Sex, Death & The Meaning of Life

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This TV documentary views sex, death, and the meaning of life from a scientific point of view. It goes over religion and how religion has shaped our minds and how it has evolved our thinking over the years. They also discuss sex and death in depth.

1 Season, 3 Episodes
October 15, 2012
Faith & Spirituality
Cast: Richard Dawkins
Sex, Death & The Meaning of Life

Sex, Death & The Meaning of Life Full Episode Guide

  • In a journey that takes him from the casinos of Las Vegas to Buddhist monasteries in the foothills of the Himalayas, Richard Dawkins examines how both religious and non-religious people struggle to find meaning in their lives.

  • Dawkins brings together the latest neuroscience, evolutionary and genetic theory to examine why we crave life after death, why we evolved to age and how the human genome is like real immortality - inherited traits passed along to future generations.

  • Richard Dawkins examines sin. He asks whether the old religious rules about what is right and wrong are helpful and explores what science can tell us about how to be good.