Sexy Summer Body

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It seems like summer is right around the corner. It is important to keep up with your workout routine and maintain a good body so that you can swim and properly enjoy your summer. The Sexy Summer Body series special helps to show techniques that people will find beneficial so that they can lose weight and tone up the muscles on their body. These are made to be easy to do and for anyone including beginners so do not feel shy or intimidated by these workout routines. The series are great for anyone wanting to change up their workout routine.

Exercise TV
1 Season, 5 Episodes
January 1, 2010
Health & Fitness
Sexy Summer Body

Sexy Summer Body Full Episode Guide

  • This 10-minute cardio class will cover cardio intervals, alternating high intensity drills with short recovery breaks. You'll sweat, jump, lunge, and even increase your flexibility in 10 short minutes.

  • Body sculpting exercises that will help you find your way to a strong, sexy lower half.

  • Build heat quickly for optimal calorie burning in a short time as well as variations in tempo that will help you build muscles while improving endurance in this episode.

  • Get long, lean with this 20 min. cardio teaser!

  • Lose your love handles with this ten-minute ab workout that targets your abs, lower back, and obliques for a beach-worthy core.