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  • 2009
  • 1 Season

Shape Up was a fitness show that aired on FitTV from 1995 to 2005. The show was hosted by Robert Lindsay, Tom Baker, and Jim Carter, who were all fitness experts and enthusiasts. The premise of the show was to help viewers shape up their bodies by providing them with effective workout routines, healthy eating habits, and motivational tips. Each episode featured a different theme, such as upper body workouts, lower body workouts, cardio routines, healthy eating, and more.

The show was divided into different segments, each focusing on a different aspect of fitness. In the first segment, the hosts would introduce the theme of the episode and discuss the benefits of the workout or eating routine they would be showcasing. They would also provide tips and advice on how to get the most out of the routines.

The second segment of the show was the workout routine itself. The hosts would demonstrate exercises and workout routines that viewers could do at home, with little or no equipment. They would also show modifications for different fitness levels and provide tips on proper form, breathing, and pacing.

The third segment of the show focused on healthy eating habits. The hosts would discuss different foods that could improve health and fitness, as well as provide recipes and meal plans for viewers to try at home. They would also answer viewer questions about nutrition and healthy eating.

One of the unique features of Shape Up was its emphasis on motivation and mental health. The hosts would often discuss the importance of setting goals, staying motivated, and overcoming obstacles. They would also provide tips on how to stay positive and focused during the fitness journey.

Another highlight of the show was its variety. The hosts would showcase a wide range of workouts, from high-intensity interval training to yoga and pilates. They would also provide options for viewers with different fitness levels and abilities, making the show accessible to everyone.

Overall, Shape Up was a comprehensive and informative fitness show that provided viewers with the tools and motivation they needed to shape up their bodies and improve their health. With the guidance of the hosts, viewers could learn effective workout routines, healthy eating habits, and mental strategies for success. The show was a great resource for anyone looking to improve their fitness and live a healthier, happier life.

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