October 9, 2016
Cast: Sae-ron Kim, Sung-Jae Lee, Shi-Yoon Yoon, Jung-ah Yum
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Secret Healer Full Episode Guide

  • Knowing what he must do, Jun decides to spend one day making happy memories with Yeon-hee, but Hong-joo hatches a plan of her own.

  • With Yeon-hee tied to the post, the sky begins to cloud over, and thunder rolls. Sensing something ominous, the king hurries to Queen Park's chamber.

  • Yo-gwang and Poong-yeon search for Yeon-hee, lest Hong-joo and the royal army find her first. Jun is injured fighting Hong-joo's apprentices.

  • When the king sentences Hong-joo to death, Jun begs him to reconsider, because Yeon-hee's curse can't be completely lifted without her.

  • The shack is clearly burning, but Hong-joo senses something off. Later, she works her black magic on Choi Hyun-seo and gives him further instructions.

  • Jun has only one day to prove the truth of his words to the king. With his newly acquired powers, Poong-yeon contemplates his next move.

  • The queen dowager suddenly falls ill. Hong-joo advises Poong-yeon to secretly follow the king to see what's threatening the throne.

  • Yeon-hee plans to end her curse for good with the help of the queen dowager. Meanwhile, Jun pursues the one he believes is the Red Robe.

  • Hearing what happened, Choi Hyun-seo advises Yeon-hee to stay in hiding until he can restore the ritual boundary. He also asks for the amnesia potion.

  • As Jun, Yo-gwang and Poong-yeon search for Seo-ri, Hong-joo proceeds with her scheme. A weakened Choi Hyun-seo tries to stop her black magic.

  • Poong-yeon reunites with people he loves. At the same time, the king demands Poong-yeon's loyalty in protecting his life above anything else.

  • Seo-ri isn't happy to find Jun back inside the temple. Using the king's health issues as an excuse, the queen dowager seeks political control.

  • Seo-ri feels torn about giving the amnesia potion to Jun. Against his royal council's wishes, the king decides to resurrect the Hall of Stars.

  • Waking up in a strange place, Jun looks around. He drinks a bottle labeled "Memory Potion" and starts reading a book full of potion recipes.

  • Heo Jun's brother, Heo Ok, tortures Jun's friend to find out where Jun is. Unlike the queen dowager, Queen Sim begins to distrust Hong-joo.

  • Hong-joo senses that things didn't go as planned 17 years ago. Time is running out for Choi Hyun-seo and his men to return to the temple.

  • On the day of the crown prince's 17th birthday, Choi Hyun-seo and his men from Sogyeokseo journey to find a way to lift Yeon-hee's curse of death.

  • Seventeen years pass. The day before the crown prince's birthday, Queen Sim can't help feeling anxious recalling Hae-ran's last words.

  • When the reigning queen fails to conceive the king's child, the queen dowager brings in a powerful shaman named Hong-joo, who practices black magic.

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